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Our parship review farm catching or big love?

Parship is also undisputed in 2019 the largest and most famous online dating service in Germany. With over 10 years of experience and an undeniable track record, Parship has become an indispensable part of the German online dating market. Since 2016, the dating service together with ElitePartner has been part of the ProSiebenSat1 Mediagroup, which has given the members a further boost: well-placed advertisements are attracting more and more singles. In July 2019, Parship counts around 5,400,000 members in Germany and promises a high success rate in dating services through the so-called parship principle.

This personality review offers suitable partner suggestions based on the latest scientific findings. The review consists of 80 questions that identify the partnership personality that will serve as the basis for the partner’s suggestions. The review is so good that 120 “matching” points have been assigned to our married review pair!

Compared to other portals, the target group of Parship are above all ambitious singles who are looking for a long-term relationship.

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Who is logged in here?

Members 5,400,000 from Germany members activity 750,000 weekly active gender distribution 51% 49%

  • 52% academics
  • High level of education and above-average income
  • balanced gender ratio
  • Age usually between 28 and 55 years
  • largest online partner agency in Germany
  • no fake profiles in the review and high response rate of the members

go on dating for free

Good chances of finding a partner on Parship

  • According to, 23,000 new members worldwide register daily, with 11 million members around the world
  • Across Europe active dating service: Get to know Singles from Austria, Switzerland, but also England, France, Italy or Scandinavia
  • You’re a student? Although the working singles predominate, you too can fall in love with Parship
  • gayParship for homosexual customers works according to the same mediation principle as parships for heterosexuals
  • Dating with success: more than 550,000 lovers, more than 80,000 Parship babies

Age distribution

  • 18-24
  • 25-34
  • 35-44
  • 45-54
  • 55+

registration process

  • detailed personality test
  • Complete Parship profile with personal details and upload photos
  • View partner suggestions and refine search settings
  • Test is so good that our married review couple scored 120 “matching” points
  • Duration of registration: about 20-30 min.

After the simple registration via e-mail and the setting of a user name and password, you go through a personality test. This review is at the heart of Parship and the so-called “parship principle”. The review refers to your so-called “partnership personality”, so you will not be fully psychologically analyzed. You do not have to know anything for this test, basically just what you want and what your preferences and habits are.

Unlike single-sex exchanges, where everyone has to go looking for a suitable partner, Parship brings users together. On the basis of your answers in the personality test, Parship determines suitable partner suggestions for you after about 1-2 minutes. Now you can see which singles suit you best, Parship calls this “matching”. This is illustrated with the help of matching points – you can reach between 60 and 140 points with another single. According to Parship are especially matches from 100, better even from 110 points interesting.

The own dating profile at Parship offers all the advantages to give a positive first impression. For profile design, various features are available. It is possible to set photos and personalize the profile with your own free texts. The title image can be selected from a large selection.

Tip: With an attractive photo in the profile, chances are much higher of being contacted by singles.

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Parship personality test

The personality review determines how well another member matches your personality and whether you are building on a long-term partnership. The basis of the Parship personality review is based on the five-factor model from personality psychology and over 40 years of research. It contains around 80 multiple-choice questions that can be answered simply by clicking on one or more answer options. Click on the first option that suits you without thinking too much. You’ll be surprised how exactly your personality is captured!

And most important: Do not cheat on the answers, so you do not do yourself and the search for the dream partner a favor!

Our tip: For beginners, Parship offers a time-limited discount of premium membership right after answering the personality test.

Which questions are asked in the Parshiptest, for example?

  • “Let’s say you’re invited to a friends wedding party with your partner, and you’re just getting ready, the way you know each other, which thoughts are most likely to go through your head?”
  • “Do you like cooking?”
  • “How do you prefer to spend your free time?”
  • besides, one must, for example, Call blob images as they are known from classical depth psychology

Test result of the personality review at Parship

How well you harmonize with the respective partner, is displayed in so-called “matching” points. The best possible review result between two members is 140 points. In other words, the higher the “matching” points, the better two persons fit together because of their personality. Interesting are the analyzes of the answers, which show detailed matches with the possible partner.

  • Basic members receive a brief online evaluation of the test
  • Premium members receive a 46-page PDF document with a detailed report, the print version costs 24 euros

We liked the long evaluation very much, because it can be a good partner search and offers some useful tips. For example, for the first date.

Our tip for the successful personality review at Parship

How long does the personality review take? Parship recommends that you take 20 minutes and answer the questions spontaneously. Parship’s entire partner proposal will be optimized to its own specifications. This is worth the time, so do not rush through the questions, but take the appropriate time. You achieve the best result (in terms of a happy partnership), if you are honest.

Is there a right or wrong in the parship test?

In a personality test, there is no right or wrong, no mistakes and you need no luck to “insist”. Do not try to cheat on the answers. Through skillful queries, your replies will be cross-checked by Parship several times and false information will falsify the important building block of your Dating. So answer honestly and spontaneously!

Apart from dating, the review helps you to get to know your own personality with its strengths and weaknesses.

You can also use the personality review very well for a personal self-assessment. Just do the review together with a good friend or a friend. Answer the question first yourself and then ask the friend if he or she would also assess your personality. This is not only fun, but also shows you how well you know yourselves and each other.

Another positive side effect of the personality review is that you begin to think about the properties of a potential partner. Do you want the same answers from a potential partner? Or maybe you want in some areas a person who “ticked” differently and thus demands and motivates?


  • Personal Flirting Message
  • Photo activation
  • Sending a virtual smile
  • Send fun questions
  • Writing messages is free for all members
  • Send contact requests as a smile or fun request immediately

If you receive contact requests from other members, you will be notified by an email from Parship, so you do not have to log in all the time. In addition, you get contact suggestions via email from Parship, such as “May we introduce?”. Of course, these functions can also be switched off.

In order to ensure the quality of Parship, you may not copy more than 10 copies & Send paste messages, otherwise you will be blocked.

Personal news

News receives positive feedback from Parship members. A subject line is suggested, such as: “Do we want to get in touch?”. You should try to find an original salutation, especially as a man, as women usually receive a lot of messages and a personal salutation helps to stand out from the crowd. User surveys have also shown that women desire longer, more creative and personalized messages from men. The message should not also suit the woman who was previously written. The personality review has shown that you are a perfect match, so get them! Already in the free version you can answer mails from premium members.

In order to be able to ensure sophisticated manners in conversation, your messages are automatically scanned for submission before politeness and swear words, the content as such is not read out.

Well, we liked that Parship stores messages automatically, even before submitting. This is a handy feature if the PC crashes.

Unlock photo

You can unlock other members n’s own photo and wait anxiously for a reaction.

Sending a smile

At Parship, we actually recommend using the “smiley” feature. But since many send only a smile, it is definitely useful to write a longer text about it. With one click, the other member can smile back. Some scientific studies on online dating have shown that sending a signal (here in the form of a “smile”) leads to a higher response probability of the recipient – just try it yourself!

fun questions

Another parship feature is fun questions. Here, another member can be contacted by asking four questions. If the respondent answers these questions completely, both answers will be revealed to both members. Then both can see if the same answers have been chosen. This results directly in a topic of conversation. In practice, this contact option has proven to be effective.

Which Mailing Strategies Work Best on Parship?

Our practical review has shown that …

  • short questions in chat style or findings are little successful
  • you should show real interest: inform yourself a bit in the profile of the other person and write a longer, personal message
  • Many users just send a tap-function like smiling, or like a photo, which is usually not answered
  • the smile is helpful as an addition to the personal message
  • the best news is always an honest and open, questioning message

There is no THE rule or help for a perfect “writing-on-strategy”, because it is based on your own experiences. This means that you’ll quickly find out for yourself which news scores better than others, or at what time you’ll get an answer sooner.

Our tip: show yourself from your creative and natural side. Surprise your counterpart with a message that is different, try to stand out from the crowd but still be yourself.

Can every member I write respond to me without restriction?

Premium members are not distinguished from base members on their profile. Basic members can only respond once. Registered base members can read and answer the first message from other members. All other messages of a paying member of the dating service will be delivered. These can be read from the second received message, however, only with premium membership.

Why can not I get an answer from Parship?

At Parship, the response rate is slightly higher than other platforms, but on average we wait a bit longer for an answer. This may be because superficial chats are not popular with Parship members.

Test winner review for free

profile information

  • Authenticity check of the members by ID check
  • high quality and clarity of the profiles
  • no fake profiles during the test
  • almost every member has posted pictures
  • The profiles are very detailed
  • Profile pictures are not visible to anyone for free

A customer-oriented, paid online dating agency like Parship offers high quality member profiles. In our test, we found no fake profile. Almost every member has posted pictures and answered personal questions.

If you sign up with a premium membership, you will first see blurry images of other users. This mainly serves the protection of anonymity, the protection of one’s own personality, but has another reason. The whole parship system serves to put the individual and his character in the foreground, not just his profile picture. Good news from our Parship practice test: So far, all our members have immediately unlocked their pictures when contacting them – despite the honorable Parship principle, the motto in the online dating world is always the same: Appearance finds, character binds.

Expert tips on the perfect profile in Parship

  • One indicates occupation title, age and up to three characteristics for the description of the own personality
  • Members see a description of the profile in the form: “Architect, 33, romantic …”
  • Describe your job interesting to make your profile meaningful. Profile visitors can imagine more under the title “biology and French teachers” than just the term “teacher”.
  • In our review we also found users who chose their name or a pseudonym instead of the profession
  • Using the multiple-choice selection, add appropriate features such as purposeful, successful, reliable, but also soulful and romantic to your profile

Free assessment of your own profile

Parship offers a free profile review by other members in the forum. It can make interesting and helpful reviews. These hints help to present oneself as positively as possible. Of course, you can also ask friends and acquaintances for feedback on your profile. These will know you the best and help you to create a profile that really reflects you.

An additional service of Parship is a telephone consultation by experts. For 1.99 euros give these tips and feedback on your profile. A performance that other single markets usually do not offer.

What should my profile picture look like with Parship?

  • Do not use a selfie at
  • Immediately after the premium registration Parship offers a discount (19.99 Euro, instead of 59 Euro) for a professional photo shoot
  • A professional photo shows you very well, colors and quality of the image are designed attractively
  • If you do not want to spend money on a photo shoot, make sure that the photo is not fuzzy or pixelated and throws you into a good light. It may also help to adjust the brightness and contrast of the picture to make the picture look better.
  • Parship is not a dating site – so it’s not about non-binding flirts. It’s best to score with a profile picture that visualizes your “serious intentions” and associates positive traits.
  • Since many members are academics, with a serious but friendly profile picture you will have a better success rate than with a photo from the last student party
  • You can find more tips for the perfect profile picture in our article on 10 golden rules for profile photos

No fake profiles in the Parship practice test

Fake profiles are a problem many online dating providers. At Parship, we did not encounter spurious fake profiles in the test. Upon inquiry from us at Parship, it was found that all profiles of the applications there are checked by hand by an employee. Fakes are sorted out unnoticed by customer service. In addition, professional programs are used. Parship’s security and protection services are therefore very good.

Sign up for free at Parship


  • View profiles and pictures of other members
  • Sending personal messages
  • Send a digital smile
  • Do not miss new messages through push notification
  • Registration in the app not possible, only on the mobile site

The Parship app can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store or iTunes.

During our review on the iPhone, the app ran flawlessly. Important functions of the website are offered by the app, e.g. Write answers, contact other members, view partner suggestions, smile and send fun questions. For longer conversations we still recommend the PC, because the members of Parship attach importance to the spelling in messages and the autocorrection like to play a joke.

The registration and the Parship personality review you should do in any case on a PC or laptop.

field review

Does the personality assignment based on the Parship review really work? We did a practical test: our tester (29 years old) and his girlfriend (27 years old) were both registered parallel to Parship. Here’s the result: We wanted to know exactly. We asked our tester pair to sign up for Parship independently. The two have been together for a long time, fit together perfectly and complement each other in their daily lives. Now, if both register at Parship, would the mediation algorithm actually have to suggest each other? So our guess. Both now independently of each other to the personality review and filled it out. The review is very mature and almost impossible to manipulate as some questions are repeated and, as is customary in science, they are imperceptibly counterchecked. So it can be determined, if really 2x the same was given. And indeed, after evaluating the personality review of our couple, the two profiles were proposed to each other with the highest matching score (agreement of the two profiles). Hats off Parship, great result! Nice to be able to validate the personality review once.

Try Parship for free

Design and operation

  • modern, clear and intuitive website design
  • short loading times from website on the internet and app
  • Focusing the app on the essentials: viewing profiles and partner suggestions as well as sending messages.
  • Registration and profile changes are not possible in the app, use the mobile page for this
  • laudable: even in the free version, no ads will be shown
  • Duration of registration including personality test: about 20-30 min.

Our conclusion on usability: The website is very clearly designed, the app could be extended in functionality a bit more.

Our video for the Parship Test:

Our parship tips for you

Parship is proven to be one of the most successful online dating agencies. Precisely because of the elaborate personality review and the higher costs is clear: here are only seriously interested singles registered, who strive and willing to bind and also have a certain social status.

Nevertheless, one should pay attention to a few things to really ensure success.

Tips for women

  1. Spice up your profile Matching point alone is not enough to be interesting. The Personal Quote field is ideal to take a deeper look. What makes you as a human? What do you expect? Even the self above me field is excellently suited to tell about itself.
  2. Do not forget profile picture And not to be forgotten is the profile picture. Although this is once milky and only to see if you unlock it for someone. But on the one hand, it is visible that you have uploaded a picture. On the other hand, the first visual impression should be a more sympathetic and attractive, because charisma is everything. If you do not upload a profile picture, only one logo will appear – that is of course not helpful for an authentic dating search.
  3. Allow time The perfect man can not be found only by registering with Parship. Sometimes some frogs have to be kissed here before the prince is under it. Good things take a while, especially since finding a partner is not the main occupation, besides job, hobby and social contacts. Searching for up to six months is not uncommon. So if you do not immediately reveal the dream partner in the first message, do not lose heart.
  4. Being active ourselves We are no longer living in the 50s and women are allowed to become active themselves in order to find their dream man. So look at profiles and which you like, may also like to receive a message instead of just a picture release. Especially online, it is not forbidden to meet several persons without obligation and then to decide.
  5. Fast to the first date Many mails back and forth can be exciting and beautiful. But you should not wait too long to meet in reality, because charisma and character is something that only really shows when you face each other.
  6. Do not put pressure on yourself or your opponent. A date is a pleasant way to spend the evening and not the first step to marriage and children. Staying relaxed and not chalking up the wrong word does not make both of you feel more comfortable and more likely to make a second date than if you jump straight out with family planning and a checklist.

Tips for men

  1. Brighten profile Like the ladies, the gentlemen of creation should make every effort to make a good impression with their profile. Good photos are just as important as an informative and appealing text field.
  2. Being picky heard right! Instead of indiscriminately writing to all sorts of women with short standard texts, man should pick out the ladies who really suit him. And then approach the first message with great care and diligence: pay attention to spelling and punctuation, respond to the profile of the chosen and tell a little about themselves.
  3. Gentleman online Who is single, must be friendly. At least he should, when he’s on a dating market in 2019. This is true on many levels. Of course, it does not matter on a portal like Parship to send lewd messages. It is also important that you are reliable. So do not just cancel a mail conversation, but politely say that you are otherwise interested.
  4. Gentleman offline You made a date? Appear on time or cancel in time. And at the latest on Date: show a bit old school. Keep the door open, help her out of her coat, give her drinks and be attentive. Do not invite her to your home, but suggest a second date.

Parship costs and prices

Free services

  • Complete registration / questionnaire
  • Online review evaluation of your personality? Get an interpretation and a short evaluation of your personality test.
  • Partner suggestions (including information about how well they fit together)? Receive partner suggestions including the results from the comparison of the two personality tests.
  • View profiles of other members
  • Send us a request as a smile or a fun request immediately? Seek contact with other members by asking four questions or sending a virtual smile (a kind of “tapping function”).
  • Smartphone App
  • Try it for free now

Paid services

  • Photo exchange with contact suggestions
  • Read contact requests of other members
  • Respond to contact requests
  • Partnership Personality Report (Who suits me well)
  • Communicate without limits
  • Regional radius search
  • Dating for Interest Filter
  • Complete visitor lists? On this list you can see all the members who looked at your profile and found you interesting.
  • Use the Parship Messenger app
Duration / Credits / CoinsCost per monthTotal
Premium Membership July 2019 (see daily rates at Lite
6 months € 74.90 / month 449.40 €
12 months 59.90 € / month 718,80 €
24 Months 39.90 € / month 957.60 €

Is parship expensive or cheap?

In the price comparison with other providers Parship is in the upper midfield. Try it for free now

payment options

  • Credit card
  • debit
  • PayPal

Parship costs at a glance

Parship offers several variants of premium membership. Currently there is a 25% discount on premium membership for all newly registered members. Even otherwise Parship surprises again and again with interesting discounts and promotions.

The main difference lies in the duration and the possibilities. As a new member you can also beat a real bargain.

Parship Cost Overview Premium Offers and Differences:

Lite (6 months)

  • Communicate without limits
  • Partnership personality analysis

Classic (12 months) and Comfort (24 months)

  • Communicate without limits
  • Partnership personality analysis
  • See all shared photos
  • Complete list of interested parties
  • Regional radius search
  • Contact warranty

payment by installments

The payment of your premium membership is also possible in installments:

  • plus 6, – Euro / month with monthly payment
  • plus 4, – Euro / month with quarterly payment
  • plus 2, – Euro / month half-yearly payment

The special about Parship

At Parship you can easily get to know singles from all over the world on your home computer or via smartphone. Especially people looking for a solid relationship will find it here! But can you use Parship for free or do you have to dig deep into your pocket for service? And are the prices for finding a solid partnership worthwhile?

The peculiarities of Parship:

  • Parship is aimed at demanding singles and offers a balanced gender relationship.
  • The average age of the members is at the beginning of 40.
  • About 40 percent of the 4.5 million members come from abroad.
  • Parship classifies its members on the basis of a scientific personality survey. This will ensure that you get suitable partner suggestions.

All this has its price, of course. However, to get a first impression of the platform, you can sign up for free before completing a chargeable membership at Parship.

Try Parship for free

You can certainly use some benefits at Parship for free. This includes, for example, the registration and creation of a personal profile. Matching your profile you will then receive suitable partner suggestions – completely free of charge. You can already decide if you feel comfortable on the platform and see potential in the other members. If you have a closer eye on another member, you will need to switch to paid premium membership. Then you can contact the other singles as well as other benefits of Parship.

Try Parship for free

Free and paid use

After registering, you can try Parship for free and get a taste of Parship’s extensive offerings. Once you have convinced yourself of the high-quality service offered by the platform, you can switch to a paid subscription and get in touch with the person of your choice. Apart from the membership fee, you incur no additional costs.

Our tip: Complete premium membership and cancel immediately afterwards. This avoids the automatic extension. If necessary, you can complete a new one at the end of your premium membership.

Advantages of the paid premium version

Anyone seriously looking for a partner should not save money. Paid service protects you a lot better from fake profiles and not serious requests than free offers. There are many free portals where we have found that the number of fake profiles is much higher. That’s why we recommend reputable portals, which cost a little, but lead faster and stress-free to success.

Guaranteed contacts at Parship

The contact guarantee will allow for a minimum number of contacts with different members, depending on the length of premium membership chosen. Once the registration has been made, partners will be suggested immediately. For example, for a six-month membership, Parship guarantees 5 contacts. If at the end of the membership this number has not been reached, extends the membership for free.

Parship on Ebay

Not infrequently, older, no longer used profiles are offered on Ebay for a cheaper price to continue flirting. We strongly advise against embarking on such an offer: You can not repeat the psychological review that is crucial to finding a partner. This means that you may save the membership fee for a few months, but in the end you are paying for a service that is not tailored to you, but to a stranger.


phone service

The analysis and improvement of your profile via telephone costs 1.99 euros per minute. The price is quite high, but for the performance but still appropriate: Here is your profile analyzed in detail and you get useful tips on how it works with the partner search bessr. It is also possible to have your own mails analyzed. Consulting in this regard can increase your chances of a successful chat.

Parship events

Parship also offers singles events in many major cities such as Berlin, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Munich or Vienna. The meetings in bars, hikes, brewery visits or cooking classes are an excellent way to get to know other singles live and without obligation, without flirting.

A good service

Parship generally gives good tips and tricks from relationship and online dating experts. If you’re looking for an online dating service for the first time or you have not been successful online dating online, you’ll find some helpful information on how to make the most of your love affair.

The Parship Forum

In the Parship Forum, you can also read without Parship membership and join in discussions after creating a Parship Forum account. Your first contributions will be moderated before publication to ensure a certain level in the Parship Forum. Unfortunately, our review also took up to 12 hours.

Our rating

Logon Process: 4,5 / 5
Contact: 4,5 / 5
Profile Information: 4,5 / 5
App: 4.0 / 5
Field experience: 5.0 / 5

Conclusion of our review editor

Already knew? At Parship you can find millions of relevant and interesting singles – and that also through the ever-present advertising, whether on TV or at bus stops. Parship is Germany’s biggest billboard before Opel or H&Test winner M for free



How reputable and secure is Parship?

Parship was the review winner of Stiftung Warentest in Germany. As the only one of the 14 tested dating sites and dating sites on the internet, Parship received the overall rating GUT (test in March 2011). The dating agency was also named review winner in the customer survey conducted by the German Institute for Service Quality.

In the age of the Internet, Parship replaces the classic partner agency. In the past, strengths and weaknesses were discussed there in a personal interview and tips for finding a partner were given. This is a good way of implementing Parship today – and with low costs, effective partner suggestions and a scientific personality test.


What can I do for free at Parship?

As a free Parship member, so-called base member, it is possible to complete the Parship personality review and also to receive a direct evaluation. You can also view the profiles of other members, create your own profile and receive partner suggestions. It is also possible to send “fun questions”, to send other members a “smile” or to give compliments. The first personal message from a premium member can be read once and answered with a free account. A second message from a premium member is received, but can not be read with the basic membership. If you want to answer the message a second time you need a premium membership.

About Parship

Who are the people behind Parship?

Tim Schiffers, Henning Rönneberg and Marc Schachtel are the three managing directors of Parship.

What does “parship” mean?

The name “parship” is an artificial word and therefore has no meaning of its own. It is written without SCH. The following spellings are incorrect: Parschip, Parshi, Parahip, Parshio, Pharship, Paarship or Patship.

Is there parship for homosexuals too?

Yes, GayParship was launched in parallel with Parship in 2001 and is specifically designed for gay and lesbian dating. The operation and mediation principle of gayPARSHIP is just like Parship. Again, singles with an academic background can be found here.


Is early termination possible?

Early termination is possible within 14 days. Please note our information on revocation

Termination at Parship?

Parship mentions in its terms and conditions as an example of the text form E-Mail, letter and fax. Termination must be done in writing by Parship. Postal termination must be sent to the following address 12 weeks before the subscription expires: PARSHIP GmbH, Customer Service Germany, Speersort 10, 20095 Hamburg. The cancellation by fax will be sent to the number 040/46 00 26 596. The termination by e-mail please send to [email protected]

Important is the observance of the notice period. When purchasing a premium membership, you will be informed by e-mail about the notice period. The termination must contain the following two details: The email address or cipher and the service password stored at PARSHIP.


Where can I get the Parship app?

The Parship app can be downloaded free of charge from the Apple App Store or iTunes or from the Google Play Store for Android devices.

Membership and usage

How can I unsubscribe from the email notifications?

If you do not want to receive e-mail notifications, you can also unsubscribe them. Simply click on your own profile picture, in the populated window “Data & Settings. “On the right, new menu items appear, then go to the” Notifications “- In the list, the notifications can now be switched on and off for each event.

What is the Parship Contact Guarantee?

Parship guarantees a minimum number of contacts with other members, depending on the chosen length of premium membership. For example, a six-month membership guarantees 5 different contacts. If at the end of the membership this number has not been reached, Parship extends the membership for free.

How do I recognize Parship Premium members?

The list of affiliate suggestions you see will show both Premium Members and Basic Members. Currently, you can not tell if these contact suggestions have the premium status.

Parship explains that members are proposed to each other based on the analysis of partnership personalities. The partner suggestions should fit well with your personality. This happens regardless of member status. In this respect, the number of suitable partners increases considerably, as basic members and premium members are proposed. It should be given basic members the opportunity to review Parship free of charge. This also includes getting to know the contact and testing the response to your own profile.

How fast does Parship Customer Service get in touch?

According to our test, you can expect a response from the service team within 24 hours. The answers were detailed, very friendly and the service staff responded to the individual profile of the customer.

What age is Parship suitable for?

We have analyzed the age structure for you, please click in the menu on the right on who is logged in here?


Can I always cancel at the end of a month?

The minimum term of a premium membership is 6, 12 or 24 months, Parship does not offer a 1-month membership. Do not forget to cancel your membership as it automatically renews after the contract period.

How can I pay the membership fee without the name Parship appearing on the bank statement? I do not want the tax accountant to read this.

The best way to choose the payment method “PayPal”. Then load your PayPal account with the bank account. So on your bank account statements is only the name “PayPal”. Whatever that was for 🙂

I want to become a premium member. It does not work with the payment. I can only pay by direct debit. My alleged account number is not correct, although I enter everything correctly and therefore there is no payment. What can this be?

Please check if the account number or IBAN is required for direct debit. Otherwise, you can also pay via PayPal and deposit your bank account there.

If I sign up as a premium member, do I pay monthly?

There are two options. Either you can pay everything immediately, then you save the premium for the partial payment. Alternatively, you can pay in installments (for example, monthly), but here Parship requires a surcharge.

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