Cougar Life Review – Is It Worth Joining This Dating Site?

Cougar Life review

Cougar Dating is one of the new-modern terms that have developed since the age of Internet dating. Cougars are women who are usually older than 39 and have already established their livelihood. These women are partly already taken, but there are also singles among them, who have their first, failed marriage behind them.

Cougar Dating is about these mature ladies wanting to live out their second spring with a young man. The Cougar man is on average 29 years or younger and is in the prime of his sexuality. Cougars partners are often referred to as Toyboys, men who are little more than a toy and enjoy just that.

Cougar Dating is by no means about a partnership, here the sexual fulfillment is in the foreground. Possible, but not a must, is the Toyboy’s financial support through his cougar. Hotel bookings, restaurant dates, small attentions – many cougar ladies spoil their toyboy with pleasure and extensively.

Advantages and disadvantages of Cougar Life at a glance

Strengthen Cougar Life’s Cougar Life Weaknesses

It’s clear what Cougar Life is all about There are quite a few members in Germany
simple page setup enables uncomplicated operation peers of the same age can hardly be found
Women get the membership for free The portal is very simple, without additional functions

Who is logged in here?

Members UnknownMemberships activity Unknown

  • more women than men
  • Women average over 39 years
  • around 20,000 members in Germany

At Cougar Life, 51 percent more women than men are registered. Unfortunately, the actual number of users of members from Germany is only around 20,000. While Cougar Life is already established in Switzerland, the portal enjoys little attention in Germany.

Women are significantly older than the male members. When searching, it is advisable not to specify too precisely because then it can happen that no search results are displayed at all.

Members activity

The activity of female members is not outstanding, not every message is answered. In order to increase one’s own chances, a creative cover letter is urgently needed. Men, on the other hand, are much more active and naturally go for the women.

registration process

  • Registration completely free
  • fast registration within a few minutes
  • many options for profile design
  • private photo galleries possible
  • Premium members see new cougars six hours earlier

Registration at Cougar Life is uncomplicated. E-mail address, username and a few private questions (birthday, search request) are provided. If you want to save yourself this information, you can also log in via Facebook. Cougar Life promises you that the portal will not post on your wall in your name.

When creating your profile you have a lot of fun options that you should all use. Well-filled profiles arouse the interest of other members more quickly and the chance for contacts increases.

Besides the photos, of which you can upload four as a profile picture and four as a private gallery, there is the possibility to create a headline about you. Here you should state in a few words what distinguishes you and who you are. This headline can be displayed along with your profile picture.

In the section “about me” you can refine your personal idea with a free text. Very pleasant: There is no selection menu, with which you create a predefined personality with a mouse click, but the possibility to real creativity. A little tip: Making an effort with the free text often pays off.

An important area in the profiling are also the questions about you! Here you can reveal something about yourself with several free texts. There are both erotic questions and those related to your life. For example, you can answer once, as you imagine an erotic rendezvous and then again you will be asked for your ambitions in life.

Very positive we feel that you have opportunities to define your privacy. For example, you can create a photo gallery that only authorized people can see. In addition, you determine who sees your personal information that you have provided. Cougar Life’s market research team contacts users by default. You can disable this item in your privacy settings.


  • many contact options
  • direct live chat possible
  • annoying users can be locked
  • to secure special attention through gifts

Cougar Life offers you six ways to connect with interesting people.

The classic message:

At the beginning is the classic message, which usually still achieves the highest success rates. You can, however, extend a personal message by adding a gift or requesting private photos.

Direct contact via livechat:

If a profile is currently online, you can build the contact directly using live chat. In this way it is communicated in real time, photos can also be transmitted in private chat. This feature is only available to you as a premium member and only works if the person of your interest is online. Thanks to the sophisticated search function, you can search directly for profiles that are currently online in the system.

The flirt:

To get first attention, you can send a so-called flirt. This is transmitted with a standard greeting and unfortunately leaves no room for individuality. Although the flirtation must be paid, but is relatively cheap and is therefore sent by many, male users. Due to the lack of individuality, the response rate to a flirtation is very low.

Present virtual gifts:

From the teddy bear to the champagne bottle to the red rose, everything is in the gift shop of Cougar Life. You can provide a gift for attention, the recipient can display the small icon in his profile. But even if the gesture is nice, complete strangers will rarely respond to a gift. Better: attach a gift to a personal message!

Photo release:

If you want to see private photos of another member, you have to submit a request for approval. For you completely unknown people, this is rather awkward, because these galleries are usually provided only to known persons.

The VIP message:

You’ll get the most attention with a VIP message that will be shown to the recipient first in the Inbox. Otherwise there is no difference to the normal message. Again, you can attach a gift and write a private text. However, the VIP message immediately shows your counterpart that you are seriously looking for and willing to pay monthly fees.

Try Cougar Life for free

profile information

  • According to Cougar Life, premium profiles are visited 10 times as often
  • Display of the last login
  • Search filter allows searching for keywords
  • unfortunately many profiles without a photo
  • Private questions rarely answered
  • Animation profiles are used
  • Contact by animators can be prevented in the profile settings
  • The profiles are mediocre in detail

The quality of the profiles could be better if the members put more effort into it. Particularly in the case of many women’s profiles, written information is almost completely dispensed with. You will not find photos in any profile by any means. However, the search function allows you to sort displayed profiles according to the following criteria:

  • has photos
  • is currently online
  • has private photos
  • is ready for a chat
  • is new to Cougar Life
  • do not you know yet
  • would like to have a meeting today

As a market research team, animators are referred to, who should ensure good mood and lively communication on Cougar Life. In principle, premium members no longer receive any news from these profiles, most of which are very well filled out. Also you can specify in your settings that you do not want to be contacted by market researchers.

The existing profile photos are usually not erotic, but casual and normal. In the private picture galleries, however, there are also more explicit pictures. However, you will only get access to these galleries by request, so they have no influence on the profile quality.


  • one time fee for app usage
  • available for IOS and Android
  • Usage similar to the main page
  • only available in English

Cougar Life provides an app for its users, but it is charged at € 4. Once the fee has been paid, you can download and install the app on the website. Negative: There are no language options, you must use the app in English.

Since the app is very similar to the main page user schema, it should be possible for anyone with basic English skills. With the app you can read and answer messages (if you are a Premium Member) and change the basic settings in your profile.

The app is handy for use on the go, but the setup and registration of your Cougar Life profile is only possible from the PC. The convenience of online use on the computer is much higher, the app is more suitable for the bridging times when no computer is currently available.

field review

In Switzerland, Cougar Life has already developed into a small institution and accordingly we were curious about the review from a German perspective. Since the number of members in Germany is significantly lower, not quite as much was possible for us as probably for the Swiss neighbors.

The registration turned out to be very positive, here you do not need internet knowledge to easily become a member. Since Cougarlife insists on an e-mail confirmation, a secondary address is recommended, if the private main address should not be used.

Until the profile is actually ready for action, a good half hour will go into the country. It is advisable to keep a little peace in the profiling, especially the free texts should be written down demanding and without spelling mistakes.

We were surprised how quickly our profile was visited directly after registration. Practically, basic members can also see who actually visited their own profile. Here is also without looking into the Terms and Conditions quickly clear that animators on the side of mischief. The visiting profiles were invariably attractive and presented themselves extremely erotic. Striking in all visitor profiles was that the ladies optically no more than 39, most rather between 20 and 30.

We have found that the chance to meet a real woman is higher when a profile without a public photo is contacted. The animation profiles score with their extremely attractive profile pictures, the real women, however, usually have photos, but unlock the only after the first contact. We have had good experiences specifically looking for members with private photo galleries.

We found Cougarlife in our review as a very pleasant portal, with a lot of potential upwards. Unfortunately, there are point deductions in important areas, such as the availability of support. An imprint is completely missing, a Canadian address in the terms and conditions is the only postal address that is provided to us.

In general, the possibility of contacting Cougar Life is a bit more difficult. We only found the contact form after clicking on “Delete profile” in the settings. Suddenly we were redirected to a form where we should announce our wishes.

design & service

  • simple but attractive design
  • no unnecessary bells and whistles
  • self-explanatory functions
  • extensive FAQ section

When it comes to design, Cougar Life can certainly earn points, because the simple presentation looks appealing at the same time. On the start page of your profile, you will find all the important navigation points to quickly search for a suitable person. In color, the portal is rather simple, black, red and white dominate the overall picture.

When using the search function, found profiles are presented in an appealing overview and contain the most important information. In addition, thanks to search settings, it is possible to specify very precisely which profiles are to be displayed at all.

The FAQ section answers the 14 most frequently asked questions and gives answers on how to delete the profile or how to establish contact with Cougar Life support. In addition, dating tips are given to provide more security.

Cougar Life costs and prices

Free services

    • Registration and creation of the profile
    • Using the search function
    • the first three messages
    • Info, who viewed your profile

Try it for free now

Paid services

  • Receive and send messages
  • better placement in the search results
  • Profile is recommended to new cougars
  • Profile is marked as premium profile
  • Premium members get new ladies shown earlier
  • Send gifts
  • Submit VIP messages

Duration / Credits / CoinsCost per monthTotal

Subscription? Costs for men
1 month 29,99 EUR / month 29,99 EUR
3 months 22,99 EUR / month 68.97 EUR
12 months 9,99 EUR / month 119,88 EUR

Is Cougar Life expensive or cheap?

Cougar Life is expensive in comparison with other providers. Try it for free now

payment options

  • Credit card

Discretion of payment

  • The payment of the membership is possible only by credit card.

Unusual, but true: the app is chargeable and costs only 4 €.

Cougar Life can not currently be used without a credit card, which is a significant disadvantage. The premium membership must be purchased via credit card, the debit is under the neutral purpose “CL Media”.

Some functions at Cougar Life can only be paid for with credits purchased with the membership. Depending on the membership type, a different number of credits are available:

  1. 1-month subscription brings 100 credits.
  2. 3-month subscription brings 500 credits.
  3. Annual subscription brings 3,000 credits.

Credits are required for the following functions:

  • send a message (costs five credits)
  • Send a VIP message (costs 20 credits)
  • Gift (costs between five and 35 credits depending on the gift)
  • send a flirt (costs five credits)
  • See cougars who want a date on the same day (costs five credits per day)

Women pay nothing for the features of premium membership. However, the credits must also pay women and can earn credits for this purpose.


Cougar Life dispenses with a variety of functions and is therefore ideal for beginners. Here, emphasis is placed on the classic partner search. A search mask allows you to set what your desired partner should be. The displayed search results can then be contacted by you.

On introductory games, mutual questionnaires or other additional games was omitted in the sense of ease of use.

Our rating

Logon Process: 4,5 / 5
Contact: 4.0 / 5
Profile Information: 2.0 / 5
App: 2.0 / 5
Field experience: 3.0 / 5

Conclusion of our review editor

Cougar Life wants to break convention and give mature ladies the opportunity to enrich their erotic life with young toyboys. The ladies are self-confident and know what they want. The ease of use and the well-functioning App make Cougar Life a worthwhile portal. Try Cougar Life for free



What is Cougar Life?

CougarLife is a portal aimed at young men and mature women. Erotic dates are in the foreground here, but the age focus is distributed differently than regular casual dating portals. Cougars are women who are over 39 and want to enrich their sex life with a young man. The ladies are not usually interested in relationships.

Young men, on the other hand, value Cougars’ experience and are therefore in good hands with Cougar Life if they want to broaden their horizons. Since a young man wants to try a lot and benefit from the maturity and knowledge of a cougar, a cougar date is a win-win situation for both sides.

How reputable is Cougar Life?

The seriousness of the portal is often questioned by attentive users, especially because an imprint was waived. Dubious behavior, however, can not be attributed to the website. However, it is important that as a user, you basically read through the terms and conditions and understand and also responsibly deal with your memberships.

The transparency and contact possibilities are not very positive, so for example a click on “questions to the bill” on a blank page and does not help. In addition, animation profiles are used that are not specially marked. Again, there is a note in the Terms, so that can not be spoken of unseriousness. You also have the option of ticking that you do not want any contact from the market research team.

What are the chances of success at Cougar Life?

Cougar Life has no outstanding reach in Germany, so be sure to bring your patience. First of all, it is necessary to probe between animators and real ladies. With animated profiles you have no chance for a real date. However, if you’ve contacted real women, your chances of meeting them are not bad. The registered, real women are actually looking for erotic meetings.


How do I cancel Cougar Life?

If you are tired of your Cougar Life profile, there are two types of termination. If you are a basic member and have not yet purchased any term membership, you can simply delete your account in your profile’s settings.

However, if you have already purchased a subscription, you can only cancel by calling 1-866-665-1507. If you do not exercise your right to terminate, your membership will be renewed at the end of the period of time previously chosen.

You can use your canceled subscription until the expiration of the time, it will not be deactivated immediately with the cancellation.


Can I pay anonymously?

Unfortunately, Cougar Life only offers payment by credit card. To use this payment method, you must provide your personal information such as name, address and of course the payment details. An anonymous payment, such as via Paysafekarte, is not planned for Cougar Life. However, the operators assure during the payment process that the data will not be used or stored.


Are there many fakes at Cougar Life?

Since the portal is completely free for women, this attracts fakes ashore. In the test, we met no fake, but we do not exclude their existence. You have the possibility to make a message on every profile, if you have doubts about the authenticity of the profile. Cougar Life checks your suspicions and deletes or blocks the account as needed.

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Updated on Apr 2023
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