Casualfever18 Review: Unleashing the Truth

Our review

Casualfever18 is aimed primarily at people in search of an affair, an erotic date or an adventure. The focus is on eroticism, meaning of registration should be real contacts.

Occasionally there is also the possibility for an erotic chat, but most members prefer real meetings.

The structure of the portal is kept simple, there are few special functions, which makes Casualfever18 very clear. Even as a beginner, you should have no trouble getting along here.

Who is logged in here?

Members 500,000 from Germany Members activity 200,000 weekly active Gender distribution 45% 55%

  • You will receive a personal profile which you can fill out
  • Target group are women and men with a desire for eroticism
  • Search emphasis is on side skipping and one night stands
  • No indication of moderated profiles
  • Operator offers a contact guarantee
  • Fakes are strictly sorted out

The age distribution:

  • 18 – 25 years = 30 percent
  • 26 – 39 years = 50 percent
  • 40 + = 20 percent

The proportion of men and women is relatively balanced, with men represented about 5 percent more than women. The site is mainly used to look for a fling or a one-night stand, especially the male members are looking for exactly. During our review we did not notice any fakes.

It is special that the offerer grants a side jump guarantee. This means that the operator is quite sure about the chances.

registration process

  • Registration and profiling are free
  • Well managed registration with interest selection
  • Friendly welcome email with important information
  • Good possibilities of self-description
  • Upload gallery and profile pictures

Registration is free for each new member. You will be asked for gender, e-mail address and birthday. Then you will receive an e-mail, which you must confirm. The next steps are already used to create your profile.

You will be asked about your interests in various ways. These include:

  • sexual preferences
  • couple preferences
  • search settings

You can specify which sexual varieties you like, from tender to hard everything is possible here. You will also be asked where you would like to experience your dates and what preferences you have with your sex partners. In the course of your registration you can skip all these questions and then do them in peace.

In a further step, you will be asked for your desired username. You also have to specify in which city you are looking for a partner. It is recommended by the operator to first select a search radius of 50 km. But you can make a personal decision here, for example if you want to search in more distant cities.

Finally, you can then tell with two free texts who you are and what you are looking for. You have 400 characters each here. A profile picture is highly recommended, and support is also required. You also have the opportunity to create a gallery with different photos of you.


  • Contact by other members mediocre
  • High willingness to respond to sent emails
  • Classical way is the message
  • Attentions like kisses can be sent
  • Blocking function is available

Casualfever18 offers the classic contact options. When you visit a profile, you have the opportunity to leave a message or attract attention with a virtual kiss. You can also send a flirt. This is an instant message that should signal your interest to the other member.

How many members you see depends on your search preferences. You can choose in which city and in which radius you want to search. The wider your radius, the higher the number of contacts displayed.

During our test, we received some inquiries from women, including requests for a meeting. There seems to be a high degree of willingness to contact.

Thanks to instant data you get in contact very quickly, but you only have full access as a premium member. Instantdates is a game, which will be explained later in the Special Features section. You can only view and use your match results if you have subscribed to a premium membership.

Try CasualFever18 for free

profile information

  • Profile information only visible if you filled in your profile yourself
  • Photos can only be displayed with your own photos
  • Good profile overview through recognizable symbols
  • Frequently missing profile texts for female profiles
  • Extensive picture galleries available
  • The profiles are mediocre in detail
  • The profile can be changed later
  • Profile pictures are not visible to anyone for free

The profile is actually very diverse, but often we encountered in the review female profiles in which the profile text was missing. But that does not matter, because information can be exchanged later by message.

The special thing is that you can only access profile text or profile photo if you have uploaded both yourself in your profile. You do not write any text? Then you will not be able to see the texts of the others. You have not uploaded a photo? Then unfortunately you only have a very pixelated profile photo when you’re on profile show.

There is no direct boost function, but as a premium member you will automatically be displayed in the search ad. In addition, you can specify in your settings whether Casualfever18 should advertise your profile automatically. You’ll find out later how it looks like.


An App does not exist for Casualfever18, but a mobile version of the page. So you can also easily check the mobile phone on the portal who wrote you. Your options for using a mobile phone are identical to those on the computer. With a smartphone, you can surf with both IOS and Android and do everything you do on the PC too. Prerequisite is that you have an internet-enabled browser installed on your mobile phone.

field review

The review of Casualfever18 was entertaining and let us look a little behind the scenes of the portal. It is, as can be seen on the home page, actually a portal in which it focuses on side jumps and One Night Stands. On many profiles it can be read that the profile owner is assigned and therefore discretion is of course very important. You can not be found by searching on Google, which makes you flirt anonymously and discreetly.

The portal is not particularly diversified, so the aim should be to get in contact with other people as quickly as possible. On the positive side, the willingness to contact other users is high. Many messages are answered, every now and then women write by themselves.

However, it is clear that a profile photo is very important. Without a photo, we were not contacted, in the existing image occasionally curious ladies reported and there were nice talks. The funny and sometimes sparkling conversations ensured that despite the lack of special features no boredom occurred. However, the focus is on real dates in real life. Hardly anyone wants to chat with Casualfever18 permanently only, at some point always comes the question of the next step.

Design, functionality and usability

The design of Casualfever18 is relatively boring. There are hardly any color highlights, everything is simply held with dominating white. The functionality is mediocre. We have often experienced in the review that it came to longer page load times. This happened regardless of the browser used, we tested several options.

When using the mobile browser we have had the same problem, unfortunately, there is not a mobile version. On the other hand, Casualfever18 is easy to use, the functions are easy to find, it is clear and suitable for beginners.

CasualFever18 costs and prices

Free services

    • Create profile
    • Receive messages
    • upload a photo
    • looking for other members

Try it for free now

Paid services

  • Preferred display when searching
  • View instant results
  • View friend requests
  • View profile visitor
  • Read news
  • Send messages

Duration / Credits / CoinsCost per monthTotal

1 month 39,90 EUR / month 39,90 EUR
3 months 29,90 EUR / month 89,70 EUR
6 months 24,90 EUR / month 149,40 EUR

Is CasualFever18 expensive or cheap?

In the price comparison with other providers, CasualFever18 is in the upper midfield. Try it for free now

payment options

  • transfer
  • Credit card

At Casualfever18, you are subscribing, which you must cancel 14 days before the end of the term. If you miss the cancellation, your contract will automatically be extended by the previously selected duration. Termination must be done by mail or fax and must include your username and e-mail address.

The charge is neutral by the service Paidwings. There is no indication that the payment is intended for the use of an Affiliate Portal.


immediately dates

Instant Dates is a kind of game that helps you find contacts quickly. You will be shown photos of interesting people and you choose with the symbols heart or cross, if you like a photo and you are interested. At the same time, your photo will be suggested to other users. If you and your counterpart consistently signaled desire for a date, you have a so-called instant data and can directly exchange.

Page Anchor warranty

The Fraud Guarantee states that you have suffered an infidelity within half a year, otherwise you will get your money back. However, there are some conditions for this warranty that must be met carefully:

  • Completed profile with free texts
  • Minimum term of six months
  • seven messages must be sent every week
  • There must always be at least five profile pictures in your profile
  • the warranty is valid for a maximum of nine months after registration

Our rating

Logon Process: 3.5 / 5
Contact: 3.5 / 5
Profile Information: 3.5 / 5
Field experience: 3.5 / 5

Conclusion of our review editor

Casualfever18 is for you if you are looking for a tingling experience. You will not find the love for life here, because this is not searched for here. A bit of initiative, a few nice pictures and a sympathetic appearance can lead you to success quite quickly.CasualFever18 for free



For whom is Casualfever18 suitable?

The portal is suitable for all men and women who are looking for an erotic adventure. There are singles of all ages who are looking for a one night stand. Also, there are many, forgiven people who want to experience an exciting infidelity?

In which countries is the portal available?

The great thing about Casualfever18 is that you can get to know not only people from Germany, but also from Austria and Switzerland. Incidentally, the origin of the portal is Switzerland.

Can I fall in love with Casualfever18?

In the end, you can fall in love with everything, but the emphasis at Casualfever18 is not on love, but on eroticism. Many women and men are already taken and therefore not looking for something for the heart. If you want to fall in love, other portals may be better for you.

What do I have to look out for when registering?

Your registration is initially free and you do not have to pay attention. It is important that you give a valid e-mail address, because you have to confirm this in the course of your registration.

Is the premium membership a subscription?

To use all functions of Casualfever18, a premium membership is necessary. This is offered in the form of a subscription. When you buy, you choose a specific term, which automatically expands again and again if you do not cancel.

Is there a notice period?

Yes, you have a notice period of 14 days with Casualfever18. Should you miss these, your contract will be extended by the same amount of time you had previously booked. It is best to cancel directly after the conclusion of the contract, then you will not be in danger of missing the deadline.

How can I cancel my membership?

If you only have a free account, you can click on the button: “Delete profile” in the interface of your profile settings. Your profile and all your data will be deleted immediately. As a holder of a paid membership, you must cancel in writing. The termination should be done by fax or by post.

How do I get to know other people the fastest?

The more active you are, the faster you get into conversation with other people. Write messages, send kisses or flirtations and keep your profile up to date. Above all, the photos are important, so you arouse interest in other users.

Are there many fakes at Casualfever18?

Casualfever18 makes sure that only real people sign up and no fakes are available. If you still have the feeling that you’ve fallen for a fake, you can always contact the support.

Which people sign up for Casualfever18?

The members of Casualfever18 come from all walks of life and ages. The age focus is between 26 and 39 years, academics are present as well as the nice housewife next door.

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Updated on Apr 2023
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