Ashley Madison Review: Uncovering the Truth About the Infamous Dating Site

Ashley Madison in the review rip-off or real dates?

Ashley Madison was founded in the USA in 2001 and has been available in Europe since 2010. With more than 55 million users worldwide, Ashley Madison can safely be described as the largest escapade agency in the world, but the activity in Germany is rather low. The old Ashley Madison slogan: “Life is short, give you an affair”, left no questions as to what the portal is all about – today, it is quite unselfishly “live in the moment”

Unlike many other portals in this league, this side-skipping site, however, appears solid and discreet, naked facts are not used here as bait. The website also scores points in mobile usage, thanks to a convenient app that is available on the most common operating systems. Weaknesses and strengths are in balance with Ashley Madison, but thanks to an affair guarantee, there is little risk.

Who is logged in here?

Members UnknownMemberships activity Unknown

  • Around 55 million members worldwide
  • Germany only about members
  • Singles and assigned persons hold the balance
  • Academics and employees available
  • Significantly more men than women

Ashley Madison is well suited to finding an escapade. However, mostly men from the USA or other countries are looking for them, Ashley Madison is not as well known in Germany. There are already more than 55 million people worldwide who are interested in discrete dating. In Germany the statistics are much lower with registrations.

The difference between female and male members is especially striking. While there is almost equilibrium on other portals here, at Madison the proportion of men is almost twice as high as the proportion of women. This of course means that men have to bring a lot of patience if they want to be successful.

Without self-initiative, nothing is possible at Ashleymadison, if you like someone and you want an affair, you have to invest a lot. At dating partners you can find both academics and ordinary workers or housewives and men. Not all members state whether they are single or married, but in the review we have met many people who wanted to dare an escapade from the marriage.

But the operator of Ashley Madison has despite the page size fakes on his side. These are, however, desired fakes that chat with new members in order to persuade them to buy credits. According to the terms and conditions, these cheaters only appear while you are a guest member. As a full member you have contact according to the operator only with real people contact. Nevertheless, you come across via search function on fakes of the site, but can be quickly unmasked.

Such fakes have the sole purpose of stealing the statistics and are not actively looking for men. If you write a fake, you will not receive an answer and you have just misinvested a few credits.

Members activity

The activity leaves partly to be desired with Ashley Madison. While you as a base member still receive numerous contact requests, it is already difficult as a premium member. By no means every recipient answers their mails, men are required a lot of patience if they want to be successful.

Age distribution

  • 18-24
  • 25-34
  • 35-44
  • 45-54
  • 55+

registration process

  • Registration Duration approx. Five minutes
  • No registration via Facebook possible
  • Profiling uncomplicated
  • Photo with masks coverable
  • Small texts for the start page in profile selectable

When registering, it was immediately apparent that Ashley Madison can not register via Facebook. However, this is only slightly annoying because it does not take more than five minutes to register manually with the portal. You will receive a message to the specified e-mail address, the link of which you must confirm. Only then can you design your profile.

Selection of your settings

The most important step in profiling is firstly choosing your settings. A few settings are given, you can individually change everything and then update. The following options are available:

  • Hide profile
  • Show offline
  • show revealing pictures
  • Ashley mobile usage
  • Reload credits automatically
  • VIP messages received automatically
  • automatic key exchange
  • Receive new local messages
  • Show whereabouts in the search

If you are tired of being shown to Ashley Madison’s other members in the search, you can temporarily disable your profile. But watch out: after three months card members will be deleted. So if you want to keep your profile, you should log in again after 90 days. If you just want to prevent other members from seeing you online, you can turn offline mode on and off as often as you like.

In Ashley Madison, revealing images are not automatically retrieved, but only if you specify this in your settings. This is for your protection, because many men and women use dating portals in the office or on the road and do not want to show any bare facts on screen.

Two very important points whose settings you should consider carefully are the points mobile use and automatically recharge credits. The mobile use costs at Ashley Madison 27 € (one time) and will automatically be added to your shopping cart on your first credit purchase. If you do not want to do that, you have to remove the tick directly here. The same applies to the automatic purchase of credits. If you do not want your account to be populated automatically, you will need to select the appropriate settings.

If you choose to automatically receive VIP messages, they will be listed first in the mailbox. If you deactivate this function, you will not receive VIP messages or other members will not be able to send you any. However, automatic key exchange allows you to automatically unlock your encrypted images if another member grants you access.

If you always want to get information directly, if something happens in your area, you should activate the New Local News! And if you want to tell others where you are right now, make decisions in the settings. If a member is looking for you, it already finds out in the search results where you are at the moment.

Create your own profile

To create a true original, you need to spend some time designing your profile. Sadly Ashley Madison has little room for it, the profile design options are not overwhelming. The following areas must be filled in:

  • my intimate passions
  • my perfect match
  • my personal interests

You give your intimate passions with a mouse click. You can choose from all sorts of practices, such as: role playing, one-night stands and aggressiveness. At the end you have a free field in which you can tell with a maximum of 2,000 characters, what you still come to the subject of intimate passions.

The section “my perfect match” offers you some points to choose from, where you can choose from a wide range of topics. “Natural Breasts” is just as much an option as “drinking alcohol now and then”. Again, you have 2,000 characters available to put your wishes into words.

The third point, “my personal interests”, is filled in the same way as points one and two. The specified interest options are not very diverse, so you can tell a little more about yourself in your 2,000-character free text.

Make photos exciting

Ashley Madison is all about discrete contacts, so you have the opportunity to design your photos. You will be provided with different masks to hide your eyes. The system is already known from other portals, such as e.g., but also works well with Ashley Madison. The masks can be adjusted in size, but harmonize only in the overall picture, if you are really seen in the photo from the front.

In addition, you can create secret albums that only selected users can view. To give someone access to the secret album, you have to give a so-called key. You can also specify in your settings that keys are automatically assigned in exchange.


  • Live chats are billed to the second
  • Make friends with Ashley gifts
  • Send Winks is free
  • Answer is unfortunately only slow
  • Messages can be sent by credits
  • Live chat available for direct exchange
  • Send Winks is free

The contact possibilities at Ashley Madison are sufficient, however, the success is often only slowly recognizable. If you have credits, you can send messages to other members. You can read received messages without credits, but you can only answer them for a fee. Even live chats with others are possible, here is the billing also via credits. You have the advantage that Ashleymadison bills the live chats to the second. So you only pay for what you really used.

Especially women are on gifts, this is the case in real life and also with Ashley Madison. So if you want to attract attention, you can earn important points with a gift. The choice is unfortunately limited, a rose, a piece of jewelry or a teddy bear are all that is available to you. Alternatively, you can send a wink, this is free. While you can combine your gift with a private message, the wink is accompanied by a standard saying. Experience has shown that countless winks are sent out during the day, and the chance of inspiring someone is low.

Our conclusion: The response rate to sent messages is quite low. In any case, there are few women from Germany who are looking for an escapade at Ashley Madison. The chance of a positive response and actual contact is therefore not particularly high. It takes a lot of creativity and a nice, first message, so you have chances to talk and maybe more.

Try Ashley Madison for free

profile information

  • Boring presentation of the profiles
  • Little information on most pages
  • Design options too low
  • Many women profiles without a photo
  • The profiles are mediocre in detail
  • The profile can be changed later
  • Profile pictures are not visible to anyone for free

The profiles themselves inspired us little in the test. On the one hand, there are too few design options and, on the other hand, the freelance texts are almost never used. The best-filled profiles are Ashley Madison’s fake profiles.

Basically, the number of male profiles is much higher, but here too, the design leaves something to be desired. Almost no information, only photos are the main aspect of most pages. The female profiles, however, often have no pictures and are simply boring.

Another problem is the loveless presentation by Ashley Madison. Hardly color prints, a dull page display and a boring design present the profiles in a not so pretty light. Even if it depends mainly on the content, it is nicer for many users, if a profile is published stylishly.


  • App is available for IOS and Android
  • Registration via App possible, but not recommended
  • Women use the sex app for free
  • Despite erotic content available in the stores
  • Use of the app only against payment

Ashley Madison has its own app, but only for a fee (for men) is available. Women use the app for free. When you buy credits for the first time, you will automatically receive the mobile usage in your shopping cart. If you opt for it, you can now use all the functions of Ashley Madison via smartphone. The payment is unique, you can then use the app as long as you want.

It’s amazing that Ashley Madison’s app is available in the IOS and Android stores, even though it’s erotic content. Whether that will change someday is questionable. Since Ashley Madison appears discretely and presents no erotic content at the top of the page, no danger to youth is recognizable and the stores allow the publication.

Our conclusion: You can register via Ashley Madison app, but the comfort is not very high and the browser version is recommended. For the use in between, the app is okay, messages can be read and answered and you have the opportunity to edit your profile. Those who travel a lot and prefer to spend their time on their smartphones can safely invest the fee for mobile use. However, if you have the choice between smartphone and PC, you should opt for the desktop version.

field review

Does Ashley Madison really work? We flirted with Ashley Madison for one week. That’s our result:

We had heard a lot from Ashley Madison before we started testing. The world’s largest platform to find discrete infidelities, but it holds in Germany, what it promises? Registration via Facebook is not possible, even a first, small downer, but that did not stop us. The first impression of Ashley Madison is okay, nothing outstanding, but a quick login and an easy to understand portal.

The terms and conditions had potential for some laughs, because the translation into German is sometimes buggy. Otherwise, we could not find anything here, which had really shocked us. Sure, it’s pointed out on fake profiles and it’s clear that it’s obvious that Ashley Madison attracts customers and wants the statistics, but that’s nothing new with dating portals.

After the somewhat boring profile was created quickly, the first disappointment came with the search. Most profiles do not say anything at all, are carelessly created and have at most one, mostly no photo. It took a lot of patience until we discovered really nice profiles. But even then, this is not a contact guarantee, many message recipients just do not answer, the contact is only slowly possible.

Our conclusion: All in all, Ashley Madison is not a hit in the field of escapade dating. Whether this is only the case on the German side or whether Madison brings only small chances abroad, we can not conclude. However, the fact is that the low proportion of women and the generally low number of members does not improve the dating experience.


  • boring, colorless design
  • Management of the profile simple
  • Functions can be used well
  • Emergency button redirects to neutral side
  • Loading times sometimes too long

When it comes to design, Ashley Madison has done no favor, because the entire design looks boring, colorless and not particularly canny. Only the discrete character is recognizable, from a distance no one would notice that you are on an Affiliate Portal.

If there is a risk of discovery, there is an emergency button that redirects you to a neutral page with a mouse click. This is especially useful if you secretly look in the office for an affair and suddenly your boss is behind you.

Although the design does not win a flower pot, Ashley Madison scores points in terms of functionality. The existing functions have no errors, messages are sent immediately and annoying maintenance or page visit problems are rare. From time to time, the page layout takes a little longer than desired, but this is short-lived, then everything works smoothly again.

Ashley Madison has been careful to offer both beginner and profile offerings. Even if you’ve never been on a dating site before and are unfamiliar, the features are learned within 30 minutes and you can focus on the essentials. The profile management is simple, settings can be made with a mouse click and you can revise your profile at any time.

Ashley Madison costs and prices

Free services

    • registration
    • profiling
    • Use of the search function
    • Explore the portal

Try it for free now

Paid services

  • Send messages and read
  • Send gifts (Ashley Gifts)
  • Participation in chat sessions
  • Preferred ad in the search results
  • VIP messages can be sent

Duration / Credits / CoinsCost per monthTotal

Introductory Package
100 credits 0.59 € / Credit 59,00 €
Elite Package
500 credits 0.39 € / Credit 195.00 €
Ultimate Package
1,000 credits 0,29 € / Credit 289,00 €

Is Ashley Madison expensive or cheap?

In the price comparison with other providers Ashley Madison is in the upper midfield. Try it for free now

payment options

  • Credit card
  • debit
  • PayPal
  • paysafecard
  • Sofortuberweisung

Ashley Madison does not have a subscription, but the credits are automatically credited when there are not many left. You can change that in the settings and then load manually each time. On your credit card bill, you can not see what you spent money on. A neutral booking number and a discrete entry text will be provided by Ashley Madison.

From time to time, it may be worthwhile to look for an Ashley Madison Credits coupon. Especially on American coupon sites occasionally codes are presented, which promise up to 20 percent discount on the purchase of credits.


Tips from our editors

Tip 1: The key to happiness: You have a private photo gallery and would like to make another user aware of you? Then send him the key to your pictures and let yourself be surprised how your album affects the other person. Of course you can also request a separate key in exchange.

Tip 2: Quick to wink: You like someone good, but you have just no time to send Muse a message? Then quickly wink at the other person. So you can generate first attention and later score with a message.

Tip 3: Best with words: The best way to communicate is still the message. Choose an interesting form of address and necessarily avoid confessing words: sweets, sugar cuts, sweetheart, etc. Such forms of address are not well received and rapidly reduce the chance of an answer.

Tip # 4: Small gifts make popular: A gift costs a few credits, but there is no more effective way to show real interest. So you do not just send a colorful picture, you should extend your gift with a few personal words.

Tip # 5: The chat for brave: You’re not afraid of a live conversation and your favorite person is currently online? Then send a chat request and come directly into the conversation live. Do you feel the palpitations when you can wait for the answer of your counterpart?

Infidelities as “Traveling Man” search

A special service from Ashley Madison is the search option for men who are on business or leisure travel. The service “Traveling Man” allows you to search for women in foreign countries and cities. You enter the location of your holiday or business trip and Ashley Madison presents you matching matches. You can now send a message to up to 30 women at the same time. For this service you have to pay 29,00 Euro once.

Profile ratings for other users

If you already had contact with a person, you can rate them on their profile. Of course you can also collect reviews that can be viewed by other users. A profile with many, good reviews is considered by many users to be more serious. The following valuation options are available:

  • good at chatting
  • let in fantasies
  • the time is worth it
  • best personally
  • hot thing
  • lustfully
  • is getting better
  • holds promise

Of course, you should not give too much to the received reviews, because not everyone who gives a rating, the other member actually met in person and is judgmental.

An affair guarantee for all

Get the money back if it did not work? That sounds wonderful, which Ashley Madison promises to the buyers of the 1000 Credits package. If you have not found an affair after three months, you will get back the purchase price for your credits. Of course, this is subject to a few conditions that you must meet very carefully:

  • You must have at least one profile picture
  • Every month, at least 18 contacts must receive a VIP message from you
  • You must send at least five gifts each month
  • You have to chat for at least 60 minutes a month

If you meet all these criteria and in fact have not found an affair after three months, you will be reimbursed by Ashley Madison for your invested money.

Our rating

Logon Process: 4.0 / 5
Contact: 4.0 / 5
Profile Information: 3.0 / 5
App: 3.5 / 5
Field experience: 3.0 / 5

Conclusion of our review editor

An acceptable but not mandatory portal – that’s how we would judge Ashley Madison after our test. There are real women and there is also the option of real contacts, but like everywhere else in life, there is a bit of luck on the one hand and a good deal of initiative on the other. The number of Ashley Madison names in Germany is clearly too low to guarantee fast dating success. Try Ashley Madison for free



What is Ashley Madison?

Ashley Madison is the world’s largest portal for looking for infidelities. There is no larger platform, but the range in Germany is still relatively low.

How serious is Ashley Madison?

Dubious behavior Ashley Madison can not be said, but you have to pay attention to a few small tricks, so as not to pay too much unintentionally.

Tip: Disable the automatic Credits-Nachkauffunktion and decide for yourself when you need new credits.

Who signs up with Ashley Madison?

Mainly men who register with the platform, but women also find their way to the Affiliate Portal. From the academic to the housewife everything is there. For women, the proportion of married women with children is quite high.

Is Ashley Madison only side skipper?

Most of Ashley Madison’s members are looking for a discrete affair. For the search for love the portal is absolutely unsuitable.


How can I cancel at Ashley Madison?

If you’re tired of Ashley Madison, you can opt-out of membership by letter or e-mail. Once you have canceled, the automatic credits purchase is stopped. Your account is still available for 90 days in the system. If you want to delete your account, you need to go to your profile settings and manually select the deletion of your data and account here.


Are there many fakes at Ashley Madison?

Unfortunately, Ashley Madison sends some fakes into the race to raise the statistics of the female members. Positive: There is no contact on the part of the fake profiles, once you have bought credits.

What was the Ashley Madison Hack?

A gigantic wave of outrage spread when hackers Ashley Madison cracked and looted and published millions of packets of data. First in the dark network, later by tweet and other communication options in the normal Internet. The data of people willing to leave, along with credit card details and sexual preferences were no longer a secret and in many a marriage there were problems. Since then, however, Ashley Madison has greatly improved and 2016 was a reorganization, including image change.

Free services

Where can I get an Ashley Madison coupon?

With the help of the search engines on the Internet and portals like you can catch a current Ashley Madison coupon with a little luck and save money on the next credit purchase.

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