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Casual dating Review: Everything You Need to Know

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Our review

The Casual Lounge was founded in Switzerland in 2014, making it a relatively new platform for casual dating. However, due to their presence in various media, such as TV and women’s magazines, there are already 100,000 members registered, of whom 35,000 are active weekly. A remarkable achievement, we find!

The most successful thing about The Casual Lounge is that men only see the women in their contact proposals, with whom their interests coincide. Women see all members and can also specify in advance exactly who can contact them. As a result, users are less bombarded with news, are more relaxed and show more serious interest in the men they talk to.

Finally an innovative casual dating concept that meets the needs of the ladies!

Who is logged in here?

Members 100,000 from Germany Member activity 35,000 weekly active Gender distribution 55% 45%

  • Singles and couples looking for erotic adventures
  • many members between 25 and 44 years
  • above average number of women
  • Erotic adventures and informal dates
  • something for every sexual taste

Your chances of success on erotic date adventures at The Casual Lounge

  • many female members through an innovative approach that takes into account the needs of women: women see all men and can choose who to contact (“all”, “all VIP men”, “all added to favorites”, “no one”).
  • Men only see specific contact suggestions that suit their preferences. Advantage: women are not overrun with mails!
  • normal people who want to live out their erotic fantasies, looking for like-minded people
  • non-binding and sophisticated contact on the portal
  • only active users: Inactive members will be deleted from the dating site after 30 days
  • manual check of new registrations, therefore little fake profiles

Age distribution

  • 18-24
  • 25-34
  • 35-44
  • 45-54
  • 55+

registration process

  • Select information about sexual preferences via pictures
  • further information via checkboxes
  • Free text for individual presentation
  • more photos only visible to members who have posted photos themselves
  • Profile pictures visible to all members
  • Duration of registration: about 15 minutes

Signing up for The Casual Lounge is free for both men and women. Use pictures to select sexual fantasies that you would like to try, such as “dominance or bondage,” “lingerie,” or “erotic toys.” Then you also use pictures to explain the purpose of the erotic date: “meet for a drink”, “erotic on the phone”, “partner exchange” or “role-playing games”, but also “long-term relationship”.

Now you enter your e-mail address, to which a confirmation link is sent, with which you activate your account. Then you create your profile with information about you and the desired sex partner. You select this information by means of checkboxes. Size, Age, Figure, Hair and Eye, and Relationship Status.

Finally you can in a free text field a personal message with max. Address 3,100 characters to your profile visitors for a more personalized look and interest. You can also upload a profile photo that is visible to all members, as well as post more images that can only be viewed by members who have uploaded photos themselves.

As far as the similarities for men and women. At this point, the differences begin for both sexes and the innovative nature of The Casual Lounge: While women are free to browse the member database and make contact with every male member, men are only able to write their contact suggestions tailored to their preferences are. Thousands of men do not rush at a woman, which contributes to the relaxed atmosphere and the good mood of the women on the platform.


  • personal messages
  • Number of characters per mail limited to 1,000
  • Writing messages is free for all members
  • For women, contacting The Casual Lounge is free. Men do not pay for writing news but for reading.

Getting in touch with women differs from the men’s at The Casual Lounge. This is part of the innovative concept of the casual dating platform, which especially considers the needs of the ladies. Both sexes can judge on the homepage pictures with “yes” or “no” regarding the stimulation of their own erotic fantasies. Twenty-five images can be rated every day, allowing The Casual Lounge’s algorithm to consistently learn and optimize the contact suggestions.

Contact for women

After successful registration and profiling, women are free to browse the The Casual Lounge member database and contact interesting men for free and respond to their messages. In the process, the system of the casual dating platform constantly learns: If a woman only writes to blonde men, then she is only suggested to blond men in their contact proposals.

In addition, women can choose which men to contact, avoiding the flood of unimportant and uninhabited addresses that women are used to from other casual dating dating sites. As a filter, who may contact, can be set:

  • all: receive unlimited communications, but the system can not filter out any unsuitable messages
  • all VIP men: these male members take their erotic adventure very seriously because they have already spent money on it
  • all men tagged as favorites: while women are clicking through profiles, they can mark those as favorites that they actually approve, i. e. every message comes from a relevant man
  • none: this woman determines that she makes the selection and only contacted male users on the portal

Contact for men

Men, on the other hand, can not move freely in the database, but receive daily targeted contact suggestions that match their sexual fantasies. Therefore, you should not cheat here during the registration, but only choose what you are really interested. Although the women’s selection is more limited for men, they can save women as favorites and quickly find them later in the Favorites menu. In addition, male members can see in the portal which women are currently online.

Registration, profiling and contacting are also free for male members. Costs are incurred only when a lady answers and you want to read their message. This is extremely fair, because on The Casual Lounge, as so often in life, the first step on the part of the man takes place and you pay as a man only when a woman shows interest in you – very nice!

Our conclusion: The innovative approach to contacting makes for relaxed and adventurous women on The Casual Lounge and is fair to the purse of men.

Try the Casual Lounge for free

profile information

  • See matches of sexual fantasies
  • Free text for individual greeting
  • Active users only: deletion of profiles after 30 days of inactivity
  • The profiles are mediocre in detail
  • The profile can be changed later
  • Profile pictures are visible to all users for free

The profiles on The Casual Lounge contain all the important information at a glance to help you decide whether or not to get in touch with a member.

In addition to the profile photo, which is visible to all users and therefore usually no portrait photo, more images can be adjusted. These are only visible to members who have posted more photos themselves.

The general information consists of “pseudonym”, “place of residence”, “age”, “relationship status”, “eye and hair color”, “height” and “figure”. You can specify where you are available for meetings. The structure of the search criteria corresponds to that of the personal information.

Most of the profile is captured by images that symbolize a member’s sexual preferences and fantasies. These were selected during registration, but can be adapted at any time. Matches with your likes and fantasies are outlined in green and checked. Women are presented to men only as a contact suggestion if there are matches. This will prevent women from receiving requests for sexual practices and fantasies they do not have – which we find very good!

All members of The Casual Lounge are actually active because inactive profiles are deleted after 30 days. Activity for a profile includes sending messages or completing a VIP membership for men.

Our conclusion: Due to the prominent placement of sexual preferences and fantasies and the marking of the matches with your own, you quickly realize whether a member is suitable for you to experience erotic adventures with him or her.


  • optimized responsive website for iPhone and Android Phone
  • no app available because discretion would be hard to ensure

Neither for iPhones nor for Android phones, an app can be downloaded to The Casual Lounge from the corresponding app stores. The guarantee of discretion in an app is extremely difficult, and you never hear the sentence: “Schaah, what is this app?” From the couch, you can easily use the responsive website, which has been optimized for mobile devices.

We recommend: Register via the website, the larger display makes the process much more enjoyable.

field review

Design and operation

  • clear layout of the page and above all the menu allows intuitive operation
  • simple design, even after prolonged use still pleasing to the eyes
  • fast loading time of the website
  • responsive website optimized for smartphones
  • no app exists because discretion in an app can hardly be guaranteed

The Casual Lounge costs and prices

Free services

    • Create registration and profile
    • View profiles including photos
    • Write messages

Try it for free now

Paid services

  • read all messages
  • unrestricted communication
  • see private pictures

Duration / Credits / CoinsCost per monthTotal

VIP membership for men
3 months 49.90 € / month 149,70 €
6 months 39.90 € / month 239.40 €
12 months 29,90 € / month 358,80 €

Is The Casual Lounge expensive or cheap?

In price comparison with other providers The Casual Lounge is in the upper midfield. Try it for free now

For women, membership in The Casual Lounge is permanently free. Men can sign up for free on the Casual Dating Platform, create a profile, search for a partner for an erotic adventure and send them a message. In order to read the answer of the lady, the completion of a paid VIP membership is necessary. The innovative and beneficial aspect of the thing is that you only pay when a woman reacts to you.

Attention: The VIP-membership for men is automatically extended by the duration of the term, if you do not cancel on time! The notice period is governed by the terms and conditions after the contract period:

  • 3-month product: 4 weeks before the end of the term
  • 6-month product: 6 weeks before the end of the term
  • 12-month product: 8 weeks before the expiry date

Termination is only possible by fax at +49 89 943992159.



To continually attract new members, The Casual Lounge invests in advertising, increasing your chances of finding the perfect partner for erotic adventures. Example:

Our rating

Logon Process: 4.0 / 5
Contact: 4,5 / 5
Profile Information: 4.0 / 5
Field experience: 4.0 / 5

Conclusion of our review editor

The innovative approach, which mainly focuses on the needs of the ladies, is a complete convincing! Women are less spiked and men also get an answer.The Casual Lounge is a free trial

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