Momente24 Review: Can You Find Your Perfect Match Here?

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Anonymous chats for the over 50 generation – that’s what the dating site Moment24 promises. What is really behind the platform and is this really as anonymous as it promises? Learn all the details you should know about Moments24 here. Are there many users in your area, are they real or have fakes crept in here? How much does it cost to use Moments24 and when does the payment take place? We tested Moments24 extensively for you, so you can relax and decide whether it’s worth registering for you.

Who is logged in here?

Members UnknownMemberships activity Unknown

  • Members from 20 to 80 years old
  • Equally represented by men and women
  • Many fake users
  • User mainly on sex
  • Conspicuously attractive users write to consume chat minutes and entice users to pay

The members of Momente24 are really represented in all age groups. However, the age focus is between 45 and 60 years. Many users are looking specifically for younger or significantly older sex partners. Since only a verification of the email address is required here, it is difficult at first glance to recognize fake users. In any case, you should be careful with above-average attractive users who are obviously not as old as the profile is specified. These seem to be perfect and exactly to your liking. After you have started talking to each other is very nice communication with each other – so pass the free chat minutes as in flight, before you finally be asked for payment.

registration process

  • Fast registration possible
  • Only e-mail address, username, password and birthday are required
  • The e-mail address needs to be verified
  • After the verification, you can shuffle directly
  • You do not have to fill in your profile directly

The registration is done in less than two minutes. All you have to do is enter a user name of your choice and choose a password. Additionally, you will be asked for your birthday and your email address, which you need to verify in the next step to continue. If you have verified the e-mail address, you can start right away. You will be shown the chat room and the users who are online at the time. About the settings, you can only choose here, whether you are looking for men, women or transsexuals, a multiple selection is also possible here. You can not give any information on age requirements or stature here. The platform keeps its promises and allows you to log in very anonymously.


  • The contact is free for a certain period of time
  • For 15 minutes, you can chat for free after sending the first message
  • In chat, you can send messages as well as photos
  • The contact is possible simply by clicking on the profile
  • No user filter by age, physique or similar features

It’s easy to get in touch by clicking on the profile picture: Here the profile opens and you can start the conversation with the button that says ‘Start chat’. If you are contacted by another user, you can open the messages either in the chat window itself or via the mailbox you find in the menu. The notifications you see only when you are on the site, a notification by e-mail, you can request on request. Often you will be contacted here by both men and women. However, you should be wise when contacting us because you only have 15 free minutes to chat. If you do not want to spend any money, you should exchange other contact options with your chat partner. If this does not agree, it is probably a fake user. If your free minutes are used up, you only have the opportunity to chat by paying.

Try Moments24 for free

profile information

  • A visible profile picture
  • Free field text can be filled out voluntarily
  • Nickname and age are displayed
  • Users can not be reported or blocked
  • Many fake profiles, since no verification is requested except the e-mail address

The user profile can be filled out voluntarily. However, much information can not be given here. Apart from profile picture, free text, username and age no information is needed here. The free text is used by many users to tell you what they are looking for. Based on the photos, you can already guess if this is a lock profile. If the profile picture is conspicuously attractive and does not correspond to the given age, you can assume that this is a fake profile. But you can not act against that. There is no way to report or block the wrong profiles. Here it makes sense, if you remember the usernames and avoid the contact. The Lockprofile serve here above all to convince you to paid use. You continue to receive messages, but, with the exception of a promising subject such as “was the picture too revealing?” see nothing of the message.


An app is not available, but the mobile site works great.

field review

After the simple registration at Momente24, chatting can already begin. During the test, three messages were received within the first few minutes of uploading the profile photo. One of the users stayed up was persistent. After a short conversation of 15 minutes, came the invitation to recharge the chat minutes – And at a really proud price. We were the victim of a lock user in the test. Even after the last minutes of chat were used up, the user tried to continue to arouse the interest and thus to achieve a payment. Messages can still be received, but only the subject is displayed here. This awakens curiosity and desire for more. On the whole, Momente24 is a flirting platform for those who have too much money and want to pay for chat minutes. Very positive, however, is that many users are active here and, above all, all age groups are represented. Every user has a large selection of chat partners. Moments24 is not a reputable dating site to find the great love. This is mainly about sex and shared erotic hours for two.

The design of the website Momente24 is very simple and clearly arranged. Special computer skills are not required here. Particularly positive is the simple user interface noticed in the test. There are not many features here that could make the whole thing confusing. The site is clearly structured and meaningful. However, the presentation of the notifications can be improved. You can only see a notification by e-mail or directly via the platform. If you are on another website, you will not be able to see if you have any news or not. There is no mobile app for Momente24, but the mobile website loads just as fast as the web version. All existing features can be accessed on the go.

Moments24 costs and prices

Free services

    • registration
    • Upload profile picture
    • Chat for 15 minutes
    • View profiles
    • Set which gender is searched

Try it for free now

Paid services

  • Chat after 15 minutes

Duration / Credits / CoinsCost per monthTotal

Minutes of chat time
15 credits 0.60 EUR / Credit 9,00 EUR
30 credits 0,50 EUR / Credit 15,00 EUR
60 credits 0.48 EUR / Credit 29.00 EUR
100 credits 0.42 EUR / Credit 42,00 EUR
250 credits 0.40 EUR / Credit 99,00 EUR
500 credits 0.37 EUR / Credit 185,00 EUR
1,000 credits 0.31 EUR / Credit 310,00 EUR
2,000 credits 0,29 EUR / Credit 570.00 EUR
3,500 credits 0,23 EUR / Credit 820.00 EUR
5,000 credits 0.19 EUR / Credit 950.00 EUR
10,000 credits 0.15 EUR / Credit 1,450.00 EUR

Is Momente24 expensive or cheap?

In comparison with other providers, Momente24 is expensive. Try it for free now

payment options

  • transfer
  • Credit card
  • paysafecard
  • Sofortuberweisung

Discretion of payment

  • A payment without the name is not possible

Since the payment must be made here with serious interest, you should consider before the application, whether you want to afford the expensive prices.


Our rating

Logon Process: 5.0 / 5
Contact: 2.0 / 5
Profile Information: 1.5 / 5
Field experience: 1.5 / 5

Conclusion of our review editor

The dating platform offers you, as promised, an extremely anonymous chat. Apart from the email address and the birthday, you do not have to reveal anything about yourself here. The reaction time of the other users is really short and also women write to male users. Really difficult to recognize here are fake users. Since the profiles offer few possibilities to fill in information, most profiles consist only of profile picture, name, age and a short text, which often suggests that the users are in search of sex. So if you are looking for great love, you have bad cards here. For sex dates, the chances here, however, are very good. From 20 years upwards all age groups are really represented here. A very negative point is that the site is suddenly paid. After just 15 minutes of chatting you have to recharge your credit here to stay in touch with other users. Try Moments24 for free


Is Momente24 a free platform to meet singles?

No, after chatting for 15 minutes, the platform is chargeable. You can still visit profiles, but messages can not be sent. For this you have to charge your minutes.

How can I charge my chat minutes?

In addition to the remaining minutes of chat at the top of the site, you’ll find a +. If you click on this, you can select the method you like and then choose the amount you want to top up using various payment methods, such as bank transfer or credit card. After successful payment you can continue to chat.

Which services of the Momente24 platform are free?

In addition to the registration, the uploading of profile pictures is free, besides, you can look at other user profiles. This also works if you have used up your credit.

How can I edit my account?

If you want to edit your account, you have to click on the menu in the top right corner, then different points open up. Then select the item Profile. Here you can change the free text and your profile picture.

Is Momente24 really an anonymous platform?

Yes, you do not need to provide any personal details except the e-mail address. Other users see nothing about you except your picture, age and free text.

Are many fake users logged in on Moments24?

Yes, there are many fake users here. These are mainly used to get you to pay. Already a short time after signing up, you will receive messages from above-average attractive users who seem to suit you perfectly.

Can I report or block other users?

No, the reporting or blocking of users is unfortunately not possible. You can remember the names of the users and not respond to their messages.

How can I delete my profile?

The profile can only be completely deleted by contacting the support team. Until then you can delete profile picture and free text. To cancel the account, contact customer service at the following e-mail address: [email protected] or write a message about the support e-mail address.

How can I contact another user?

If you want to contact another user, you can do this directly through the chat by clicking on the name. A chat window will open. If you found someone who is interested in you, you can open the profile and then click on the button labeled Send Message.

Can I send photos via Momente24?

Yes, you can send photos directly through the chat. For this you only need to select the camera that is shown in the chat below right.

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Updated on Apr 2023
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