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Our review is a portal created especially for couples. Only couples are allowed to register here, single women and men are rejected. Also, verification is required. Only those who actually identify themselves by phone call or photo as a couple, will be a feast for the eyes.

For the first moment we were struck by the variety of eye candy offering something. There is nothing that does not exist here. Whether offers for swinger trips, discussion groups or camchats, variety is offered here all the time. A lot at first sight, but after a few minutes you have settled in.

Rating 9.9
FindEuropeanBeauty profile 1
> 3k
girls online
> 8k
daily visits

Rating 9.8
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Rating 9.6
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However, shy people are not in such good hands here. It is very open and who does not dare to be involved, will soon be on the edge. On the other hand, those who are willing to get in touch with the other community members do not have to wait long for their first invitations to join in a great meeting.

Naked skin is a big topic for the eyes, there are many open-hearted galleries and the members are very happy, even if you are ready to show something of yourself. Of course, this is not mandatory, but makes it easier to get closer and with hot photos, there are also many, often very friendly reviews.

Who is logged in here?

Members 50,000 from Germany Member activity 1,000 weekly active Gender distribution 50% 50% 100%

  • There are only couples registered for eye candy
  • Erotic meetings are being sought in real life
  • Exchange takes place in numerous forums
  • There are no fake profiles, all registrations are checked carefully
  • the age focus is over 35 years

When it comes to eye candy, two things come to mind when you sign up. For one, the age focus is on the age over 35 years and on the other hand, there are actually only couples. Although it may happen that only one partner is online from a couple, the focus is on couples who want to meet other couples.

Due to the verification at registration, there are no fake profiles, only real users have a chance to be active here. Even moderated profiles you will not find in eye candy. For such a special platform, the number of members is surprisingly high. The portal has recorded around 50,000 registrations since its founding in 1998.

Quite a lot of these users are online in the evenings, there is almost always something going on in the chat room. Even in the groups there is a lot of activity and hardly a day goes by without a member creating a new event. Age plays a minor role here, even though most users are between 30 and 50 years old.

Anyone who also has an interest in swinging is accepted, regardless of their form. Be it real meetings or online exchanges, eyewear users always enjoy new additions, provided you’re open and ready to reach out to others.

Age distribution

  • 18-24
  • 25-34
  • 35-44
  • 45-54
  • 55+

registration process

  • Profile must be unlocked manually
  • In the test, the activation has been delayed greatly
  • Profile can be made very diverse
  • Personality review is not performed
  • Picture galleries are released directly

If you sign up for eye candy, you’ll need to verify your profile first. There are three options. Optionally, you call at the given phone number and speak with your partner with a support staff member. Alternatively, you can also deposit your phone number and call you. The third option is to upload a photo that shows both of you. You have to hold up a sign with your name in this photo, the picture will not be published.

The verification of our profile has brought us a bit of trouble in the test. We tried several times to reach the specified number, but never lifted anyone off. The desired recall did not come for several days. The photo upload, on the other hand, worked. It may therefore be that you have to be a little stubborn if you register with eye candy. If you have patience, you can look forward to a carefully maintained and guaranteed fake-free portal.

There is no personality test, but you are politely asked to complete your profile. Without a completed profile you will not be shown in the search ads of the other members.

You have many options for creating your profile, but the most important information about yourself is mandatory if you want to be seen. The photo upload is not mandatory, but highly recommended if you feel like contacts. You can create several galleries, your pictures will be released immediately. To get even better insights on your person, you can also upload videos of yourself that appear in your profile.


  • easy contact in chat possible
  • Camchat is often used
  • Messages can be sent via the profile
  • Basic members can also send messages
  • in forums and groups is chatted easily

For eye candy, there are several ways you can get in touch with other couples. The classic – the message – you can use completely independent of your membership. Whether you are a basic or premium member, you can leave a private message to any other couple. For eye candy, it is already a habit, however, that contacts do not build on the message system, but on the numerous, other contact options.

There is a lot of activity in the chat, where people talk about all sorts of topics. For newcomers, it is very easy to make contacts, because those who are open and engage in conversations, are quickly received positive. It is also possible to extend a normal chat to a camchat, which is very popular. Many eye candy couples are looking for other couples with whom they can enjoy themselves.

A good way to get in touch with other users is also offered by the groups and forums. There are regional groups where you can meet members from your area and groups with a thematic focus. So you can specifically meet people who have similar interests as you. If you want to join a group, you can do this at any time.

You would rather like to meet people in person and do not feel like internet entertainment? Then you will always find a good option in the categories Dates, Events and Travel. You can create eye-catching dates, participate in them, or share events with others. You also have the opportunity to book a trip to a swinger location via the portal and to spend an unforgettable holiday there with other, like-minded couples.

Try for free

profile information

  • a lot of pictures and videos available
  • pretty little text information
  • Free text field is available, but not always used
  • Online status is displayed on the profile
  • Duration of membership is displayed

    The profiles of eye candy users are quite diverse, but consist more of images, because of text. The swinger and nudist culture is associated with openness and nakedness and you can tell. There are hardly any photos of attracted photos, almost every profile has at least one gallery, which holds very revealing photos. In most cases there are numerous galleries and there are many FSK18 photos available.

    The profile itself is first filled out with the most important key data for both persons. These include age, smoking behavior, intimate shaving, piercing and how far the couple is ready to go. It can be specified whether partner exchange is desired, whether other couples are kissed and whether there is interest in bisexuality. Then there is the possibility to create a free text, but not all couples make use of it.

    It is basically possible to create open galleries, but you can also open private and closed galleries, which you can only display as desired members. So you can make special photos accessible only to a certain group of people.

    On the profile of other couples in addition to the personal information and some information on membership in eye candy evident. For example, you can see if the couple whose profile you are visiting are online or when it was last online. You can also see how long membership has been and in which groups the couple is a member. Practically, you will also see the distance between you in kilometers, so you can directly see if anyone is coming from near you.


      Augenweide offers no app, but can be used in the mobile version via the smartphone. There is also a so-called web app that can be integrated on the desktop. This webapp provides a quick overview of who is online and enables direct contact.

      field review

      The review of eye candy turned out to be very interesting after the annoyance with the registration was forgotten. We assume that this was an exceptional situation and that the verification of the account normally works much better. It takes a while to find your way around in the eye, because the variety of functions is simply overwhelming at first. The first and most important step is profiling anyway, because only then will you be shown to the other members as an active user.

      It is very quick to see that the community is very open and easy to deal with each other. This is certainly due to the sense of security, which results from the verification. Everyone knows he’s dealing with real people, not fakes. So most users have no problem sharing photos, creating videos and chatting about the lust and frustration of swingers life. In general, it is noticeable that within the community there is a very friendly, almost familiar tone. Friendships are quickly made and newcomers are welcome to join.

      An important focus is on the real meetings, there are always looking for dates and indeed in all regions of Germany. Anyone who would like to meet with others, for example, to go to the swingers club or sex parties, there are always like-minded people who are willing to make an appointment. Augenweide has been active since 1998 and is one of the largest and best communities for couples and swingers. Anyone who can win something from the swingers life will definitely get their money’s worth here.

      design & service

      The design of eye candy is not necessarily the name, but it is appropriate and sufficient. It depends anyway on the content and will be offered to you at the first login in the form of photos. The operation of the website works fine, except for the chat. It came in the review again and again to delays in the news, whether it is due to the numerous camchats that are there, we could not conclude. A message to the support did not lead to a result, generally the support is a little behind, when it comes to answering user questions.

      We got the impression that the users are increasingly left to their own devices and it is assumed that they help each other out. In fact, that’s usually the case. Anyone who asks for advice in the forum or in chat online usually gets help quickly from an experienced eyewash user. costs and prices

      Free services

      • Use of the chat
      • Sending messages
      • Use of groups and forums
      • Creation of your own profile
      • Try it for free now

      Paid services

      • Webcam chat is made accessible, also usable from the mobile phone
      • all galleries and videos are displayed (except private)
      • Storage space for creating your own homepage
      • Voucher for the eye candy shop in the amount of 5 euros
      • Display of all profile visitors? Premium membership feature
      Duration / Credits / CoinsCost per monthTotal
      Standard Membership
      1 month 5,00 € / month 5,00 €
      Premium Membership
      1 month 8,00 € / month 8,00 €

      Is expensive or cheap? is very cheap compared to other providers. Try it for free now

      payment options

      • transfer
      • debit

      Discretion of payment

      • Anonymous payment is currently not possible with eye candy.

      You always have the opportunity to cancel your membership in eye candy and switch to the free basic membership. There is no notice period, the duration is always one month and you can always cancel at the end of the term.


      Groups and forums

      The groups and forums are for sharing with people who have similar interests. There are groups for a wide range of interests, from photo groups to travel groups to special sexual preferences. The forums are similarly designed, but you do not have to join them, but you can simply write your own posts under your username.

      to travel

      For eye candy, you have the opportunity to book a very special trip. The booking itself is carried out by a tour operator, all information and possible travel companions but you are in the know. There are currently three offers that are aimed specifically at swingers and friends of nudist holidays.

      Dates and events

      Every user of Augenweide has the opportunity to invite others to a real date or event. Of course, if you do not want to design an event yourself, you can also take part in an existing event. Every time you log in, you’ll be asked if you’re here for a date and if you have time in the evening. When you’re ready for a date, you can say that openly and allow others to get in touch with you.


      The magazine of Augenweide contains numerous news and blog posts that increase your knowledge about the topic of sexuality. Below you will also find reviews about sex toys, from real people to real people. It is clear that the manufacturer evaluates their products well, but what do real women, for example, think about the latest achievements in the vibrator market?

      Our rating

      Logon Process: 3.5 / 5
      Contact: 4,5 / 5
      Profile Information: 4.0 / 5
      App: 2.5 / 5
      Field experience: 4.0 / 5

      Conclusion of our review editor

      Augenweide is the perfect portal for all swinger friends and those who want to become one. In order to keep the gender ratio balanced, only couples are allowed to register and this is rigorously enforced. All in all, a friendly, open-hearted community awaits you where you can have fun. review for free



      For whom is eye candy suitable?

      Eye candy is suitable for all ages 18+, who are not averse to a well-maintained exchange with other couples. Whether it remains with the virtual exchange or whether real meetings take place with possible partner exchange remains left to the respective couple.

      Do I have to specify my real data?

      Yes, you have to give your real data as a feast for the eyes, but they will not be abused for advertising purposes, nor will they be made available to other users.

      Is the registration worthwhile for me?

      If you and your partner are interested in swinging life or if you would like to meet open couples from all over Germany, signing up for eye candy is very rewarding for you. You take no risk, because you can use all functions for free in the first 14 days.

      Membership and members

      Is membership expensive or cheap?

      Eyewear membership is extremely cheap and far below the average of other dating portals. In addition, the platform can be used very well even without paid membership

      Do I have to cancel my membership?

      If you are tired of your payment membership, you can simply terminate it at the end of the term. Each term lasts one month, then a new membership begins, if you do not cancel it in advance.

      What are the members of eye candy looking for?

      When it comes to eye candy, it’s all about creating a place where swingers can meet, exchange and band together. Some couples are just looking for online fun, while others are looking for friends, bedfellows, travel partners and more.

      Set up profile

      How can I verify my profile?

      You have three options to verify your profile. Either you call the support together with your partner or you can call you. As a third option, you can upload a shared photo with a name tag.

      Who can look at my eye candy profile?

      Your eye-catching profile is visible only to other community users, not to logged-out prospects looking around the site. Your profile will only become visible to other users once you have completed it.


      What is a group?

      Groups are created by eye-catching, so that people with similar interests or the same place of residence can join together. You have the opportunity to start a group yourself if there is no suitable area for your area of ​​interest.

      How can I belong to a group?

      If you feel like joining a group, then you can just join her. You then have the opportunity to see the contents and to communicate with the other group participants.

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