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Does the idea of a Korean wife intrigue you? Well, you don’t need to book a flight to the Korean peninsula to find yourself a dream Korean wife. Korean mail order bride sites have done all the donkey work for you. On the site, stunningly beautiful Korean brides are featured and you get to flip through hundreds of profiles until you meet the one who makes you feel complete.

Before you venture into Korean dating, you need to know a few things about Korean women. First, it is the South Korean women that are commonly featured on mail order brides. The Northern women are long betrothed to their soldier husbands before even the age of marrying. But this might change soon as the freedoms of modern times manifest themselves.

Facts About Korean Women

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For you to find the Korean woman of your dreams here is some useful knowledge about these beautiful exotic women from the southern part of the Peninsula.

Will Appreciate You Learning Her Language

Looks like for you to get this woman of your dreams, you have to learn the language. All serious possible suitors are supposed to learn Korean because communicating with gestures or the written word is out of the question. When you finally meet her family you have to have learned basic Korean by then. So begin by enrolling in Korean classes and the moment you speak to her in her language you will have her heart. Besides, you will also impress her family who will see how committed you are to making the relationship work.

Expect You To Embrace Korean Culture

Well, maybe not embracing every aspect of Korean culture, but she will expect you to embrace it in terms of fashion at least. The Korean culture has different clothing styles for different occasions. You will be expected to know how to dress for certain occasions. Making an effort to dress like the native Koreans to an occasion and knowing when to bow will indicate the great respect you have for the culture.  This will no doubt score you some great points with your Korean Lady.

They Love Long-Lasting Relationships.

A Korean lady doesn’t believe in the no-strings-attached relationships that are common in western culture. She believes that people get into relationships for one reason only and that is marriage. They also believe that marriage should also last a lifetime because they heavily frown upon separation or divorce. When she commits to a relationship she will dedicate all her efforts into making sure it works. She recognizes the man as the head of the family and will never in any way show disrespect to him in marriage. This is definitely a breath of fresh air if you have had nasty experiences with women from your area.

She Has Great Respect For Intimacy

South Korean mail order brides have great respect for intimacy and will not indulge in casual sex. Sex is sacred for her and the source of a great connection between husband and wife. Don’t even bother asking her for sex, lest she considers your request as a sign of disrespect and devaluing her. You will definitely lose big time, the moment you ask her for sex.

Loves Financially Stable Men

You might think that they are materialist but the truth is everyone wants to date a guy who can afford the pleasures of life and he doesn’t have to be filthy rich but simply provide a comfortable lifestyle and South Korean brides are no exception. She is also a hard worker and will support you when it comes to provision for the family you will start together, but she needs you to be the main provider as she focuses on giving you support and being the homemaker.

Just remember that your money still doesn’t give you an advantage over other suitors, because money can’t buy love. It would take more than your deep pockets to woo her because money is indeed one of the things she looks at but often times she will focus on the man within and what he is like. So make sure that you are the man she will fall in love with.

She Is Confident And Loves A Confident  Man

The first time you meet a Korean woman, you will notice that she is outspoken expresses herself confidently. She will be attracted to you if you are equally confident and express yourself well. If you are able to communicate the things you want to say in a way that she finds appealing, that will project to her that you are a confident man, capable of thinking about the best solutions and deals with issues win that hands-on manner. A lack of proper expression on your part as a man will definitely not send the right message.

Naturally Seductive

These women from the southern part of Korean are stunningly beautiful thanks to their exotic looks. Therefore they appear seductive even without meaning to. A simple smile, the grace with which they move around is enough to have your mind buzzing.

The South Korean bride is naturally seductive and it would come as no surprise if you fall in love with her the first time you lay your eyes on her. Their seductive radiant skin, artistically plated hair, their brown or dark eyes, beautifully sculpted faces and above all, their curvaceous bodies will no doubt have you reeling with excitement.

Very Soft-Spoken And Submissive.

Apart from being very beautiful most Korean girls are submissive, soft-spoken and will always allow their man to lead. Like mentioned earlier, these women will play their role perfectly to ensure that a relationship thrives. They will never talk back, become stubborn or raise their voice at the man they love.   Their soft-spoken nature is what makes them very attractive to most foreign men.

Value Education

Most Korean girls value education a lot because they believe it frees them from the constraints of culture. When they are educated, their mind is expanded and they are able to think great things and achieve a lot in life. They are also able to have a different viewpoint, express their opinions and find solutions to many problems, thanks to education.  Majority of women from this region that you will meet will have an education with most of them bearing degrees from local universities. Don’t be surprised if you marry her and she, later on, expresses her desire to pursue more education. They naturally have this thirst for knowledge.

Very Adventurous

These Korean women are very interesting. The fact that they are willing to leave their families and all that is familiar back home and get married to a foreigner, is proof that they are adventurous. They are not afraid to embrace the unknown. A Korean lady will not think twice about going for a blind date. They look at it as an opportunity to learn new things about a man. So if you happen to be on a blind date with her, make sure you are funny and make her laugh a lot. In short, make the date memorable and chances are, she will accept the more dates that will follow.

How To Date A Korean Woman

After snagging that beautiful Korean mail order bride you will have to work at winning her heart over. There are many things you can do to impress her and have her giving you a high score sheet and there are other things that you might do that will completely turn her off and the cold toward you.

Here are some useful dating tips for foreign men dating Korean women.

Never Rush Them

These  Korean beauties love taking their time before they give in and admit to loving you and accepting you to sweep them off their feet all the way to the west. These are women who prefer things to move slowly in a relationship. They love being wooed. From the moment you meet her online, you have to take your time getting to know her before an actual meeting is arranged. Do not expect her to meet you the first time you contact her. It could be weeks or several months before she agrees to a meeting.  Remain persuasive and if she really likes you, in the end, she has to submit and you will make her your wife.

Learn The Language

Learning Korean will be one thing that will make this woman love and respect you more. Making that great effort to learn the language will be one thing that will make her more interested in you.  You will no doubt stand out from all the foreign singles competing for her attention. As you learn the language, make sure you learn as much as possible about the culture as well. This will enable you to know the proper manner in which to act when you finally visit South Korea and meet her family. Understanding the Korean Language and culture will no doubt put you a step closer to the Korean bride of your dreams.

Don’t Ever Cheat On Her

You can only date one Korean lady at a time. When you are with her, never show interest in another woman Korean or not. You should be focused only on her. Cheating is one thing that a Korean lady will never tolerate, therefore if you know you have a roving eye and groping hands always for another woman, it would be better if you steered clear of the Korean woman. She is the kind of woman who can call off the wedding at the last minute, the moment she discovered you cheated. The Korean woman appreciates your honesty by reciprocating it. She will never look at another man once she is in a relationship with you.

Make Sure You Are Financially Stable.

You don’t have to be stinking rich but have a decent income that can take of yourself and her too. Never date a Korean girl when you are broke and without a job because honestly, she won’t consider you. How else are you going to pay the bills at home, take care of her and the children she will bear as a result of your union? Also, how else are you going to lavish her with gifts and take her for one of those holidays? Or how are you going to foot the expenses that come with a wedding and a honeymoon? Even if she will go out to work and support you, you will also need to work and be financially stable.

Be Romantic

What woman can resist romantic gestures? The Korean woman definitely responds well to romantic gestures. Buy her flowers, wine and dine with her, lavish her with gifts, take her to holidays and sing her a song or serenade her if you have to. Being Romantic is a great way to win her heart.  It will soften her up and when you finally propose, she will definitely say yes. Be romantic and you will go home with the perfect Korean mail order bride for you.

Be Educated

Unlike their North Korean counterparts most South Korean girls are educated and love to meet guys who match their intelligence. Make sure your education levels are high because you are bound to meet many Korean women with multiple degrees. Therefore if you are educated and are looking for Korean women for marriage, then you are well-suited to a Korean girl.  Therefore as you create your online profile for whatever dating agency you are on, remember to include your education level because it is the first thing that a potential match will look at.

Be Real In Your Character

There should be no inkling of falsehood in your character when you are dating a Korean girl. Make sure all your shows of affection are genuine. Every gift you give should come from your heart and all your intentions of marrying her should be pure and all because of the love you feel for her.  If she as much as suspects that your intentions are anything but positive she will distance yourself from you for good. After all the trouble you have gone through to sign up with a mail-order bride site and maybe perhaps paid a flight to South Korea and incurred a lot of expenses to show her that you are the ideal man.

You Have To Impress Her Family

Dating any woman from Asia is a unique experience. Marriage in Korea is considered a union between two families.  In the past family opinions when it came to the choice of suitors was important. But in these modern times, Korean brides are allowed to choose their own suitors. Still, the family has to meet the potential husband of the bride. This means that the family has to show their approval and it also means that you have to impress them. Parents have a great influence on a Korean girl’s decision when it comes to a husband. It is possible for a family to show their disapproval which often times leads to a break-up of the relationship.

Traditions Are Upheld.

Despite the great western influence in Asia wives from Korea will still observe their traditions. Their culture dictates that brides are supposed to carry out all the household duties that require cleaning and washing. Most Korean brides have no problem doing the household chores but once she starts working, she will have to look for a house help to help out.  It is simply the way of the modern world.

Foreigners Have An Advantage

As a foreign man rest assured that you have an advantage over the local Korean men. The Korean singles over there are eager to date foreign men more than the locals. Despite their strong family ties, they want to explore the world, learn other cultures and live a life different from the one they have grown up in.  Still for you to have better chances, you have to embrace their culture to show your dedication and love to the beautiful woman.

Now that you know how to date a Korean lady and know what they are like, the knowledge places you at an advantage. Make sure you also take advantage of the fact that many of these women also want foreign men. When you meet the right one, everything else will fall into place and you will be going back home with a bride.

If you are looking for a wife in this part of Asia, then you are going to find her. You can meet Korean women on the hundreds of mail order bride sites available. Look for reliable sites and sign up to as many of them as you can. Create a great profile, do your search and you will see many potentials. One thing is clear, the women in Asia are nothing like the women from the rest of the world. Rest assured that if you find your Korean beauty, you will want to spend the rest of your life with her.

Updated on Apr 2023
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