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Our Silver Singles review

People over 50 do not always find it easy to get to know a suitable partner in everyday life. In the age group of the silver singles, the human being already has both legs in life, often there are children and exept partners. A strong bond in this age group is associated with compromises and adventurousness, getting to know each other is exciting and exciting. With Silbersingles, a portal was launched in 2017, which is aimed precisely at this target group. Mainly designed to seek a long-term partnership, the proportion of women here is surprisingly high. Thanks to sophisticated, psychological review questions, the goal is to create suitable partner suggestions for each single.

Who is logged in here?

Members 200,000 from Germany Members Activity !!! language variable undefined !!! (ActivityType: 🙂 ​​Gender distribution 60% 40%

  • About 200,000 members
  • Age peaks between 50 and 65 years
  • Light woman surplus
  • Members are looking for a solid partnership
  • SilberSingles is not intended for young, flirtatious members, but for serious dating
  • Here people are looking for real meetings

The target audience of the portal are women and men over 50 who are looking for a solid partnership. With Silver Singles, you do not have to leave your luck to fate, but receive partner suggestions that are tuned to you.

How active are the members of Silbersingles?

Silbersingles attaches great importance to a high level of activity among members n. For this reason, so-called map oaks are quickly put on hold. Although the profiles are not deleted directly from the database, they are no longer proposed to other members.

Very to emphasize is the friendly treatment of the members with each other. That might be due to the older age, but also to the well-understood netiquette. It is common for messages to be read and answered by the recipient, even if they are not interested. Of course, it can always happen that there is no answer to a sent message. In our experience, however, these are individual cases!

registration process

  • personality suggestions tailored to the personality
  • extensive personality test
  • Silver Singles is clear and the registration is easy

In order to actively search for a partnership, a separate account becomes necessary. The creation and execution of the personality review is free of charge.

New members should take 30-60 minutes, because the initial review is very extensive. More than 100 questions need to be answered carefully. Top: The questions can be answered by key selection or mouse click. From the answers, a personality profile is finally created, which is divided into the following five categories:

  • openness
  • conscientiousness
  • extraversion
  • compatibility
  • neuroticism

Premium members have the opportunity to view the personality profile of other users and thus recognize matches. After these five criteria, the partner suggestions are also selected. This is to prevent that introverted people are brought together with extroverted people and can not adjust to harmony afterwards.

Once the personality review has been successfully completed, the confirmation e-mail will be sent to the specified e-mail address. After a link click, the registration is completed and the profile structure can begin. The psychological review assessment is added automatically, other sections such as interests, questions about yourself and the photo gallery are designed by the user himself.

Very handy: photos can be easily uploaded via Facebook, the link is possible at any time.


The goal of Silbersingles is to bring two people together. If two singles meet on the platform and later find love in real life, then everything went according to the wishes of the operator. But in the beginning is the first contact and can take place in two ways.

On the one hand, it is possible to send a smile with a mouse click and thus show interest. If you are shy you can attract attention and hope that a positive reaction will come. Courage is usually better and so the best option is to send a message. This is sent via the portal in real time, as soon as the send button has been clicked, the postman already rings at the counterpart.


How well two people match each other is shown in the match result for the silver singles. The higher the value, the more similarities there are. Of course, these are not the only criterion for whether the spark skips. In the end, only the sympathy and that certain something decide!

The search function:

Each user has the opportunity to specify the search for the dream partner very precisely. Settings are possible in the following categories:

  • Age and height
  • Importance of age and height
  • distance
  • Importance of distance
  • fertility
  • Acceptance of existing children
  • Education and income
  • Importance of education and income
  • Smoke and drinking habits
  • Importance of smoking and drinking habits
  • Ethnicity and religion
  • Importance of ethnicity and religion

It should be noted that narrow criteria narrow down the selection. Every now and then a little openness allows multiple search hits and better chances for good partner suggestions.

Try Silver Singles for free

profile information


  • The app is only available for premium members

The platform is planning to provide an app for premium members shortly. This should make it possible to answer messages at any time via the smartphone. So far, there is only the possibility to use the mobile browser to access the user menu while on the move.

field review

Silbersingles is a unique portal, because nowhere else is there a psychologically based dating service for singles in prime age. In particular, we were enthusiastic about the scope of the psychological test, because the questions relate to different areas of life. In this way, it is very likely that suitable partner suggestions will be generated, which are transmitted to Silbersingles immediately after the evaluation.

Very interesting in our review was the contact to “what-if” suggestions. These are additional partner suggestions for which the match was only slightly different. It turned out that nice contacts can also be made here, more than expected.

In general, the high level of communication at Silbersingles is impressive. Messages are answered nicely and if there is no interest, this is also communicated. It becomes clear that members really feel like getting to know a suitable partner. Cleverly thought out by the operators of the portal was the handling of card corpses. These are no longer displayed in the system after a while of inactivity. This ensures that partner suggestions are active members.

For the young portal, which started in 2017, the number of members is already neat. Around 200,000 people, with an overhang of female members, are already looking for a partner. According to Silbersinglesselbst, each week up to 35,000 new members join the search for great love.

Conspicuous are the regular partner suggestions, on many other portals, the proposals fall asleep at some point. Not so with silver singles, here is always thought that members can find each other. Of course, it does matter how intense your own profile efforts are. Silbersingles offers numerous possibilities to present yourself and to upload photos. The profile structure can be carried out step by step directly during the registration process.

We were very impressed by the ease of use of the platform. All functions are almost self-explanatory! The first steps can be easily overcome, the psychological review is explained in advance and can be completed easily.

The design looks modern without appearing overloaded. The main colors are not glaring, but give the overall picture a serious, adult touch. From the main menu all important functions can be reached with just a few clicks. New partner suggestions are displayed with a red heart, so no interesting contact is missed.

All users can access the Help section, which explains the most important questions. Here is also the possibility to contact the operators listed, the support endeavors to answer inquiries within a short time.

Silver Singles costs and prices

Free services

    • registration
    • Perform the personality test
    • Get contact suggestions
    • Visit profiles of other users
    • Send smiles

Try it for free now

Paid services

  • Sending messages
  • Receive messages

Duration / Credits / CoinsCost per monthTotal

Premium Lite
3 months 49.90 € / month 149,70 €
Premium Classic
6 months 39.90 € / month 239.40 €
Premium Comfort
12 months 37.90 € / month 454,80 €

payment options

  • Credit card
  • debit
  • PayPal
  • Sofortuberweisung

Discretion of payment

  • Anonymous payment is only possible via detours. There are petrol stations to purchase credit cards, which can be used up to an amount of 100 euros without registration. This makes it possible to pay anonymously. All other methods require the input of personal information. Nevertheless, the security of the information is guaranteed because the payment takes place over a secure connection.

For premium members the following functions are activated:

  • unlimited communication
  • View personality profile of other users
  • Profile visitors can be viewed
  • 20 additional “what if” suggestions daily
  • Received read receipt for messages
  • mobile app can be used
  • View photos of all members

The payment of the individual membership types always takes place in advance for the entire period of use. If the membership is not canceled, it will be automatically renewed for the period previously booked. Termination is possible either by e-mail, post or directly in the account and must be completed by the end of the term.


Are there any special functions for silver singles?

The functionality of Silbersingles was deliberately kept simple in favor of usability. It’s all about bringing people together in real life. Fotospiele, click games or other icebreakers Silbersingleszwar does not offer, but a tidy, well-arranged portal with the option to find great love.

What-if function:

The what-if feature was set up to give the singles the opportunity to think outside the box. The partner suggestions, which are generated by the portal, have a high degree of agreement with their own wishes. The what-if suggestions contain deviations, but still have a high degree of commonality. It is worth to take a look, because sympathy is often not dependent on as much as possible in common.

An example: If a user indicates that preferred partners are allowed to live 50 kilometers or less away, only those will be displayed as partner suggestions. For example, a what-if candidate could live 60 kilometers away, and otherwise meet exactly the desires of the seeker.

Special information about the dating portal

  • Card correspondence is sorted out
  • high response rate of news
  • friendly treatment
  • specifically for people over 50

Our rating

Logon Process: 3.5 / 5
Contact: 4.0 / 5
Profile Information: 4.0 / 5
Field experience: 4,5 / 5

Conclusion of our review editor

Anyone seriously interested in experiencing love again in the second spring is in good hands with Silbersingles. Although the portal is still quite new at the start, the signs here are clearly love. Registered users have an honest interest and the willingness to contact is enjoyable. Try Silver Singles for free



Does Silbersingles cost money?

Registration at the portal is completely free. There are no costs for carrying out the psychological review including evaluation. Only when the message function is used, a premium membership is required.

Can you use silver singles for free?

The basic features of Silver Singles are free to use, but sending messages requires premium membership. Since there are no opportunities for contacts without news function, a permanently free usability is not possible.

A credit card is not required for payment of membership fees. The sepa- direct debit is offered as well as the payment by Sofortüberweisung (Klarna) or Paypal.

A credit card is not required for payment of membership fees. The sepa- direct debit is offered as well as the payment by Sofortüberweisung (Klarna) or Paypal.


How do you cancel at SilberSingles?

To cancel the premium membership, only a few clicks are needed. Via the user interface you can access the section “my membership”. Here then there is the option to terminate your own membership. Termination will be confirmed by email from Silbersingles. Optionally, the premium contract can also terminate by mail or e-mail.

Can I delete a free account?

The deletion of the profile is possible in the category “my membership”. To do this, the user must scroll down to the bottom and then select the button “Delete Account”. After the password has been entered for confirmation, the account is immediately deactivated and deleted.

Facts about silver singles

What is silver singles?

Silbersingles is a partner search portal, which is aimed specifically at people over the age of 50 years. Men and women are equally welcome here, with the proportion of women currently dominating.

Who should register for Silbersingles?

All people over the age of 50 who would like to get to know a suitable partner for a long-term relationship have found the perfect place on this website. If you only want to flirt and have fun at short notice, you will not be happy on this portal.

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Silver Singles reviews

  • 53 years02.12.2018

    Good morning, nice that there is this portal. My suggestion would be that the age could generally be reduced to 40 years. The success … the use should be gigantic. ”

Updated on Apr 2023
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