In-Depth AsianMelodies Review: Find Your Perfect Match Online

The advent of the internet has brought about a revolution that has swept the world at the speed of light. Not only has it opened the door to a plethora of other technological breakthroughs, but it has also paved the way for better communication and interpersonal relationships. The world has fast become a global village. So you can search for a soulmate from the confines of your room in just a few clicks, even if the said “Soulmate” is eons away. Thanks to dating sites that connect partners seeking love, finding your perfect match has never been easier. That is, once you can get through the initial hassle of checking out your “compatibility bucket-list.” With, that task is fulfilled within seconds.

About AsianMelodies is a dating website where mature single men and women searching for genuine love can easily find their other half in an atmosphere of trust. The site is available in more than thirty countries. This remains its ultimate goal for the past several years. No matter what your language, culture or sexual orientation are, Asianmelodies has got you covered with an extensive database of active users. There are thousands of singles, with similar views and interests who believe in love across cultures.

This is a platform that fosters online romantic relationships between compatible pairs. The site boasts lots of happy and successful online connections that have been established on the platform. If you are hoping to be the next in line for marital bliss, is not intended for that purpose. Still, some people are lucky to find love partners online and make it real life story, so you can try to do so.

Easy to Use boasts an incredible user interface which is easy to navigate. It provides a detailed structure of all your possible requirements on the home screen from which you can access all other desired information just by clicking on the required field.

Also, the colourful web design makes the site a joy to surf through with ease as the different shades of purple give a playful hint while sectioning the page into more understandable portions that look less bulky to read through and locate. A quick run of the website shows the highlight of services provided, written in coloured rectangles, and scrolling further down; you can see a short description of the site, followed by the different secure payment options available to users including MasterCard, Norton, Pci and other valid methods.

Also available on the homepage are the information and regulation tabs including links to the terms of use, privacy policy, cookie policy, report abuse, disclaimers and contact information. Despite the high-quality graphics, the transition between pages is swift and loads easily without glitches. An enjoyable website surfing experience is guaranteed with


On the top right corner of the homepage is a login section. That’s where users should input their login details to access the dating platform. This section also has a sign-up option for prospective users to join the fast growing community for free. All that is required is to fill the form providing details like your name, date of birth, email address, a password and most importantly, your relationship option.

Not to worry, all these details take less than a minute to fill. It would not require any significant typing from you, other than clicking the right options, and of course, agreeing to the terms of use and privacy policy. Plus you get a welcome package of 20 credits for free after sign up. Worth the effort.

Once signed in, you can access other details and get to fill a short and precise questionnaire. You will need to specify the qualities you are looking for in a prospective date. You will also need to mention additional information about yourself. This helps AsianMelodies find your perfect match in no time.

Search and Profile Quality

The website provides a medium that allows easy search for a perfect match with just a few clicks. This is made possible by the matching algorithm. It brings up all members of the dating community that meets the stated criteria for your desired soulmate. You can also view the profiles of each of the prospects that came up in your matches after the search. Afterward, you can narrow down the list till you find your one and only. Be rest assured that the matches are of a very high standard and profile quality. Also, you can be sure that most profiles displayed represent a real person.

This is one dating platform that has zero tolerance for spam. As backing it up is an elite team that works relentlessly to ensure enjoyable client experience and maximum satisfaction in a journey to find love. No matter what you are searching for a casual relationship or be it a wife, husband, do so with ease and confidence because only quality matches can be expected.

Cost has several free interesting features such as the log in/sign up feature, enjoying the full lecture on dating tips, making love matches, viewing, filling and editing profiles, to mention a few. But when it comes to more direct interaction with other users, charges apply in terms of credits. It is the acceptable prize unit on the website. These credits are very affordable. They are available on the purchase option of the user menu and are easily paid for using a credit card. A package of 20 credits can be purchased for as low as $9.99. Some of the actions that require credits include, chatting, viewing of videos on the site, meeting dates, etc.

50 credits for $ 28.99 or discount price of $ 19.99 (this can only be purchased 3 times)
125 credits for $ 64.99 or discount price of $ 49.99
250 credits for $ 99.99 or discount price of $ 69.99
750 credits for $ 214.99 or discount price of $ 149.99

Pros of AsianMelodies

Like every other thing, one could think of, this trustworthy and reliable website also has its ups and downs. But the congeniality of its pros makes the cons easily dismissible.

Easy to Use

The site has a user-friendly interface that does not require an expert to navigate. Moreover, there’s a feature for automatic renewal of credits when exhausted. It ensures that users never experience any unexpected disruption of ongoing tasks.

Advanced Search

Time is well conserved through the matching algorithm that enables you to find a soulmate with the desired qualities in just a few clicks, within seconds.

Extensive Database

The large profile database avails you more opportunities of finding a future partner among the hundreds of users that suit your match. With users from over thirty countries, AsianMelodies bridges the distance and unites them under a single platform that fosters successful long-distance relationships.

Fraud Protection

Due to the enforced strict anti-spam policies, the website tries to make users be less likely to fall in the hands of internet fraudsters.

24/7 Customer Support

The website has a reliable customer support team that is always on hand to answer any questions and attend to complaints without delay.

Cons of AsianMelodies

Minor Navigation Issue

One major challenge faced by users of the site, especially smartphone users, is the inability to return to the homepage after login. There is a noticeable absence of a tab or menu that redirects one to the home screen. Unfortunately, this makes the website appear unstable. Users can get easily discouraged after several futile attempts to refer back to a previous page, but keep getting back to the last accessed page even after reloading the website.


The price restrictions on the basic features stand as a hindrance for users who can not afford to purchase credits.

Conclusion is a must-use for everyone looking to find love online through dating websites. The credibility of this dating website is unmatched and keeps getting better with years of experience. It is still possible to find a genuine connection with someone online, it is not rocket science, but an honest resolve to make it work and Asianmelodies is here to guide you all the way.

Updated on Apr 2023
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