Lebensfreude50 Review: Discover the Ultimate Senior Dating Platform

Our zest for life50 review The Dating for Travelers over 50

With around 120,000 members, Lebensfreude50 may not be one of the biggest portals, but for seniors, this is the perfect place to meet if they want to experience their second spring. Although portals such as Parship or Lovescout24 also offer their services to seniors, on a specific website, the Generation 50 Plus has a much better chance of success. In addition to the online platform, Lebensfreude offers 50 trips aimed specifically at singles, with the option of perfect happiness on vacation. Since the single vacation on this portal is staggered by age, you can be sure to travel with people from your age group.

Who is logged in here?

Members 120,000 from Germany Members activity 100 daily loginsGreak distribution 48% 52%

  • Men and women balanced
  • Academics and workers hold the balance
  • Age range between 40 and 55
  • many non-smokers in the portal
  • Members over 60 predominantly female

The proportion of men and women is balanced when Lebensfreude50. With about 48 percent, the proportion of women is pleasant and there is almost always a conversation partner of the opposite sex. Although the search for same-sex partners is possible, more than 95 percent of all registered users are looking for a partner of the opposite sex.

The Lebensfreude50 Dating is mainly used by people between 40 and 55, members over 60 make up about 10 percent of the total. The older the members, the higher the rate of female users. The offered single tours are also available for younger age groups, very often trips are offered for 29 – 40 year olds.

It is noticeable that many non-smokers are on the way to being alive. This is quickly recognizable because the smoking habits are displayed on the profile by means of a symbol. Almost all non-smokers also state that they have problems with smoking partners. Bad cards for the smoker, if they do not hold their own.

Academics and workers are in balance, there are also some retirees in the system. The level is lifted overall, the tone in the chat and in the forum is pleasant, disputes are rare and in an appropriate form. Nice is that really serious interests are behind the Dating and only a few singles just flirt for fun. Whether on a single vacation or in chat, our joie de vivre50.de experience has shown that a serious relationship is the interest of most users.

Members activity:

The activity of the members is mediocre, of the approximately 120,000 members there are several hundred online every day. The activity is most active in the forum, where topics from all possible areas are discussed.

In the chat, it is usually a bit boring during the day, but nice conversations come about in the evenings. Whether on the current television program, on other dating portals such as Lablue or on the next single trips, the variety of conversations in the chat is great.

With sympathy, a chat invitation can be sent to nice people, so that the talks are continued outside the public.

registration process

  • Registration period five minutes
  • Profiling pleasant and comfortable
  • Photo upload will be checked first
  • good possibilities of personal presentation
  • Confirmation email can end up in the spam folder

Confirmation of registration

With a duration of about five minutes, the registration is done quickly. Unfortunately, there is no way to simply link the platform to Facebook, so it is necessary to log in manually by e-mail. You do not have to enter any personal details, your birthday and place of residence are sufficient to create your own account.

Your registration is completed only when you have clicked on the link in the confirmation email. With us the confirmation landed in the spam folder (Gmail), so if you do not get any mail, take a look there.

Completion of the profile

You can edit your profile with your settings and thus create a comprehensive overview of your person. Your profile can be divided into three categories, but you always make changes on the same page.

The upper section consists of profile information about yourself. Here is your birthday queried, your gender and you specify the sex you are looking for. Your birthday will not appear publicly in profile, but as an age.

The two most important areas in which you can formulate a free text are your motto and “about me”. While the motto may ideally consist of a sentence, you can give free rein to your creativity in the “About Me” section. This is important because the other points in the profile at Lebensfreude50 do not leave too much room for maneuver.

The rest of the profile is for the description of your person. All questions can be answered via the menu, personal words you can not insert here. Here are some sample questions that you can answer:

  • my religion
  • marital status
  • figure
  • Hair and eye color
  • dress style
  • and much more.

Whether you are a smoker or not is of high importance, as a smoker or non-smoker icon will be displayed next to your username for profile visitors.

To complete your profile, you need to upload a photo. This is first manually checked by the support and usually unlocked within 24 hours. Please note: Before the profile photo has not been activated, you can not use the chat or the forum. You will be notified when joining the chat that you will not be allowed to enter without a photo.


  • Two instant contact options
  • Many conversation options in the chat
  • High level discussions with potential for acquaintance
  • Message function for contacting
  • Get acquainted with single travels
  • Writing messages is free for all members
  • Live chat available for direct exchange
  • “Get to know me” and “greetings” as instant contact functions.

Classic contact via message

Contacting Lebensfreude50 is multifaceted, but it takes a little initiative on the part of the male in particular. The classic is the contact by message. If you visit a profile, you can directly click on the corresponding button and it opens the message window. If you know the name of the person you want to interact with, you can also write a message directly from your profile and manually specify the recipient.

Non-binding acquaintance in the chat

However, most of the existing contacts are created through the chat. Here, especially in the evening, many men and women meet to talk about all sorts of topics. Quickly develop interesting conversations, which can then be continued in private chat or by message. As a freshman, it’s a little hard to chat because most chatters already know each other and ignore you first. But with a little patience and always suitable contributions to the topic, one is finally admitted to the Chattergemeinde.

The forum as a base for nice talks

If you like to talk at a high level and want to get to know people from all over Germany, the forum is a recommendation. Whether erotic, esoteric or dating in general, fun topics, television programs or animals, the diversity of topics in the forum is hardly a limit. You can also use the forum as a basic member, but a photo is the basic requirement. You either have the opportunity to comment on existing topics and to get involved in discussions or you can open your own topic. Experience has shown that most members respond quickly and an interesting topic quickly develops into a lively discussion.

Single vacation for lasting contacts

If you want more than just an online membership, you can establish lasting friendships and contacts within the offered single journey. Single trips are always offered for a specific age group. Whether there are still seats available, you can see in the overview. The organizers determine in advance how many participants must be present at least for the trip to actually take place. The ZDF has already accompanied two joie de vivre 50 single travels and shown that this is a holiday for sophisticated people in an upper age.

Other contact options

If you visit a foreign profile you will find the buttons “know now” and “greetings”. These are instant contact functions. If you click on these buttons, a predefined text will be sent. We advise against this possibility of contact, as it is used too often. Women in particular receive such impersonal messages several times a day and have little desire to respond. It always gets better when you write a personal message.

profile information

  • many, well-filled profiles
  • almost all profiles with photos
  • Free text not always filled
  • good overview and quick recognition
  • Women’s profiles statistically more extensive
  • The profiles are very detailed
  • The profile can be changed later
  • Profile pictures are not visible to anyone for free
  • About me, profile picture

If you use Joie de Vivre50 online, you’ll soon find that the quality of the profiles is above average. Since there are no classic dating ads, most members use the About Me section to clearly define their search preferences.

Thanks to a clever trick of the site operator, there are hardly any profiles without photos. Anyone wishing to participate in chat, forum and group activities, such as the regional groups, must have a photo in their profile, otherwise they will be denied access. Minus point: Each user can only upload a single photo, unfortunately there are no galleries that invite to rummage.

After our zest for life50 experiences female profiles are statistically better filled than male. Many women go to great lengths to create free text, while men sometimes settle for two or three words. In the overall average, however, about 80 percent of all profiles are well and extensively designed.

As a profile visitor you will find the most important information at a glance. The profile photo can be enlarged with a mouse click, next to the picture you will find the most important information about the person. The personal description, interests and the life motto can be found below the picture.

Our conclusion: All Lebensfreude50 members, with whom we had contact, had high-quality and exactly filled profiles and were polite and it was high-class discussions.


Unfortunately, Lebensfreude50 does not provide an app, so that at most the login via the smartphone browser is possible. However, since the page layout here is much too small and the comfort is lost, we recommend this possibility only in an emergency to use. Whether there will be an app is questionable, since many seniors appreciate the conventional use over the Internet and do not even have a smartphone.

field review

We flirted with zest for life50 for 1 week during our test. That’s our result:

The review of Lebensfreude50 was exciting and varied. Our overall ranking is very good, the age of the users is often below 50, there are many 40+ people in the system.

We were thrilled by the high level of what the members deal with each other. Whether in the chat or in the forum, conversations always take place on a polite level and yet humor and fun are not too short. In the test, we have not met a single fake, even scam or other promotional emails did not land in our mailbox.

The Plus membership turned out to be a very cheap and worthwhile investment without a fixed contract period. The zest for life50 costs are so low that the price-performance ratio is above average. It is always recommended to have a longer membership period, as the price will fall once again.

The forum of the site was the most fun, because there is always something going on here. Even if you do not write your own contributions, you have thousands of postings available for reading. Whether joke corner or discussions, reading can hardly be more exciting. Additional delicacies: Through personal statements in forums you can often assess your fellow human beings very well.

Our tips

  • Tip 1 Show your chocolate side! Without profile picture goes with any dating site something, that also applies to zest for life50. When you upload a sympathetic and candid profile photo, you will quickly arouse the curiosity of your profile visitors.
  • Tip 2 Choose a suitable name! “Superstecher69, Kleinemaus71 etc.” Such and similar names can be read at single exchanges to Hauf. But here the mass has no class, because such names are meaningless and interchangeable. If you want to arouse interest, choose a name that reflects you, stands out from the crowd and may even raise questions.
  • Tip 3 Wake an interested mood! It’s not so easy to write about yourself, but this category in the profile is important because you can spark interest in others. If you do not know anything about yourself, describe a fantasy! Tell me how you imagine the perfect date or what you should never miss on the breakfast table.
  • Tip 4 Find common interests! When getting to know sometimes missing the right hanger for conversation. Common interests are very important here, because that is easy to talk about. So that your counterpart has a starting point and knows what you like, you should give your interests calmly extensively.
  • Tip 5 A sentence, a statement! Everyone has a life motto, what’s yours? A motto is only one sentence, but from this one sentence can read a lot. In any case, do not leave out the motto in your profile, because when else do you have the opportunity, in a few words, to have a look at your character?

Design and operation

At first glance Lebensfreude50 looks a bit boring, the color scheme is too dull and there are few, visual highlights. The platform can score but then with the clear page layout and the ease of use. Already at the registration shows the quality. The registration takes place piece by piece, there is always important information on what happens next and even an absolute layman brings the registration in five minutes behind.

Even in the login area, there are no difficulties with the operation. At the top is the navigation bar, which leads to all important areas. From the start page, to the partner search, to your own page and to the forum and chat, all functions can be called up with one click. Very pleasant is the font size, even with a slight visual impairment, everything can be easily recognized.

Large FAQ section helps with all questions

The portal can earn extra points with its very extensive and easy-to-understand FAQ section. All relevant questions are neatly sorted into rubrics, which we really like. A drawback, however, is the quite long processing time when uploading a photo. 24 hours and more pass on the weekends until you have the opportunity to use your profile. Customers without a photo do not have the chance to chat, nor can the forum be used.

Joy of life50 costs and prices

Free services

  • Registration and profiling
  • Photo upload with review
  • Search function and display of the results
  • Profile visits and virtual greetings
  • Use of forum and open chat
  • Answer messages from plus members n

Paid services

  • Send messages to base members
  • Receive messages from base members n
  • no advertisements on the website
  • improved placement in search results

Duration / Credits / CoinsCost per monthTotal

Plus membership? At Lebensfreude50 you do not subscribe, you have to renew your membership after the term.
1 month 19,90 € / month 19,90 €
3 months 13,30 € / month 39,90 €
6 months 10,90 € / month € 65.40
12 months 8,90 € / month 106,80 €

Is zest for life50 expensive or cheap?

In the price comparison with other providers Lebensfreude50 is in the reasonable range.

payment options

  • transfer
  • PayPal
  • Sofortuberweisung

Discretion of payment

  • To be paid by bank transfer or Paypal, these payment methods are completely anonymous.
  • The choice of payment methods is very low at Lebensfreude50. Neither credit card, nor direct debit from the bank account are offered. The operators thus protect themselves from disruptive chargebacks, which would be associated with costs for both sides.
  • You can pay by bank transfer or Paypal. These methods have the advantage that they are completely anonymous. You can make your deposit or transfer through your account or through the bank counter. When paying via Paypal you can either use your paypal account or have it debited from your account or credit card.
  • If you choose the Lebensfreude50 Plus membership, you will not be subscribed. You select a term and have to renew the membership by yourself. The longer the term chosen by you, the cheaper the monthly amount. For the one-month membership, for example, you pay 19.90 euros per month. If you decide immediately for a 12-month package, the monthly amount is 8.90 euros


The forum

A busy and very popular area is the Lebensfreude50 forum. You will find conversation corners on relevant political topics here as well as round-table discussions about dating and erotica. There is also a Help section where users help other users if they have a question. The forum is moderated, if an inappropriate post is found, it is quickly removed and the level remains high.

The chat

The chat is especially in the evening something going on, the members want to relax from everyday life. In-depth, personal conversations usually do not take place in the chat, a private chat is available for this purpose. Funny chatter, humor, talking about the current TV program or topics from all over the world are the order of the day here and make sure that it does not get boring. Especially on the weekends the time passes in the chat in no time and it often results in one or the other more intensive contact.

The single-traveler program

An important part of Lebensfreude50 are the single journeys, where you can meet nice people from Germany. Single trips take place in groups and there are offers all year round that you can join. Whether classic holiday destinations such as Mallorca or extravagant travel destinations such as Australia and Africa, there is something for every taste. But beware: Sometimes you have to be quick, because during the peak travel times many travel dates are very fast.

The regiogruppen

In the regio groups you can search specifically for connection in your region. The groups are created and operated by users or moderators. There are many round tables here, sorted by postcodes, which also set up real meetings. Excessive activity does not prevail in the regional groups, however, the last meetings are partly over a year ago, even the talks are slow.

Our rating

Logon Process: 3.5 / 5
Contact: 3.5 / 5
Profile Information: 3.5 / 5
Field experience: 3.5 / 5

Conclusion of our review editor

Entertaining, neat and interesting – that’s how Lebensfreude50 can be described in three key points. Just because the year of birth is already 50 years or older, you do not belong to the old iron. This is shown by the members of Lebensfreude 50 every day and those who do not feel like loneliness are in good hands here.



What is joy of life50?

Lebensfreude50 is a portal for people of advanced age who enjoy communicating with other people. Most members are looking for Lebensfreude50 the partner for the evening of life.

How easy is it for Lebensfreude50 to meet someone?

How quickly you get to know each other at Lebensfreude50 depends on your activity. If you regularly participate in the chat and visit the forum, you will soon have nice contacts and maybe more will come of it.


Is zest for life50 easy to use?

The usability of Lebensfreude50 is presentable, here are also beginners handle very well. The most important functions are also explained in an extensive FAQ section.

What are Lebensfreude50 single travels?

Lebensfreude50 offers its members the opportunity to get to know nice people and perhaps great love in organized single journeys. These are holiday trips that take place in groups. These groups are made up of members of Joie de Vivre50.

How do I upload a photo?

About your profile you have the opportunity to upload a photo. If you can not cope or get the message that your profile picture is inappropriate size, you can get support for help. Just send your photo to the e-mail address of the support and this will add the picture to your profile.


Is there 50 fakes in Lebensfreude?

Every new profile will be checked carefully by the operators of Lebensfreude50. Also, the photo upload is only performed when the photo was inspected. In this way, the fake numbers are kept extremely low. In the review we did not hit a fake.

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Updated on Apr 2023
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