ElitePartner Review: Is This the Right Dating Site for You?

Last updated: May 2019

Our review

From the creators of Parship and ElitePartner stands since June 2017, a new star in the sky of online dating agencies: LemonSwan. “What women want” is the motto. Because at Lemonswan women should feel comfortable without being harassed or spammed. This is ensured by “bouncers” who check newly created profiles for authenticity and serious intentions.

The portal is being developed in Vietnam, but is under German management in the Hamburg office. Do not worry – all data is stored on German servers!

The unusual name LemonSwan is memorable and cleverly chosen. Swans are monogamous animals that are also known for their extraordinary beauty. Above all attractive and successful singles who want to have a serious relationship should get together on the portal. The basic color of the portal is an appealing lime green, which sets LemonSwan clearly apart from the market leaders Parship (red) and ElitePartner (blue).

Who is logged in here?

Members 400,000 from Germany Members activity 60,000 weekly active Gender distribution 56% 44%

  • 72% academics
  • attractive members
  • balanced gender ratio
  • Singles on serious dating
  • The number of members is rising steadily

LemonSwan lives up to its promise. Due to the personal examination of all profiles, only the singles who really correspond to the principle of the dating agency get through. This pre-exam saves the tested members time, nerves and minimizes the risk of disappointment from the outset. It is set to an elite and demanding circle of singles, according to the website 70% of the members are considered attractive and 72% have a university education.

registration process

  • Psychological personality test
  • Duration approx. 18 minutes
  • Also interesting for the personal assessment

After logging in via email, Facebook or a Google Account, the psychological review that will make matching easier starts immediately. Here are the classic 5 points of the 5-factor personality model questioned, which also uses Parship and ElitePartner for matching:

  • openness
  • responsibility
  • extraversion
  • compatibility
  • emotionality

It is pointed out in advance: For this review you should allow yourself time and rest. Because there are some questions, and to answer them honestly is the top priority. After all, it’s about finding the ideal partner and it should fit your own personality and not a fictitious one.

The questions

  • “To what extent do the following statements apply to you?” For example: I am inventive and resourceful; Material ownership does not make you happy
  • “Which of the following topics are you interested in?” for example: medical questions; Living and furnishing; celebrities
  • “On how many days in the last week did you do the following activities?” For example: met with friends; Radio belongs
  • “What is especially important to you when it comes to living and furnishing?” For example: I love to decorate my apartment

As an answer you choose a point between for example “meets” – “does not apply” or “not at all” – “daily”, etc.

Furthermore, one still answers a few questions about your own leisure time, lifestyle and future vision in order to convey the best possible overall picture to the other singles. Information on education and income can also be provided – but these are not an exclusion criterion, as is the case with elite partners.

The result

Then you get immediately visible the personal result of the personality analysis. To each of the “Big 5” you get a short text about your own personality and the partnership personality – so how pronounced is the characteristic in one, how it defines itself and how the ideal partner should be, so that one fits each other.


  • Matching via personality review and further information
  • Exclusively personal messages
  • Photo release
  • Everyone can write to everyone

Partner Suggestions will introduce you to your ideal partners in order of matching points. The radius can be narrowed down under search settings again, which is especially important if you have someone of your age or, for example, only non smokers looking for.

Now just look at the profiles and those who write to you! You can not do much wrong here 🙂 In the ideal case of course always be open, honest and friendly.

Try LemonSwan for free

profile information

  • You can upload multiple pictures
  • Free text and info questions
  • Direct matching result visible
  • The profiles are detailed

At a glance, everything important can be learned about the opposite single: size, age, job, smoking habits, hobbies and the matching result – also in terms of your interests. The latter shows in which points you agree how well and where you could rub against. Compared to dating sites, you can quickly and easily recognize on Lemonswan’s profile if you are interested in the other person and would like to get to know them.

Under the Matching tab, this is shown in more detail in graphics.

Through the detailed review you can not find a profile from which you can not extract enough information. However, there are differences in the use of the free text. These can be completely individualized, which some members use more than others. Besides this, one can also answer questions, e.g. how the perfect day could look like You should use at least one of the options, ideally both! This is your chance to stand out and highlight your individual peculiarities. So, your potential dream partner can better judge you and write a convincing first message that is specific to you and your preferences.

field review

In the review we have no fakes but on the contrary only interested and sophisticated singles noticed. Both men and women are seriously looking for a partner and want to get to know someone, with whom they can not only be superficially clear, but also be happy. Especially women can feel very comfortable on LemonSwan, because honesty and “clean” communication are very important.

The lime green design deliberately sets itself apart from the market leaders in red and blue. The entire site is kept simple and uncluttered, no unnecessary functions or advertising disturbing.

LemonSwan costs and prices

Free services

    • registration
    • Answering the personality review questions
    • Shipping of smiles and likes
    • View profiles
    • View visitor list
    • Members check for seriousness

Try it for free now

Paid services

  • Unlimited message delivery
  • All shared photos available

Duration / Credits / CoinsCost per monthTotal

Premium Basis? Lower functionality at Premium Basis
6 months 59.90 € / month 359.40 €
Premium Smart
12 months 49.90 € / month 598,80 €
Premium Comfort
24 Months € 32.90 / month € 789.60

payment options

  • Credit card
  • debit

For students, single parents and trainees, the dating service is free. Proof must be provided, but this fair treatment of financially disadvantaged people is a big plus. This reduction in price is not associated with a quality discount: You get the full scope of services.


At the bottom of the site you can find various blog entries that give tips on online dating and also specifically LemonSwan. Especially the sections “New at LemonSwan” or “Search Settings” are great, even if you’re new to the world of online dating. Here are some basic tips to make finding a partner easier.

Our rating

Logon Process: 4,5 / 5
Contact: 4.0 / 5
Profile Information: 3.0 / 5
Field experience: 4.0 / 5

Conclusion of our review editor

LemonSwan is a visual refreshment and we’re sure to catch up with Parship and ElitePartner soon! Try LemonSwan for free



Who founded Lemonswan?

Arne Kahlke has nearly 20 years of online dating experience. After all, he was CEO of Parship and founder of ElitePartner, and has so far brought together half a million couples. Ascending trend.

Online dating expert Chris Pleines met ArneKahlke for a chat. “We consciously focus on the woman. Our safety standards ensure that she can flirt with good feelings and fall in love – in real men, not fakes or bots, “says Arne Kahlke in an interview.

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