Ukraine Date Review: The Ultimate Guide to Finding Your Ukrainian Love

Our review

UkraineDate promises to meet singles from Ukraine. But are enough members registered here? 800,000 users worldwide offer you the best prospects, but do we both women and men have a chance at real dates? Are real members registered here or will you come across fakes at UkraineDate? Since a premium membership is possible here, there is also the question of whether it is also possible for users who can not complete a membership to meet other users. We have extensively tested these and many other points for you and summarized our results in our review. So you can decide if registering on the dating site UkraineDate is the right thing for you to get to know your Ukrainian (or) dream partner!

Who is logged in here?

Members 50,000 from Germany Members activity 650 daily loginsGender distribution 15% 85%

  • Most users come from the USA, Germany, the
  • Very high proportion of men
  • Always up to 650 users online
  • Most users are looking for serious relationships and marriage
  • In the user profile a lot of information can be given

If you are a woman looking for a partnership or a marriage, you are in the right place at UkraineDate. There are very few women represented and therefore the odds are, of course, better than finding a female partner through the platform rather than as a male. The average age is here mainly between 25 and 44 years, isolated are also older or younger users to find. Ukraine Date is mainly used by men between 35 and 44 to find their Ukrainian dream partner. Every user has the possibility to tell something about himself on his own profile. Both questions and a free text offer you the chance to present yourself and to convey a picture to others. Also questions about the partner are provided here. If the profiles are filled out correctly, they are very informative and convey a picture of the respective member and of what he or she is interested in.

registration process

  • Registration via e-mail or Facebook possible
  • Photos and profile information do not have to be filled out immediately
  • A verification of the profile by means of an identification document makes sense
  • After logging in users will be suggested
  • The minimum age for UkraineDate is 18 years

Registration on UkraineDate platform is quick and easy. For this you need a maximum of three minutes. Apart from your email address, name, age, gender and your password, you do not need any information. After the successful login, you will already see other users of your age on the start page. Getting to know each other is now nothing in the way. You can fill in your profile later. However, it is advisable that you do this as soon as possible, as the support will immediately delete profiles that look dubious. You can request a recovery by submitting an ID card by e-mail. A verification of the e-mail address is not necessary. UkraineDate offers you the possibility to upload up to five pictures. However, these will be reviewed by support prior to publication.


  • You can send free likes and express interest
  • Replying to messages is possible for free
  • You can only read messages from standard users with a premium membership
  • Search filters are available for free
  • A favorites list helps you to keep track

UkraineDate allows you to contact us for free by sending Likes. So you can tell another user that you are interested in this. The news is different. Here you must have a premium membership to write a message to other users who can read it. As a standard user you can in turn respond to messages from premium users. Especially as a woman, it is often not necessary to complete a premium membership, since the active male share predominates here. If you want to keep track of the interesting profiles, you can add the users of your choice to the favorites list. Search filters are available to both basic and standard users. So the search can be restricted and you can look at the users who are eligible for you.

Try UkraineDate for free

profile information

  • The profile can be filled out in great detail
  • If you visit a profile, you will see how tall the matches are here
  • On the user profile will be information about yourself and about the ideas that you have from your partner
  • You can verify the profile by means of an identification document
  • The profile pictures are visible for free

UkraineDate allows you to fill out your profile comprehensively. You can fill in many questions about yourself, and there is also a field where you can write a free text. Your profile gives the visitors a picture of your person and of the ideas and wishes that you have about your future partner. Percentages on other user profiles indicate how tall your matches are. Other users have often filled in the profiles only a little, but verified the profile with a badge. The support checks both photos, as well as the profiles. As a result, there are only a few fake users. Profile pictures must comply with the guidelines. Here, the face must be clearly recognizable and no pornographic content may be displayed.


  • Available for iOS and Android
  • App can be downloaded for free from Google Play and the App Store
  • Fast loading time
  • Lichen features as on the UkraineDate website
  • Again, there are premium memberships

For all smartphone and tablet users, there is the UkraineDate app for free download in the Google Play and App Store. The app gives you all the features you can find on the website and mobile website. You can use these partly free of charge and partly for a fee. Prices do not differ from those on UkraineDate website. The app is a great way to access the news while on the road and on vacation and stay in touch with other users.

field review

Although women are significantly outnumbered at UkraineDate, they are very communicative and also start a conversation themselves. The construction of UkraineDate is practical and simple. The site is almost self-explanatory – after a quick login, you can directly chat and flirt. Many practical features help premium users to translate news or refine matching. By and large, the site is well suited if you want to meet as a woman a man from Ukraine or other countries. For men, however, it is difficult to stand out from the crowd. All users are mainly looking for solid relationships and marriage.

The design

UkraineDate offers the user a really simple and manageable design. Special computer skills are not required here. All functions are clearly labeled and can be reached by a simple double-click. The charging time leaves nothing to be desired with good internet connection. Without a premium membership, however, you will see a lot of advertising here. This disappears immediately after the payment. For on the way you have the possibility to download the UkraineDate app or to use the mobile website. Both options are good for message sharing and offer the same options as the website.

UkraineDate costs and prices

Free services

    • Compliance indicator on the profile
    • Communication with premium users
    • Express interest by Like

Try it for free now

Paid services

  • Read news
  • Surf anonymously
  • No advertising
  • The profile appears in the search above
  • Profile can be highlighted
  • Translation function for messages in other languages
  • Detailed matching

Duration / Credits / CoinsCost per monthTotal

Platinum Membership
1 month 34.98 EUR / month 34.98 EUR
3 months 23.33 EUR / month 69,99 EUR
12 months 11,67 EUR / month 139,99 EUR
Gold Membership
1 month 29,98 EUR / month 29,98 EUR
3 months 19,99 EUR / month 59.98 EUR
12 months 10,00 EUR / month 119.98 EUR

Is UkraineDate expensive or cheap?

In the price comparison with other providers UkraineDate is in the upper midfield. Try it for free now

payment options

  • Credit card
  • debit
  • PayPal
  • GiroPay
  • paysafecard
  • Sofortuberweisung

Discretion of payment

  • A payment without the name is not possible



From the list to which you can add favorites, you always have an eye on which users you like and with whom you want to stay in touch.


Likes also allow you to express your interest to other users for free.

search filters

The detailed search filters allow you to accurately search for the users that are suitable for you.


Above all, this feature is very convenient for users who have completed a UkraineDate Premium membership. So all messages can be automatically translated into the selected language.

Our rating

Logon Process: 4.0 / 5
Contact: 2.5 / 5
Profile Information: 4.0 / 5
App: 3.0 / 5
Field experience: 3.0 / 5

Conclusion of our review editor

UkraineDate has a lot of registered members, but only up to 650 users are online at different times of the day. Of these users, only about 15 percent are female – and the remainder are male. Both men and women are represented here in the age group of 25 to 44 years. As a non-paying user, here are some ways to show interest, but you can only read messages if the other user has a premium membership. The majority of the members are looking for a long-term partnership right up to marriage. If you’re a woman looking for a relationship or a marriage, UkraineDate is definitely a great way to get in touch with seriously interested men.UkraineDate for free


account settings

Why was my account deleted?

The support has deleted your account, because this seems unserious. This may be because you have given too few details about yourself or your photos may not comply with the guidelines.

My UkraineDate account was deleted after login, what can I do now?

Once your Ukraine account has been deleted, you can contact support and verify your details by submitting a badge. The account is then restored.

How can I delete my UkraineDate account?

At the top right you can open the menu and over settings delete your account. To confirm, you must enter your password. If this happens accidentally, you can contact support and undo it.

My photo was rejected. Why is this happening?

If one of your pictures has been rejected, there may be several reasons. Presumably, this violates the guidelines. Reasons for this may be that you are too liberally depicted in the picture or your face is not recognizable.

user friendliness

Can I lock a user on UkraineDate if he bothers me and I no longer wish to contact him?

Yes, you can block this via the user profile so that contact can no longer be recorded.

Can I change the notifications?

UkraineDate will send you notifications by e-mail upon request. You can coordinate these through the settings.

free functions

Can I send free messages via UkraineDate?

If you write a premium user, you can reply to these messages for free. However, if you want to write a message to a user, this is only possible with a paid membership.

Is the translation function free?

No, translating messages automatically requires you to complete a premium membership. If you do not have them, you can copy the messages and translate them via an online translator.


How can I proceed if I discover a fake user?

Fake users on UkraineDate are very rare. If you find one, however, you can report it to the support via the respective profile. He then takes care of it.


Can I pay for UkraineDate membership monthly?

Depending on the term, the amount will be due in full after booking. It is possible to use the premium services for one month, three or twelve months. Of course, there is nothing in the way of an extension after the elapsed time.

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Updated on Apr 2023
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