PinkCupid Review: A Comprehensive Guide to the Lesbian Dating Site

Our review

800,000 users expect you on the dating site PinkCupid. This speaks for a large selection of women you can meet and date. But are there really enough users online here? What about the authenticity of the members? PinkCupid offers you as a non-paying user a wide range of features that you can use. But can you also communicate for free? We tested PinkCupid extensively for you. In our review you will learn all about the lesbian dating platform and answers to all your questions. Find out if PinkCupid is the right dating site to meet women.

Who is logged in here?

Members 30,000 from Germany Membership activities 1,600 daily loginsGender distribution 100% 0%

  • PinkCupid is a pure women’s side
  • At any time of day, up to 200 users are online
  • Due to strict controls, very few fake users are active
  • Daily 1600 logins
  • Most users reveal a lot of information in their profile

The platform PinkCupid is a site for lesbian women, so of course there are no men here. The number of users who are currently online is a maximum of 200. You can see the current online status in the search results. Women of all ages use PinkCupid to look for great love. A very positive point is that you hardly find fake users here, because the support controls the profiles very strictly and they are deleted as soon as a fake is suspected. The majority of users have, as prescribed by PinkCupid, several profile pictures. These must comply with the guidelines and are also checked by the support before publication. The profiles are mostly filled out by most users. So you can get a very good picture of each member and decide if the other woman suits you or not.

registration process

  • Registration very fast possible
  • You can choose between signing up via e-mail or Facebook
  • Only a few personal details are needed
  • Photos and profile information can be filled out later
  • After logging in, you will see direct users who might suit you

The registration on the platform already done after two to three minutes. Here you have the opportunity to sign up via e-mail or Facebook. If you opt for the Facebook version, the e-mail address, birthday, place of residence and photos are taken over. PinkCupid never posts on your whiteboard. A verification of the e-mail address is in no case necessary. After logging in, you can directly see other users who are proposed to you. You do not have to fill in the profile directly. However, it is advisable that you do this as quickly as possible, otherwise there is a risk that your profile will be deleted by the support. If you do not have time, you can prevent this by submitting a badge. Thus, your identity is confirmed and you can complete your profile completely relaxed, if you have time for it.


  • Use CupidTags to discover users with the same interests
  • Likes allow you to express your interest free of charge
  • Messages can only be read if they come from premium users or if you yourself are a premium user
  • Through detailed search filters you can find women who fit your ideas
  • If you do not want to have a user contact you can block it

Do you have a free membership, you can express your interest in Likes. This is free for all members. To send messages you need a premium membership. Only then can the other user read and answer your message. If you would like to find users who suit you and share the same interests, you can specify CupidTags in your profile and then use them to search for other users with the same tags. The search filter helps you to see the members you want to see. Here you can select the age, place of residence, country and online status. So you see only the users who are eligible for you. If a user bothers you, you can block it and no contact is possible.

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profile information

  • The profiles can be filled out in great detail
  • Each user can upload up to five photos
  • The photos will be checked after upload within 24 hours
  • On the profile of another user, you can see how well they fit together with a red or green bar
  • In the profile you can specify personal information and wishes that you have for your partner

PinkCupid offers users the opportunity to complete their own profile very extensively. Here are some questions about yourself and about the ideas of the partner can be answered. Some details are mandatory and must be filled in by each user. Only then can you see how well you fit together based on your own information. Most users have filled out most of the profile and give you a first picture of the person. You will be asked to upload at least three to a maximum of five photos of yourself. The images must comply with the guidelines and depict the face, in addition they must not be pornographic. Another handy point is that you can see when the user was online the last time.


  • The app is available for Android and iOS
  • Free download
  • Not all the features you find on the website are available in the app
  • Ideal for retrieving and answering messages on the go
  • Easy construction

You can download the practical PinkCupid app for free from the App Store and Google Play Store. So you are always available on the go. The app has the advantage that you can chat here after signing up for the first 24 hours for free. Afterwards, the prices are the same as on the website. The app lacks some features that you can find on the mobile site though. The structure of the app is simple, clear and useful, if you are traveling a lot.

field review

PinkCupid has proven to be a good and practical side in the review if you want to meet other women from all over the world. Signing up is really easy and done in just a few moments. However, it makes sense to verify the profile by means of an ID card after registration or to complete it completely – otherwise there is a risk of deletion. All women are very communicative here, but since at the same time more and fewer users are online, there is often a long wait after sending a message. PinkCupid offers practical features, such as the CupidTags or Likes. So you can meet women with similar interests and share your interest. The search filters also allow a detailed listing of the users that suit you. PinkCupid is definitely a good platform to meet lesbian women.

The design

You can download the practical PinkCupid app for free from the App Store and Google Play Store. So you are always available on the go. The app has the advantage that you can chat here after signing up for the first 24 hours for free. Afterwards, the prices are the same as on the website. The app lacks some features that you can find on the mobile site though. The structure of the app is simple, clear and useful, if you are traveling a lot.

PinkCupid costs and prices

Free services

    • Matching on every profile
    • Exchange messages with premium members
    • Share interest via Like

Try it for free now

Paid services

  • Read news from all users
  • Surf anonymously
  • ad-free
  • Profile appears in the search above
  • Highlight profile
  • Translation function for messages in other languages

Duration / Credits / CoinsCost per monthTotal

Prices platinum membership
1 month 34.98 EUR / month 34.98 EUR
3 months 23.33 EUR / month 69,99 EUR
12 months 11,67 EUR / month 139,99 EUR
Prices Gold Membership
1 month 29,98 EUR / month 29,98 EUR
3 months 19,99 EUR / month 59.98 EUR
12 months 10,00 EUR / month 119.98 EUR

Is PinkCupid expensive or cheap?

In the price comparison with other providers PinkCupid is in the upper midfield. Try it for free now

payment options

  • Credit card
  • PayPal
  • GiroPay
  • paysafecard
  • Sofortuberweisung

Discretion of payment

  • A payment without the name is not possible



The CupidTags are indicated as # and can indicate interests and similar. Clicking on the tags will show you users who share the same interests.

favorites list

If you add users to the list, you can find them here anytime.


About the Like function, you can tell the users for free your interest.

Our rating

Logon Process: 4.0 / 5
Contact: 2.0 / 5
Profile Information: 4.0 / 5
App: 3.0 / 5
Field experience: 3.0 / 5

Conclusion of our review editor

The platform PinkCupid offers you the opportunity to meet women. The selection is very large here at 800,000 users, but at any time of the day there are only 200 users online at any given time of the day. Therefore, you may have to wait a relatively long time for an answer. The big advantage here is that you as a standard user can use many free features. In the app, you can even chat for the first 24 hours for free. Then you can only reply to messages if the other user has a premium membership, but you have the opportunity to express your interest in likes. Another handy feature is the Favorites list. So you can keep track of all the interesting users for you and view their profiles at any time. On the whole, PinkCupid is a good place to meet other women. Try FreeCopid for free



How many photos can I upload to PinkCupid and what do I have to consider?

You can upload up to five pictures. These are controlled by the support and should show your face and avoid nudity.

My account was deleted shortly after logging in. Why is that happend?

PinkCupid controls all new users very well and if it seems that it is because of missing pictures or information is a fake profile, the profile will be deleted.

My account has been deleted by PinkCupid, what can I do now?

If the account has been deleted, you can contact the support via the E-Mail address specified there. He then asks for a passport to confirm your identity. Your profile will be restored and you will be able to fully use the page again.

Can I delete my PinkCupid account?

Yes, you can open the menu on the top right, here you will find a window that leads you to the settings. You can delete the profile by entering the password. If you want to restore the profile, you can contact the support.

user friendliness

Can I block another user so that he can not contact me anymore?

Yes, you can block the user via the respective profile and report it if necessary.

Can I turn off the notifications I receive by email?

Yes, PinkCupid allows you to customize the notification settings yourself. You can do this through the general settings.

Can I see if another user has verified his profile?

Yes, an icon will appear in the lower right corner of the profile picture if the other user has verified his picture.


Is PinkCupid a free platform?

The platform offers you some free features, but if you want to send messages, you need to complete a platinum or gold membership.

free function

Can I automatically translate messages from users from other countries?

No, you need the premium feature for this. If you do not have them, you can easily copy and translate messages using Google Translate.


How should I proceed if I discovered a fake user on PinkCupid?

You rarely find fake users here, but if you happen to find one, you can report it to support and block it. This will be removed within a short time. For this you can call the customer number, which is indicated on the profile of the user.


What are CupidTags?

With CupidTags you can specify your interests and search for users who have the same interests.

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Updated on Apr 2023