Joyclub Review: Is It Really Worth Your Time and Money?

Our Joyclub review July 2019

Joyclub is a social network for non-committal sex adventures, casual dating and the straightforward infidelity. Meanwhile, more than 2 million satisfied members are registered with Joyclub, most are couples, but also many women and men who want to enrich their sex life.

Joyclub offers a real community feeling through access to a large number of erotic events. Many functions could call Joyclub the German “Facebook for erotic”. By the way, many sexy photos and videos attract a first look.

There are also professional ads of prostitutes, photo shoots, tantra workshops, etc., which are marked separately. In the Joyclub you can easily find something for every taste, above all we find the many private members – profiles particularly sparkling.

A Joyclub member reported (21 years, female)

I’ve been registered with Joyclub for 2 months now and consider the portal a good adult dating site. The Joyclub is a world of its own in which new perspectives open up to me. The ads for erotic events in their own region I find particularly exciting. The members support each other, for example by positive comments under the photos. With a little effort you can make contacts quickly, but this requires a neat profile and commitment in writing texts. The many photos and videos are a plus that I would not like to do without. I have already been able to make interesting dating experiences through the Joyclub, which I would not have otherwise experienced otherwise;) But pssst …

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Who is logged in here?

Members 2,750,000 from Germany Member activity 350,000 weekly active Gender distribution 28% 42% 30%

  • You will receive a personal profile which you can fill out
  • Members are serious and very active
  • Casual community atmosphere
  • No fake profiles in the test
  • Mixed audience
  • Many swinger couples, young and mature singles, but also fetish enthusiasts and party goers

As our review editors took a closer look during the practice review Joyclub, she immediately noticed the relaxed atmosphere in the community. The adult members lead a very friendly and open communication with each other. Different preferences are respected and there are also many couples in search of a threesome among the members n to find. This is certainly also a result of the acceptance by the motley members community. Women do not pay permanently and can use all functions of the Joyclub for free, if they do a free authenticity check. For the authenticity check only a handwritten note with the profile name and the current date must be uploaded as a photo. This probably leads to the increased number of true, female profiles in the erotic portal. In general, the profiles of the members are authentic, through the many personal texts and often they are also very lovingly designed.

Imagination, creativity and sometimes obscenity are almost unlimited due to regular updates by the operators. There is a lot of free text on the website and you can also provide the profile with a banner and other (erotic) “eye catchers”.

Since there are not only swingers in the Joyclub, but also foreigners, LGBT, fetish enthusiasts and singles on an adventure search, it is advisable to leave a clue to what you are looking for in his profile, unless you are “open to everything” or want to be.

According to own data actually more than 80% of the female users already have real dates.

However, people signing up here at the Joy club primarily have one thing in mind: finding a partner with whom men can pursue their sexual fantasies together or as a couple. The proportions of photographers and professional members are relatively low here. Fakes did not actually meet us in the review – all profiles were verified and seemed to have real erotic intentions. Since the Joyclub is a provider of an erotic platform, it can not be ruled out that even people who want to “just look around” or “simply chat” want to register here without meeting. In contrast to other portals, people in the Joyclub also meet people who are looking for others with the same interests, without wanting to meet in real life.

Age distribution

  • 18-24
  • 25-34
  • 35-44
  • 45-54
  • 55+

registration process

  • Duration of the new registration: 10-15 min.
  • Fast registration via Facebook possible
  • Unlimited number of photos and albums
  • Tool for editing the pictures
  • Write your own articles and private websites and link to the profile

Registration as a basic member of Joyclub is free, so you can look around first. In the profile can be selected by many check mark information exactly what is searched. This information can be viewed later by other members in the profile. Uploaded images are displayed in the profile large and the photos can be, after uploading, with the provided tool for image editing a finishing touch. The photos can be unlocked individually or for all Joyclub members for viewing. This is a great feature that gives you control over protecting your own personality. Many members describe themselves in great detail in the “About me area” or “I like that”. So you can give it a go here. You can leave entries in your own guestbook or ask questions to the members. In addition, a joyclub indicates how many members have already visited their own profile.

The following information can be made in the profile:

  • “About me” (free text)
  • I’m looking for…
  • Personal information (“interest in partner exchange”, “interest in photo shootings”, “I like that …”, “I do not like that …”)
  • Own preferences (eg: “Dirty talk, kissing, etc.” or “I like it: lingerie”)
  • Our tip: Be especially in the free text not to be kept secret and tell the profile visitors something about you, your interests, preferences, desires and fantasies. So you can see right at the first click whether it could fit – or not.

Create photo albums depending on the membership

The personal profile picture is independent of the membership, the number of photo albums is not:

  • Basic member: 5 photo albums
  • Plus Membership: 10 photo albums
  • Premium Membership: 30 photo albums
  • If you want to attract attention, it’s best not to show everything you have right away. The charm is often hidden and leaves room for the imagination of the beholder. Men and women score especially with black and white photos, with a plus in men can be photos in a suit or from the chin and lips and women should rather rely on sensual photos.
  • With too much eroticism, men are known to get big … eyes – and the blood disappears from the head. So: less is sometimes more with women. In any case, explicit content is only available with proof of age and premium membership.

Try Joyclub for free

Steps of registration:

  • Choice of own sex or couple registration
  • Choice of own interests (to men, women, couples)
  • Selection of your region
  • Indication of age
  • Choice of the pseudonym
  • Choice of a password
  • Verification of your email address
  • Click on “register for free”

There are 9 different types of profiles available on Joyclub. For private use without commercial interests, you simply choose when registering as a woman, man or couple. For service providers Joyclub offers an extra link. Subsequently, interests, date of birth and region can be selected (other members do not see your postcode later). The indication of the birthday serves only for the release of contents which are only from FSK-18 and will not be published. Choose a pseudonym that does not allow you to identify yourself and reflects your interests in Joyclub. Later, the name can only be changed once a year using customer service, so you should choose a name that suits you. Choose your password and enter your e-mail address, click on “register for free” – and then you’re ready to go!

A quick login through a Facebook profile is also possible. Here you can specify which personal data Facebook may forward to Joyclub. Joyclub does not post on the Facebook wall.

Tips for profiling: To make your profile interesting for other members, you should take enough time. Creative texts are positive. Choose only pictures that show yourself and contain no FSK18 content. You can especially score with a profile text that describes your experiences, wishes and preferences once again individually. Realistic – but not overbearing. Share with other members your wealth of experience, what you like to do, and what your imagination stimulates in an engaging way.

By the way: The most popular preferences in the Joyclub include older people: blindfolds, AV, BDSM, picture swapping, BJs, erotic chats, lingerie, dirty talk and exhibitionism.


  • Write clubmail
  • add contact
  • Send a compliment
  • “Anstups” feature
  • Invite to a group
  • Private Chat Invitation (with video chat or virtual gifts)
  • Rate profile and match
  • For women, writing messages is free
  • Live chat available for direct exchange

Cool is that Joyclub offers its own smiley selection with fun choices. For every topic there are smileys, erotic, playful, funny with sayings and without. Clubmails, the personal news of the Joyclub community, allow you to pin small gifts that you can buy with coins.

For example, if you send a rose, it will appear in the other’s profile for a day. Even shamrocks or other attentions can be sent for little coins and are usually always good.

The many profile information of the members make a good start to the flirting. The Inbox provides a convenient way to sort messages into read and unread messages. Even a recycle bin is available. You can also filter the inbox by name of the members. This is a handy feature because it allows you to trace the entire message history.

Test winner review for free

profile information

  • High quality members photos
  • Almost all members post personal free texts
  • After update: Attractive, clear design
  • In the review no fake profiles
  • The profiles are detailed
  • The profile can be changed later
  • Profile pictures are visible to all users for free

The different profiles of the members are mostly completely filled out. This makes it easier to search for preferences and to get a good picture of the profile visited in advance. Member Search allows you to narrow down the members that match your search criteria. Already the simple search takes into account what other members are looking for in Joyclub. This can be used to find suitable contacts – you do not encounter members whose search criteria you do not meet. The search settings also allow you to search for specific interests or preferences such as BDSM, partner swapping or couples.

The following filters are available:

  • I am looking for (women, men, couples) with interest in women / men / couples / Any
  • Place (with radius in km from 10 km to everywhere)
  • Age (from to specification via a controller)
  • Looking for (sex, party & Club visit, free time & Going out, flirting & Friendship, relationship & Partnership)
  • Relationship status (singles only, in open relationship, in relationship, polyamor)
  • Figure (rather slim, normal figure, rather more)
  • Size (rather small, normal size, rather big)
  • Registered as (here you can choose which type of profile the members you are looking for should have)

Search criteria for premium members:

  • Preference for (here you can choose from an extensive list of sexual preferences)
  • Passion (with bi-orientation, only heterosexual, only homosexual)
  • Smokers (non-smokers, non-smokers or occasional smokers, smokers or occasional smokers, smokers only)
  • Photo shoot (with interest in shootings)
  • Partner exchange (without interest in PT, with interest in PT without GV, with interest in PT with GV)
  • Dominant (Dominant or Switcher, Switcher, Submitter or Switcher, Submissive)
  • Swingers (no swingers, only swingers, only swingers with little experience, only swingers with lots of experience)

Safety through clear rules of the game

The own nickname should not allow any conclusions about the own person also in the contributions which one writes oneself, one should pay attention to it. The posts in the forum can be found on search engines on the Internet.

The Joyclub has written clear “rules of the game” for the members, they are under registration & Membership visible. If a member does not abide by the rules of the Joyclub or is reported to the customer service due to a breach this reacts quickly and reliably.

Try Joyclub for free


  • The Joyclub app can be found under the name Joyce
  • Basic functions of the website
  • Quick contact
  • Available in the Apple App Store and Google Play

Since summer 2017 there is an extra Joyclub app called Joyce! We tested Joyce extensively for you. Who is registered with Joyclub, can easily download the app and go mobile on dating.

field review

Student (21):

“If you want to experience something, sign up at Joyclub. I have already found many extraordinary dates and had fun. “He wrote to me, the sex-addicted handsome, whom I had met on Tinder. Joyclub? That did not tell me anything at times, but I would watch it …

The registration is straightforward: The usual data are queried and you choose a Joyclub name (the creativity and obscenity, so I could watch it so far, there are no limits).

Once this step has been completed, all inclinations, likes and dislikes will be asked first: in various categories you can choose your personal preferences for sexual play and gaits. From A like anal sex over all kinds and constellations of the bi- and Dreisamkeit, to group sex and voyeurism can be from 0 “Do not go” to 5 “Absolutely” or “Will I give it a try” desires and preferences identify. For the still inexperienced (like me), every preference is briefly explained that there are no misunderstandings in “pee” or similar. gives. You can also skip this point and get straight to the free text for profile description.

Anyone signing up as a young woman at the Joyclub can be prepared to be contacted by a good 20 men daily. After all, it is in the target group of peers, but also in the older men. If one answers all inquiries, one can really have several dozens mails daily in the inbox.

At first I was very overwhelmed by the open communication of some men: What is otherwise indicated in other networks with a private hand only, is communicated in Joyclub in detail and open. But there are not only clumsy offers – mostly you are first complimented for the female curves and a subsequent “How are you?”, “What are you looking for here?” Or “What are you doing?” Then open the communication. Another classic is the question of the number of people you met or “What have you experienced here?”.

I have honestly written with many men for a long time, until I found one that really convinced me on a date. To be able to make a preselection at all, I first deleted all cover letters with spelling / grammar and punctuation errors from the outset. It could be observed that a good half of the e-mails were removed – but in general almost all educational groups are represented in the Joyclub: I wrote with engineers, students, brokers, personal trainers, etc. pp. Theoretically that one could easily have sex with any man without effort makes it easy to make a selection. Also, it often happened that men were at first very attentive and polite and then this style with a “when we fuck so?” Have broken. But there are also repeat offenders who have either forgotten that they got a basket, or just do not want to accept it. Fortunately for the very intrusive, there is also the ignore list.

But as a woman you have the reins in your hands, so I waited until someone showed up who did not just want to exchange body fluids, but was also interested in the person he was doing it with.

The first date was at my home. Not a good idea in itself, if you want to get a sniff, but after writing it for a few weeks, I was sure we would get along. We did, but the evening was not as ecstatic as I thought. He answered again, but the contact was very fast ..

I then avoided the dates first. After all, what I experienced was more of a quickie than an “erotic adventure.” Then a young doctor woke my interest – Sex in the treatment room sounded to me at first extremely erotic and adventurous.

But we met him spontaneously. We had also written and telephoned for a few weeks before and understood ourselves excellently on sexual as well as on all other levels. But even this date was more akin to a game than a real date. In general, small talk mostly gave way to wine and wine mostly erotic activity.

But the doctor also remained an ONS – Our shared fantasies were far more erotic than the almost frigid reality. So we stayed with imaginative, erotic adventures – presented, mediated medially.

The third date was different for a change: There was no “happy ending”: we met with him, talked, drank wine, but stayed for hours with the wine and the pleasant conversations. And even though there was an attraction between us, it was postponed: Because we really liked each other more than what this short happy ending would have expressed. And now that there have been several happy endings, that person has become one of my best friends. Sometimes it is like an open relationship in which everything can and does not have to. A dynamic relationship that is based on no more and no less than our lust for each other.

All other dates were either the first or the second Date: Fast, uncomplicated sex without further connection or sex, which will not take place in this form again, although one likes. In many cases, one also writes for weeks, until the interest flies and there is no date to be able. But you can also keep contacts on standby – so far none of me was angry.

And even now, after half a year at the Joyclub, I am often contacted by new strangers and am constantly surprised by what erotic desires people can cherish. Many men also look for a travel companion or a partner for ordinary recreational activity. In general, the Joyclub is characterized for me by the fact that the imagination knows no bounds and any wishes can be expressed without fear. It finds here, so to speak, each pot its lid.

At the moment I keep my dates very conservative. I met many different but also very special men in the Joyclub. The “big erotic adventure” has been missing so far – but I remain optimistic that my lid will appear at some point. After all, the sexual interest in the other person is not always in the foreground – I personally now also looking for more open people, with whom you can spend nice hours. Whether with or without a happy ending …

But do you find Joyclub more than just erotic adventures?

In fact, Joyclub assures you that you can find and lead serious relationships, but in our experience that has not been confirmed. Although many members are registered here and so you can come in contact with a lot of frivolous, open people, then these are usually not the ones with whom you would like to have a romantic relationship. However, this is not bad, the users still get their money’s worth and if it still works between two users, then the circumstances of getting to know each other will hopefully only be a minor matter.

Design and operation

  • Reasonable design
  • Intuitive condition
  • Fast loading times
  • Many features initially a bit confusing
  • Mobile version of the website also works on the tablet

The dark and mysterious design of Joyclub in black and leaves a “clear” first impression. However, Joyclub offers complex options, that’s almost too much choice. As a user, you first have to get an overview. Despite the high complexity and the versatile possibilities one gets used to the service fast.

Joyclub is also constantly updating the design, and for some time now, the personal home page has been decorated with a pin board, where you can see the latest posts from friends and promoters, as well as the latest articles and polls. Also, the arrangement of the profiles has undergone a modernization, which is a bit clearer than the previous version.

Unfortunately, the possibilities at the Joyclub are as varied as on Facebook and some functions are sometimes difficult to find.

Joyclub costs and prices

Free services

    • Discuss in the forum
    • Use search functions with restrictions
    • Create profile
    • Exchange messages with all members? Only for women who have confirmed their identity for free.
    • To chat

Try it for free now

Paid services

  • Contact members unrestrictedly
  • Private chat rooms
  • FSK-18 view pictures and videos
  • Discounts for events & clubs

Duration / Credits / CoinsCost per monthTotal

Plus membership for men / couples / unchecked women? Plus membership for certified women and couples for free
1 month 19,90 EUR / month 19,90 EUR
3 months 14,90 EUR / month 44,70 EUR
6 months 9,90 EUR / month 59,40 EUR
Premium membership for men / couples / unchecked women
1 month 24,90 EUR / month 24,90 EUR
3 months 19,90 EUR / month 59,70 EUR
6 months 14,90 EUR / month 89,40 EUR
Premium membership for couples / certified women
1 month 9,90 EUR / month 9,90 EUR
3 months 7,90 EUR / month 23,70 EUR
6 months 4,90 EUR / month 29,40 EUR
Coins for virtual gifts
500 credits 0.01 EUR / Credit 5,00 EUR
1,000 credits 0.01 EUR / Credit 10,00 EUR
2,000 credits 0.01 EUR / Credit 20,00 EUR

Is Joyclub expensive or cheap?

In the price comparison with other providers Joyclub is in reasonable range. Try it for free now

payment options

  • Credit card
  • debit
  • cash deposit

Free Basic Membership gives you many basic features to connect with other members. If you want to communicate fully with all members n, a plus membership makes sense.

Women who do a free authentication check will pay nothing permanently and will be able to use all functions of Joyclub for free. For the authenticity check only a handwritten note with the profile name and the current date must be uploaded as a photo. If a lady does not want to undergo the examination for authenticity, she also has the option of choosing a plus membership or premium membership. For female beginners we recommend a free authenticity check and male prospects the plus membership. For men, the authenticity check is also recommended because it creates trust and improves the chances of contact. The basic membership does indeed offer the one or the other beautiful sight through the photos in the forum, it gets really tingling, however, only by the contact with the Joyclub members n. With the Plus membership you can exchange unlimited messages with all members n , The Premium Membership allows additional features, such as improved search, discounts, events or FSK-18 photos and videos from other members to view n.

With Coins you can send virtual gifts (for example, a Rose 50 Coins) with your messages. Coins can be purchased by credit card, direct debit or by telephone.

Memberships at a glance


  • Read and write in the forum
  • Receive and answer club mails
  • Show ads for dates


  • All basic benefits plus plus:
  • Send your own ClubMails


  • All plus benefits plus plus:
  • View visitors to your profile
  • See who has rated you well
  • View FSK18 photos and videos
  • Discounts at clubs and parties
  • Favor of the search results
  • Private photo albums and videos for friends only

TOP: Joyclub membership is not automatically renewed. You can choose freely whether the membership expires after the term or should be extended.


Office mode for discreet use in the office 😉

A handy feature is the Office mode, with the help of which you can turn the erotic portal by pressing a button on ESC in an Exeltabelle. By pressing the ESC key again, the user returns to the selection window and can switch to the normal view. The dark design of the Joyclub could otherwise allow clear conclusions for colleagues, so the function is necessary and useful.

Access to extensive photo and video material

Many members post photos or video footage in the individual forums. Here you can click for free through photo contests or topics until the finger glows.

The erotic gallery has already uploaded more than 6.5 million photos. There are also more than 45,000 erotic videos and clips.

Community feeling and social network (pin boards, guestbook entries, lists of events, etc …)

In the Joyclub you can experience more than just a quick one-night-stand. The members have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of erotica: for example, through events, photos, videos and lists of contact requests (for example, gangbang). Many of the members identify strongly with the Joyclub, so there is already a fan shop.

Directory of professional services throughout Germany

The Joyclub gives you access to ads throughout Germany, such as swinger parties, tantric massages, photo studios for erotica or sauna clubs.

Online magazine for sex and erotic

The sex and erotic magazine offers suggestions, as well as many tips for your own sex life and is very up to date. Themes are treated like anal sex, fisting, naturist, sex toys or analtoys. In the magazine, the editorial team tries to focus on perennial favorites as well as trends and current discussions.

Active engagement of members

Some members take on voluntary tasks in the Joyclub within their region or groups, for example as a moderator, swinger godfather, photographer or exhibitor at erotic fairs. They gladly help with questions.

New Special Features July 2019

  • Tag other members in the Joyclub forum, on the whiteboard, and in comments by putting an @ in front of their name.
  • Dates in the groups: If you are only looking for an (erotic) date in a certain group, you can only set a date in a group.
  • GIF it to me. Regardless or amusing: After years of the old Joyclub smileys, GIFs are now finally available to give more expression to words and thoughts.

Our rating

Logon Process: 4.0 / 5
Contact: 4.0 / 5
Profile Information: 4,5 / 5
App: 4.0 / 5
Field experience: 4.0 / 5

Conclusion of our review editor

Joyclub is characterized by a special community feeling, because one feels directly welcome in the open atmosphere. There is a lot of traffic in the forum and real meetings for couples and singles who want to experience something are not uncommon. Here you can through the events, many photos and videos really new experience and romp. review winner review for free



Joyclub in the review – how big is Joyclub?

Joyclub has close to 2 million members and 350,000 members a day online. In the test, the users were very active and open.

What is Joyclub?

Joyclub is a community for sex and stylish eroticism with an additional forum area. A social network for non-committal sexual adventures and the easy side infidelity.

What makes the Joyclub special?

Many of the members identify strongly with the Joyclub and the community. Through the Joyclub you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of eroticism.


How much is membership in Joyclub?

For women looking for men, membership is free as soon as they have their profile checked for authenticity. Men, couples or homosexual women pay a comparably low price starting from 9.90 euros per month, depending on the selected membership and the term. The exact prices can be viewed in our table.


How can I delete my Joyclub profile?

Under the profile in the tab “Manage profile” you can scroll down to the end and delete your profile under “Delete profile” with 4 clicks.


Joyclub advertises the site as well as fake should be free, but is that true?

During the review we did not encounter any fake profile. For women Joylub membership is free as soon as they have their profile checked. This leads to an increased number of genuine, female profiles. The authentication is free and will be performed on a photo with an assigned number. This number is written on a piece of paper and held in the hand when the picture is taken. In general, the profiles of the members are authentic through many personal texts and often they are lovingly designed.

Did not find your question? Ask us!

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Thank you for your question. We will answer you as soon as possible.

Share your Joyclub experience

Here, real singles share their experiences with Joyclub. If you also want to share your experiences, here is your chance:

I am: A man A womanPlease choose one of the options. I am looking for: A man A womanPlease choose one of the options.Please add your review. Yes I would like to receive free dating sites coupons and dating tipsPlease indicate your age. My date was successful. Feedback Joyclub: Please rate Joyclub. Would you recommend Joyclub? Yes NoPlease indicate if you would recommend Joyclub.

Thank you for your review. After the editorial exam, we will publish this here.

Updated on Apr 2023
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