UkrainianCharm Review – An In-depth Analysis of Ukrainian Dating Site

Unlike any other organism on planet Earth, humans are extremely elaborate creatures that have a very specific system of needs and wants for them to fulfill in order to be happy. The basics are, of course, food and shelter, and safety, the absence of which will make any individual dissatisfied with their life. However, as those get covered, people only advance further with their wishes. According to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, the Love and Belonging band and is one of the fundamental needs that constitute the basis of any human’s well-being and consists of friendship, intimacy, family, and sense of connection. Without those people rarely feel content, and find themselves trapped in a constant chase after various social contacts and general acceptance.

Online Dating

It comes easier to some than it does to others, yet at some point, absolutely everyone realizes they would like to settle down and finally connect with somebody special, a true soulmate whom would later turn into their long term significant other. However, this is exactly where a problem may arise.

Nowadays a lot of people are unaccustomed to meeting potential dates in real life due to a variety of reasons. Either because they just simply do not know how to approach others on the streets, or because they do not wish to waste time getting to know people they are incompatible with. Indeed, it is really important to build a relationship with a person who is compatible with you on all the different levels. You and your partner have to click both intellectually and spiritually. Unfortunately, it is not that easy to straightaway see whether a person fits you well or not.

This is exactly where online dating comes in handy! With the great variety of online dating sites, singles are now exposed to an endless number of opportunities. Nowadays, people are no longer limited to such meaningless factors as age or distance when looking for their perfect match. Moreover, they can even play on their preferences and look for someone specific, for example, a person of a specific descend.

Slavic Women Dating

Women from Eastern Europe — Ukrainian and Russian ladies in particular — are considered to be one of the most beautiful, charming, and educated in the world, so no wonder pretty much every man would be happy to meet a Ukrainian girl to make her his girlfriend. However, for many lads, it is rather difficult to execute: not every man has a chance to travel all the way to Ukraine or Russia to see all the pretty women there with their own eyes. But it is not necessary anymore! In the modern world, men can just visit UkrainianCharm to find themselves an Eastern European date.

About UkrainianCharm

UkrainianCharm is a relatively young online dating platform that allows western men to communicate with Ukrainian women. Despite having been created only in a recent couple of years, it is already massively popular among the men from all around the world since it has one of the largest collection of Ukrainian women in its database. The reason for this is that Ukraine naturally has a misbalance in the ratio of males to females, with there being more women than men in the country. This makes Ukrainian ladies go online to create an account on UkrainianCharm and link up with foreigners. Men who are looking for Ukrainian matches should pick up this website as one of the perfect places for finding a date. And this is proven by the statistics of the website: UkrainianCharm has created a lot of active connections between men and women.

Easy to Use

One of the main advantages of UkrainianCharm is how accessible it is and how effortless it is to navigate. The elegant design of the website is pleasing to the eye and does not have any distracting objects that could spoil the user experience.

Moreover, there are also some features that simplify the process of communicating with Ukrainian ladies on the website. For instance, you may never have a single message request or reply unnoticed with the enabled by default notifications. There are notifications about everything, from “You have got a message” to “One added your profile to Favorites”. So, you will see these notifications immediately after the registration, if you get some attention on the site towards you. Apart from that, the website interface allows you to sort your messages into different folders automatically, so if you ever feel like you do not need any assistance with keeping track of your feedback, you can disable the notifications on your personal page, in the “Settings” section.

For those users who would not categorize themselves as particularly talkative, the website also provides an option to can send winks or likes to the person you would like to talk with.

Other interesting features include message translation upon request (while many Ukrainian women have good English, in some cases, it may be better to pay for the translation services from the website assistance team) and the game ‘Faces’. This game represents Tinder-like carousel, where you may give likes to the people you see.


Signing up to Ukrainian Charm is free of charge and can be completed in under 10 minutes. To get started you shall simply fill out a standard registration form, where you have to mention:

  • Your name and surname;
  • Your location;
  • Date of birth;
  • Gender and the gender of your perfect match;
  • A unique password.

After that, you will be forwarded to the profile set-up. You have an option to do it straight away, skip this step entirely or return to completing it later. However, leaving it out is not recommended as it would significantly reduce the chances of getting matches. You need to specify this kind of details:

  • Your own preferences;
  • Your habits;
  • Appearance (hair and eyes color, height, weight);
  • The appearance and preferences of your perfect date.

Search and Profile Quality

The Search tool on Ukrainian Charm is very advanced and allows you to customize your search by narrowing down the matches in accordance with the following criteria:

  • Age;
  • Country;
  • City;
  • Height;
  • Weight;
  • Children;
  • Bad habits;
  • English level.

However, this will still result in an abundance of profiles as there are over 400,000 people registered on the website. To find out more about your potential matches, you may click on their profile and learn more information in the description. Reading such information can help you understand whether you are matching or not. Notably, such information is free – you do not need to pay any additional value.

Most of the pictures are high quality, however, it is not obligatory — your profile pic may be taken even with a web camera.


The only free features provided by UkrainianCharm are:

  • Registration;
  • Uploading photos – main and additional ones;
  • Browsing the profiles.

All the other actions can be purchased with credits, which do not have monetary value and only work on the website. The first 20 credits are gifted to the new users in order for them to try out some of the features. However, the subsequent credits can be bought for the following prices:

  • 50 credits for $ 28.99 or discount price of $ 19.99 (this can only be purchased 3 times)
  • 125 credits for $ 64.99 or discount price of $ 49.99
  • 250 credits for $ 99.99 or discount price of $ 69.99
  • 750 credits for $ 214.99 or discount price of $ 149.99

Pros and Cons

Just like any other online dating website, Ukrainian Charm has its strengths and weaknesses.


  • There is an additional feature of sending flowers to your potential partners. You can purchase a bouquet, and the delivery service will bring it to your match!
  • A detailed statistic about the profile interactions is available to all users for free.
  • A mobile version of the site that allows using all the features of the online dating website on your mobile device.


  • All features except registration and looking through girls’ profiles are fee-based.
  • You can only purchase a pre-set amount of credits.
  • Confusing refund policy.


To sum all the points mentioned above up, Ukrainian Charm is a very modern and reliable online dating platform that has a lot of fun and cool features such as the ‘Faces’ game and flowers delivery that other online dating websites do not offer. This makes Ukrainian Charm stand out among the other similar platforms. Moreover, it is ideal for the men looking to meet a Ukrainian or Russian woman as these are the main nationalities of the female profiles registered on the website. So, definitely great for you if you crave an Eastern European beauty!

Updated on Apr 2023
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