Yooflirt Review: Learn the Truth about Online Dating Platform

Our review

Yooflirt is actually considered a flirting community, but the focus here is clearly where else. Sex and eroticism are capitalized and you can tell. Even on the home page, we were greeted by bare facts, with base members unfortunately have the disadvantage here. Erotic yes, porn no. But the FSK18 content is also there, they are just visible for premium members.

Who is logged in here?

Members 250,000 from Germany Members Activity 25,000 Monthly New Members Gender distribution 40% 60%

  • Men are in the majority
  • Many women online around the clock
  • Number of members increasing
  • Online status visible on profile
  • Age range is between 26 and 35 years

In yooflirt, the proportion of men is higher than the proportion of women. Nevertheless, the women are more present as they present themselves in front of the webcam and are always ready to communicate. Many men, on the other hand, are only silent spectators or base members, without the possibility of communication.

Overall, there are around 250,000 members, and the number is rising. Yooflirt seems to be on the upswing, here are always new, sexually open members who want to enjoy themselves with others. Whether a user is currently online can be recognized by the online status on the profile. If the lamp is green, the other is currently active.

With regard to the age focus, everything stays between just 18 and over 50 already. Nevertheless, there is a focus and that is between 26 and 35 years. Especially the women are rarely older than 35, rather even under 26.

registration process

  • fast registration with e-mail address
  • Password is created by the system
  • Profile can already be filled in at registration
  • Profile verification possible
  • The activation of the images is fast

With Yooflirt you can register within a few minutes with your e-mail address. Since there are many notifications, it is recommended to use a separate e-mail address for dating portals. But there is also the possibility to turn off the notifications simply in the settings. You can fill out part of your profile during registration. You answer some questions about yourself, for example, what you are looking for and how old your dream partner may be.

Then you have to confirm your registration with a password, which was sent to you by e-mail. Once you are in, you have even more options. You can tell more about yourself in a personal profile. Who are you, what are you looking for and what qualities do you have? The profile also gives you the opportunity to tell something about yourself in three text fields. Inquire about your erotic fantasies, your perfect date and your hottest sex experience you ever had.

To be even more successful, it is very helpful to verify your profile. So you show other members that you are a real person and not a fake. For the verification you download a form from Yooflirt and print it out. Then you take the document in hand, shoot a photo and upload it to Yooflirt. As soon as the exam is successful, you will receive an e-mail and an icon in your profile.


  • classic contact via e-mail
  • Camchat possible with wish contact
  • daily hundreds of women in Camchat online
  • Show interest with a like
  • Direct hits indicate suitable persons

At Yooflirt, the classic way to communicate is to send an e-mail. This feature is reserved for premium members only, base members can not post. If you would like to speak personally with a woman or a man, you can dial the private camchat and get into conversation. In a one-to-one conversation you can then come closer to your desired person to the exclusion of the public.

Variety is always offered at Yooflirt, because around the clock hundreds of women are in Camchat online and just waiting for new, sexy adventures. If there is interest in an unavailable person, a signal can be sent with a heart. Of course, a mail is also suitable to express interest in offline members n. If you make someone happy with a heart, the person ends up in your favorites list. There you can directly see if she is online.

In the section “hits and tips” you will find members that match your search results. However, you can only view the profiles as a premium member. Each profile has a bar graph that shows how good your common flirtation factor is. However, you should not attach too much value to the result. On the basis of the few statements made, it is difficult to calculate a match. We look at the full-hit category with a smiling eye, because at Yooflirt it’s all about eroticism in the first place anyway.

Try Yooflirt for free

profile information

  • Women give a lot of price
  • Picture galleries are well filled
  • Free texts only visible to premium members
  • Members can be reported and ignored
  • Men’s profiles rather less filled

In general, yooflirt is women who make more effort with their profile. Nearly every female profile includes at least three, usually more photos and also free lyrics and phrases are carefully answered. That’s no wonder, of course, because the girls want to lure the curious men in front of the camera. And if in the profile then no interesting information to read, many gentlemen go to the next woman.

The pictures are well mixed from soft to hard. FSK18 pictures can only be viewed by premium members, the same applies to the free texts. If there is a blue star above the image on the profile, this is a tested feeling. That means that the person is really genuine. At the latest in Camchat, a fake would fly up anyway and almost all ladies are in the Camchat sooner or later reachable.

If you have problems with a member, you can block it at any time, so that no contact is possible. However, we have found in the review that a rejection is very well accepted if it is friendly. If you notice a discrepancy in a profile and you have the suspicion that this is a fake, you can call the support attention. This checks messages carefully.

Disappointingly, the male profiles are often filled only sparsely. There are hardly any photos, few private details and no free texts. Many male members of Yooflirt leave it while watching in the web chat, they are not so much on communication. This is disappointing for the women though. Although most women are only interested in online chats, every now and then one is looking for a man for a personal meeting. Of course, you will not be able to arouse interest without a completed profile.


Unfortunately there is currently no Yooflirt app as erotic content is generally forbidden in the Appstores. The website can be easily used via the mobile browser.

field review

Yooflirt is an impressive erotic portal, which originates from the house of Fundorado. The well-known erotic provider attaches great importance to protection of minors, so that without age verification there is no possibility to access FSK18 content. Already at the registration, however, lure half-naked sins on the home page, but everything in the FSK16 area. It quickly becomes clear that basic members are reaching their limits here. Without premium membership yooflirt does not work at all. However, if you would like to see the whole thing for free, you can book a trial subscription for three weeks. Very important: This taster subscription must be terminated after seven days at the latest, otherwise it will be extended automatically and will be converted into a monthly tariff. However, fairness, security and protection of the members are very important. The notice modalities are widely explained, nobody is ripped off here. Payments are made exclusively via SSL-encrypted pages, privacy is also at the top.

The portal is especially suitable when it comes to enjoy erotic encounters online. Real meetings are almost impossible, because that’s not the Camgirls. Instead, flirting online here is what it takes. Of course, age-verified premium members also receive the full package here. Erotic, porn and everything your heart desires there is here for everyone. In Camprivat Chat it gets hot and many Camgirls are ready to fulfill special requests. Already on the homepage, the online girls attract and we were amazed at how many attractive women frolic here. There is something for every taste, whether sexy Milf, chubby beauty or teen girls with just 18 years. Well-known figures like Katja Krasavice are also active at Yooflirt and delight visitors with hot videos and more.

Design, functionality and usability

The design of Yooflirt inspired us. Young, upbeat, modern, everything is just right here. An appealing start page, not too boring, but not too cluttered, automatically navigates to the right areas. Thanks to the toolbar at the top you can see exactly where you have to click if you want to reach certain subpages. In between, you can see hot thumbnails about the ladies in Camchat again and again. Admittedly, sometimes they are quite quick enough to just click on it.

Yooflirt costs and prices

Free services

    • Access to all profiles
    • Insight into all FSK16 picture galleries
    • Likes for pictures and profiles
    • Receiving messages

Try it for free now

Paid services

  • Sending messages
  • Send and receive flirt requests
  • Use of the cam chat
  • Display of profile visitors
  • Flirt recommendations, view hits

Duration / Credits / CoinsCost per monthTotal

Premium membership
1 month 29,95 EUR / month 29,95 EUR
3 months 24,95 EUR / month 74,85 EUR
6 months 19,85 EUR / month 119.07 EUR
1,000 coins 0.01 EUR / Coin 12,00 EUR
2,000 coins 0.01 EUR / Coin 22,00 EUR
5,000 coins 0.01 EUR / Coin 50,00 EUR
10,000 coins 0.01 EUR / Coin 90.00 EUR

Is Yooflirt expensive or cheap?

In the price comparison with other providers Yooflirt is in reasonable range. Try it for free now

payment options

  • Credit card

Discretion of payment

  • It is possible to select a neutral subject with direct debit.

The cancellation must be made 14 days in advance at the end of the term, otherwise the membership will be renewed automatically. Termination can only be done in written form by mail or e-mail.


My successes

Men are by nature collectors and hunters. No wonder, then, that Yooflirt has some successes to collect. However, these are not successes in the women, but successes for achieved milestones as a community member. You will already receive the first success if you have confirmed your e-mail address by entering the password. There are other achievements such as 30 days regular, 20 Mails and much more. Whenever you have achieved five achievements, you will receive coins in different amounts as a reward.

Our rating

Logon Process: 4.0 / 5
Contact: 5.0 / 5
Profile Information: 4.0 / 5
Field experience: 4.0 / 5

Conclusion of our review editor

For those who like it hot and tingling, Yooflirt is in good hands. A serious provider with a lot of erotic potential. Not for nothing on all sides of the button emblazoned: “nominated for the Venus Award”. Just keep our fingers crossed that the award goes to the likeable newcomer portal of the big giant Fundorado. Try Yooflirt for free


What does Yooflirt offer?

Yooflirt is a sexy community where camgirls come in all variations. This is mostly about online erotic, real meetings are usually not desired.

Can anyone sign up for Yooflirt?

Yooflirt is open to people over the age of 18 who are ready to perform an age verification. If you do not, you can not access FSK18 content.

Are there any single women for dating here?

Although there are single women at Yooflirt, the dates are almost exclusively in front of the cam instead. Few members insist on their profile that they are looking for real meetings.

Is Yooflirt free?

The basic membership in Yooflirt is completely free, but does not provide many opportunities for communication. To get active, you have to pay.

Do I have to become a premium member here?

There is no obligation to buy a premium membership. However, to make contact with other people, this paid membership is essential.

How do I get yooflirt coins?

Coins are available at Yooflirt for achieving success. These include, for example, certain activities such as cam usage, age verification and much more. In addition, coins can be bought.

What do I need coins for Yooflirt?

Coins are required to send messages, tip girls on camgirls or start a private camchat with the girls.

Can women also register with Yooflirt?

Of course, women also have the opportunity to register with Yooflirt and can also become active in front of the webcam after their registration.

What does the trial offer cost?

The trial offer is completely free and offers full access to all functions of the website for a period of three weeks. Only for the web chat additional coins are required.

Can I join my yooflirt data with Fundorado?

With the Yooflirt data you can also log in to all pages of the provider Fundorado. This includes, for example, the fetish portal Sadorado.

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Updated on Apr 2023
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