Top Over 40 Dating Sites for Singles Looking for Love and Companionship

There are many singles over 40 years of age who are back in the dating scene. After many years now they are divorced or separated and finally ready to date after years of loneliness. It doesn’t matter what reason you have for being back on the dating scene. As a single who is over 40, you need to understand that things have changed quite a lot since the last time you dated. In the past dating might have involved talking to someone and impressing them then courting them and marrying them.

Today dating is different and you can decide on all kinds of relationship and not just marriage if you aren’t ready for it yet.  You can find casual relationships, great friendships, and amazing romantic relationships easily. All that has been possible thanks to dating sites that have you in mind. There are dating sites specifically for singles over 40 years.

Here, we have compiled a list of dating sites that in our opinion work best for people over 40 years old interested in finding a perfect partner!

Dating Sites For Singles Over 40

With so many dating sites for singles in their 40s, you might not know where to go and sign up. To steer you in the right direction, here is the list of top dating sites that you should pay attention to:


This is a very popular site with millions of members. The site also claims that a large portion of its members are between 30-49 years old while some of them are above 50 years. It is a site that works very well. For a reasonable monthly fee, you get to find singles who are very serious about finding a person to have a relationship with. The site has a huge number of users. But you still have to create an attractive profile for you to stand out. So take time to write the best profile to catch the attention of the person that you are targeting.  There are awesome features and a very convenient search option that enables you to find the ideal match with the qualities that you need. No doubt a great site for dating.


This is another very popular site with members of all ages signed up. All you need to do is open an account, create a profile and answer dozens of questions to help find the best match for you. Answer as many questions as you can even though they might seem tiring. The best thing is that the site is free with no subscription fee. You can find partners of all ages as a single over 40. However, there is a paid premium membership which comes with more features to make your online dating experience even more fruitful.

With a premium membership, you will also get to check out interesting profiles with the invisible browsing feature. It doesn’t let your potential matches know you checked their profile a couple of times. The bells and whistles that come with the membership are worth every dollar of the $20 monthly.


As the name suggests this dating site is for successful and well-established singles. It is actually one of the best dating sites for older singles.  Members here are mostly an elite group of interesting men and women who are looking for meaningful relationships. It’s a site that matches millionaires. So if you have your millions and are lonely, you will be right for this site. And so it will match you up with the ideal partner. You will have to create a good profile that will appeal to your potential match.

It advertises as a site for millionaires. But there are still attractive and interesting singles who are into millionaires. There are also those who are only on their way to becoming a millionaire.  The site has over 2 million members. So it greatly increases the chances of you landing that ideal partner for a serious relationship.

You don’t have to be a millionaire to sign up on this site. But remember that the members on this site will have high expectations about you. If you are a true millionaire, then simply go through the verification process. So you have that “Certified millionaire” stamp of approval on your profile. Of course, it is a paid membership site, what millionaires site wouldn’t be? With an upgraded membership comes the search option of searching millionaires only. It costs $210 for 6 months, every dollar is worth it when you meet your perfect millionaire match.

Plenty of fish

Not plenty of fish on this site but plenty of the ideal partners to have great relationships with.  It is another one of the biggest free dating sites with a huge membership base. It is great for older singles and thanks to the advanced search features which come with an upgraded paid membership you can limit your search to only older singles if you are not interested in the millennials.

Another great membership perk is that you will be able to show up first on “Meet Me” where your potential match can say “yes” “no” or “maybe” in response to your photograph. You are also able to see who checked your profile and what date and time they checked. The cool features make it an ideal dating site to find the woman of your dreams if you are an older single man.

Christian Mingle

If you are a Christian single and would love to meet a Christian partner, then all the more reason to try Christian Mingle. This is a site where you can sign up as an older Christian single and meet a partner with similar Christian values and practicing the faith. It is especially perfect if you are a marriage-minded  Christian. The membership on this site ranges between $14.99 a month to $49.99 a month.

You get to message members that you like, whether you are looking for religious or casual Christians, this site is the right site for you. Just remember that the singles you meet here will often time will be looking for a serious relationship leading to marriage and not one of those casual flings.

Love Again

Love Again is a good place to start looking for love if you are single who’s over 40. It is a site for specifically mature daters. So you will enjoy meeting singles of your own age looking for love. You get to check out the many profiles that are featured of all the potential matches. You can join group chats, privately and instantly message anyone you like and ask any dating related questions in the forum available.

The site might not appear as modern as the others in the market. However, the chances of you falling for a like-minded age mate is high. You get to spend the rest of your life with someone who is looking forward to a similar future to yours and life can’t get better than that.


It is not very popular with the younger daters from America. But it is popular as an international dating app which connects daters from around the world. It boasts more than 35 million registered members from Europe, Canada, and Australia. If you have this fast-paced career that requires you to travel to far off countries, then this app might just be the thing. The dating site increases your chances of dating people from far and wide. It gives you the opportunity to meet potential singles from various countries.

When you use the site, you will notice how Zoosk really tries to create a lasting and loving connection between singles and the advanced algorithm which has changed throughout the years to serve member’s needs conveniently.

Zoosk takes the dating scene very serious that they have gone to the trouble of measuring and tracking the validity of photos posted by members.  This is for the sake of members who might have the ideas of posting images of themselves that unreasonably look younger than they should. The app has done its best to eliminate any chances of any member representing themselves as 10 years and 30 pounds ago and not what they really look like today.

If an image looks suspiciously too young, Zoosk asks the member to verify the validity of the photo by providing a video of yourself as proof. This is for the purpose of safeguarding against liars and insincere daters who might dupe serious singles looking for love. Many over 40 singles have found love on this site based on the raving reviews they write about this site.

Elite Singles

Elite singles is another international player in the dating world. All you need to do when signing up is go through their rigorous personality test that has been organized into several sections and asks deeply personals questions based on your background and education. The five-factor model theory of personality traits has been used on this site to match members with their compatible matches. The site has been known to have the majority of its members to be older and educated with careers well on their way to greatness.

You get to be presented with a couple of matches every single day and it’s up to you to decide the ones good enough to contact and date. The name of the site Elite singles, actually echoes what the site is all about. It is all about older, successful and well-educated singles and if those words describe you then you should sign up and meet an equally successful and well educated single.


eHarmony has been around for decades and resulted in uncountable happy couples. If you are looking for casual flings or just hookups, then this site is not for you. But if you are interested in fostering amazing relationships leading to marriage as an older single over 40 then you are in the right site. It is a site that has been specifically designed for love thanks to popular features like  “The Two of You Together” that shows certain data on why a member should message a potential match. The site is great for anyone who finally wants to settle down again with less fooling around.

The site claims that this is where the Classy, attractive and affluent meet and that despite its infamous name. The name might suggest that perhaps attractive young women and older singles might be looking to mutually benefit from an arrangement. This is not always so and it is actually one of those dating sites for singles over 50 years old where beautiful relationships have happened. Often times this site matches men over 50 with younger women and both parties are often times looking for the same thing and when they happen to be compatible, they are matched.

It has a paid subscription with a reduced membership rate on the first month to allow you to get a feel of the site. It is a great place to begin if you are interested in dating older singles or are an older man seeking younger singles.

What Singles Over 40 Need to Know

These dating sites have made falling for someone and having a great relationship easier. Remember that gone are the days when online dating was for the weird uncle or aunt and all the stigma associated with it. Today it is considered the best way to meet and fall in love with your partner. For that reason take your time to find the ideal site. Consider if it fits into your life beautifully without any problems.

Also, know that many people are looking for something serious. While many others are looking just to have fun in a casual relationship. Don’t be afraid to ask a person upfront whether they want a serious relationship now that you have been marked as matches. This will save you the trouble of having to waste time with someone who clearly isn’t serious about dating you.


With online dating, you will have a lot of options at your disposal, meet and talk to people easier than in an actual social setup. The Apps on these sites have made the process even better.

As you sign up with these dating sites for singles in their 40s give first priority a site with a good app for the best on the go experience. However, the online dating process for an older single doesn’t lack its own challenges which you must face. The ups and downs must be there. But with so simplified process of dating, you will have much fun in your quest of finding your one true love.

Updated on Apr 2023
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