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Last updated: December 2018

Friendscout24 in review 2019

With over 6 million members, Friendscout24 is one of the largest dating sites in Germany, offering a wide range of interesting singles. On average, between around 40,000 singles and up to around 70,000 singles at the weekend. Thus, Friendscout is best suited to find a flirt or a new date. A clear design, a simple operation and a good customer service support you with your flirts.

Who is logged in here?

Members 6,000,000 from Germany Members activity 1,000,000 weekly active Gender distribution 45% 55%

  • Up to 70,000 singles online at the same time
  • Few fakes through profile checks
  • Character is appreciated
  • High diversity of members

Here really nice, open singles meet. Some academics are among them. In our review with free account we were contacted directly. So flirting was fun! When you first contact, you also notice that many members of the character is very important. The search for a partner is for many in the foreground, but there are certainly members with other interests.

What about the quality and seriousness of the members? At Friendscout24, every profile is actually checked and fakes are quickly sorted out or not even activated. If you still feel bothered by a member or feel like his profile is fake, you can easily block this member from accessing your profile or report it to the administrator.

Age distribution

  • 18-24
  • 25-34
  • 35-44
  • 45-54
  • 55+

registration process

  • 5 photos (basic membership)
  • Free text fields
  • Great photos
  • Detailed profile information

At Friendscout24 you create a kind of contact ad when registering as with all dating sites, which is why dating sites are often referred to as dating sites. For this you sign up and create your profile under a pseudonym. You decide for yourself how much you give away from yourself. Logically, the more details you learn about yourself, the greater the chance that you will be found by the matching counterpart. In addition to classic questions about your appearance, such as height, hair color, eye color, figure or other facts such as your date of birth, multiple-choice questions about the lifestyle, interests and to the Dating are also asked. It is also possible to take a break and answer the remaining questions later. Essential is the photographic self-portrait. Mainly because the Internet dating site systematically sorts members’ profiles. Those with photos and lots of information are moved up the list. Depending on the membership Friendscout24 offers the possibility to upload up to 25 pictures in your own profile. But note: every picture you publish can be viewed by all other members. At Friendscout24, images are not specifically unlocked for certain people, as is usually known from dating agencies.

A Friendscout24 profile offers:

In the 7 free text fields, your own content can give your profile a personal character, for example by specifying your hobbies and your leisure time activities. You can view detailed information in your profile, such as: Including your religion, your zodiac sign, your ethnic origin, your size, your job, your most distinctive trait and your age. This information is not mandatory at Friendscout24. Up to 5 images can be uploaded to a base account, which is not a must. In our test, however, showed a much lower Kontaktrate without pictures, so show your chocolate side and dare you!


  • Detailed search functions
  • Send similarities
  • Send smiles
  • Personal news
  • Date roulette game
  • Personal chat
  • Live chat available for direct exchange
  • Reading and answering messages from premium users is free.

Search and find at Friendscout24

We were convinced by the search functions in the menu under “Search” during the test. With this mass of singles it is good to be demanding and to narrow down the search for a partner. The following search criteria are offered:

  • Currently online
  • Profile with photo
  • Location (post code and distance)
  • Description (hair color, eye color, figure etc.)
  • Personal (marital status, children etc.)
  • Occupation (income, educational level, etc.)
  • smoker
  • Origin (nationality, languages โ€‹โ€‹etc.)
  • Values โ€‹โ€‹(religion, desire to have children, marriage etc.)
  • Free time (music, movies, sports etc.)
  • Other (e.g., last visit)

The star signs of the members are visible on the Prodil, but you can not filter in the search for it.

If you want to actively search for your dream partner, you can use the detailed search function, for example, to display the profiles of athletic Asian girls without children who live alone and who are important to marriage, listen to rock and earn at least 70,000 EUR / year. Through such detailed search hits, you can super live out your preferences, and write really only your dream partner – so those who you like the type ago already. You’d better take a look at who’s interested in your guy? Friendscout24 also shows the last visitors of your profile.

Ways to contact someone


Friendscout24 automatically checks the members for mutual agreement. Just send your potential flirt partner or dream partner the view of your match and you have a direct topic of conversation.

Smile send – Just smile ๐Ÿ™‚

Just send a smiley (a kind of tip-in function) in one click. Tip: Especially men like in our practical review this unobtrusive statement of the interest of a lady. Women, on the other hand, usually do not respond because they value personal messages (unless you like your profile very well).

The personal message: The classic is also on Friendscout

In Friendscout test, we also got longer messages with many questions. Tip: Go calmly individually on the respective profile.

Unfortunately, only premium users have the option to reply to messages from other premium members or to accept chat invitations. An exception are members who have booked the “Connect” feature. You can also contact these members if you are not a premium user! These Connect members are clearly marked.

Date Roulette

A very nice feature to get in touch with other singles is the Dateroulette. In this game you first set his partner wishes and then successively receives profile photos of other singles and can choose whether one would like to meet the single (ร  la Tinder one says here similar to “Yes” or “Next”). If the other single’s own profile picture also pleases, both are informed about the mutual interest – a good basis to get to know each other better. And you already have a new flirt partner! Up to 1 million photos are rated daily! TOP: Dateroulette you can also play with a free membership!

Members with a free account can not chat or send flirting messages, but at least browse profiles and smile at other members.

Fake profiles or dubious members can also occur on such a well-known dating site. In our test, however, we met no fakes. It is possible to report members directly or to block harassment.

Try Friendscout24 for free

profile information

  • Information is visible to all members
  • Number of similarities are visible
  • Many information is filled out (zodiac sign, desire for children, eye color, etc …)
  • Many singles with level and serious intentions
  • Display of fakes will be removed
  • The profiles are very detailed
  • The profile can be changed later

On the profiles you can discover many details that can be important for a common future. Desire to have a baby, plans to marry in the future, attitude to life and also the small weaknesses. Friendscout’s new campaign is called #LoveYourImperfections, which translates as “love your mistakes”. Friendscout24 (bought up by Meetic in 2014) started this slogan, a cross-media campaign. Meetic is a large European dating agency with many dating and dating portals in the portfolio (eg


  • Contact by news
  • Save partner search and receive partner suggestions
  • Singles in the area are looking for
  • Create profile

Especially in the introductory phase you want to stay in touch to share in the life of the other and to signal interest. This problem solves the app very well. However, the app received only mediocre ratings in the Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store. Since the new update server problems have occurred.

field review

Veterinarian (29) unpacks on Friendscout24 Date

A friend had recommended Friendscout to me after she met her current friend there. I was relatively critical of the portal. In the evening I do not go out much and my last relationship was already half a year back. I had not met anyone since that time, so I spontaneously decided to give Friendscout24 a chance.

When I saw the picture of M. in my search box, I wrote it down. His many photos I found as cheerful. In the pictures one could recognize him in different life situations, e.g. while hiking, skiing and in front of a fighter plane. Hmm. We exchanged some news about Friendscout. Our similarities were according to Friendscout 5 (on a scale of 1-10), that sounded okay. On his profile I could see his star sign – bull! I am a virgin myself. Marriage was important to him according to profile. He did not want any children. He had not indicated a job, maybe forgotten it? I found his profile interesting, so I waited anxiously for each of his answers. Finally he asked for my cell phone number to make an appointment with me. Then we wrote messages and pictures via WhatsApp. When we finally settled in a bar, I was very nervous, though that was not my first blind date. I was totally surprised by his open nature and he looked like in the photos. Maybe he was not quite 1.85m tall;) Several meetings and 2 months later we both signed off from Friendscout24 – Mission successful ๐Ÿ™‚

Flirtalarm in the 18 hour Friendscout test

Our review editors ran a review with a free 18-hour account and received these contact requests from Friendscout members:

  • 62 profile visitors
  • 8 smileys
  • 12 Dateroulette requests
  • 9 mails

Design and operation

The dating site is very easy to use, the design is clear and tidy, as long as you are a premium user. Free members are annoyed by flashing commercials. For the smartphone there is both an iPhone and an Android app. However, we recommend logging in via the Friendscout24 website, as this is much easier and easier than entering the data via the small screen.

Friendscout24 costs and prices

Free services

    • Upload pictures
    • Search singles and browse profiles
    • personality test
    • Date Roulette
    • members “smile at”? This is a kind “jog”Function to attract attention or simply send a signal of interest
    • Messages to members with “Connect”-Function? Members who as “Connect”Members can also be contacted by a free account

Try it for free now

Paid services

  • Active flirting with all members n
  • Who’s looking at you list? Who cares about you and you with a smiley face “smiled at” you can see in the list.
  • Flirt free from advertising
  • Who wants to meet list? Other singles who will see your photo will be able to rate your profile positively and choose if they would like to meet you.
  • Contact psychologically fitting partner suggestions? Based on your Personality review result, Friendscout suggests partners that are a good match for your character.
  • Read and answer messages completely

Duration / Credits / CoinsCost per monthTotal

Premium for over 30s
1 month 39,99 EUR / month 39,99 EUR
3 months 29,99 EUR / month 89.97 EUR
6 months 24,99 EUR / month 149,94 EUR
12 months 19,99 EUR / month 239,88 EUR
Premium Plus / Premium Plus incl. VIP profile for over 30s
1 month 59,99 EUR / month 59,99 EUR
3 months 49,99 EUR / month 149.97 EUR
6 months 44,99 EUR / month 269,94 EUR
12 months 39,99 EUR / month 479,88 EUR
Premium for 18 to 29 year olds (50% discount)
1 month 19,99 EUR / month 19,99 EUR
3 months 14,99 EUR / month 44,97 EUR
6 months 12,49 EUR / month 74,94 EUR
12 months 9,99 EUR / month 119,88 EUR
Premium Plus for 18 to 29 year olds (50% discount)
1 month 29,99 EUR / month 29,99 EUR
3 months 24,99 EUR / month 74.97 EUR
6 months 22,49 EUR / month 134,94 EUR
12 months 19,99 EUR / month 239,88 EUR
Additional option Select? In Busy mode, search peacefully for interesting flirt contacts, request read receipt of messages, and use Out of Office Manager
1 month 9,90 EUR / month 9,90 EUR
Additional options Connect? Non-Premium members can contact you for free, have your profile displayed in the top position of the search results
1 month 6,90 EUR / month 6,90 EUR
Additional options Select & Connect
1 month 14,90 EUR / month 14,90 EUR

Is Friendscout24 expensive or cheap?

In comparison with other providers, Friendscout24 is within reasonable limits. Try it for free now

payment options

  • transfer
  • Credit card
  • PayPal

Membership options and costs at Friendscout

We partly carried out our review with a free account. This was enough to see after the free registration, whether interesting people are logged in, and whether they respond to our “smile”. In addition, you can at least write to members who have unlocked messages from non-premium members n. If you are not sure, you can try Friendscout24 first with a free account yourself to get a first impression. But if you really want to find your partner for life then premium membership is definitely the better choice. With it you can start flirting, chatting, sending mails and viewing the favorite lists. The portal offers a VIP area, where you can set private information and photos and then selectively activate them only for selected members – so you do not have to do without your privacy. The price-performance ratio we find fair.

Free trial on FriendScout24

With the single portal you can get a good first impression with the free membership, because some features are free. Giving up a personal ad, dating roulette and smirk are free, but unfortunately not sending messages to other members (except Connect members who have unlocked all messages). The app for traveling is also available for free.

Additional functions to all memberships


  • In busy mode, look for interesting flirt contacts in peace
  • Request a read receipt of the messages
  • Use the absence manager


  • Non-premium users can contact you for free
  • Display your profile in the top position of the search results
  • You are clearly marked as a Connect member


  • Display your profile for 15 minutes in a top position
  • Contact options at a glance


Many single events in your city

FriendScout24 offers after-work events and many other activities (such as cocktail classes). In large cities like Munich, Berlin, Stuttgart or Frankfurt, the Friendscout events even take place regularly. Meet other FriendScout24 members in a relaxed atmosphere: go out, talk and just meet nice people. After registration, it is also possible to invite 3 friends. In order to participate in the events, you have to apply in advance. Friendscout24 justifies this selection process by selecting extra singles that match each other. The selection process takes into account criteria such as gender, age and place of residence.

Our rating

Logon Process: 5.0 / 5
Contact: 4,5 / 5
Profile Information: 5.0 / 5
App: 4.0 / 5
Field experience: 4,5 / 5

Conclusion of our review editor

Friendscout24 is one of Germany’s largest dating sites and offers a large selection of singles of all ages. The veteran has learned a lot since it was founded in 2000 and today knows how to successfully bring together singles. Absolute recommendation! Try Friendscout24 for free



What is Friendscout24?

With over 6 million singles, Friendscout24 is the undisputed number one German single dating site. Friendscout offers online single-search online in several European countries, with over 24 million registered members across Europe. Friendscout24 is about flirting, getting to know new people and even falling in love.

Can I try Friendscout 24 for free?

Yes, before you decide whether you want to spend money, you can first take a look at Friendscout yourself. The registration is 100% free and without obligation.

What’s the name of the blonde short-haired model from Friendscout24 advertising?

Agnes Fischer was the face of Friendscout24’s “We Love You” campaign. She comes from a small village in Franconia.

How to write Friendscout correctly?

One writes the portal correctly Friendscout24. Incorrect spelling for Friendscout24 would be: frienscout, frienscout24, frindscout, and frindscout24. Sometimes it is also abbreviated to fs24, FS24, Friendscout or Scout24.

Is Friendscout rip-off?

FriendScout24 is well represented in the media. With millions of members and an easy-to-use page, rip-offs can be ruled out by FriendScout24. The gender ratio is balanced. Friendscout is very serious and offers a fair offer.

How long is Friendscout?

FriendScout24 GmbH was founded in 2000. The Munich-based company is part of the Meetic Group.

What is the “Meetic Group”?

The Meetic Group claims to be the European leader in dating services. The Meetic Group is represented in more than 15 countries worldwide and has online dating platforms such as Match, (dating agency closed in the meantime),, Secret and many more in their portfolio. After the Scout24 group repelled the dating portal Friendscout24, Friendscout24 was bought in 2014 by the Meetic Group.

What is the difference between Friendscout24 and Parship?

Friendscout24 is a dating site where you can find friends, acquaintances or partnerships. It is relatively flexible and easy, you can browse profiles and write interesting members. To restrict the search something, there are on the one hand contact suggestions and on the other hand a search function. Contact suggestions are displayed based on the relationship test, which compares your similarities with other members. The search function allows you to search for members with certain characteristics (for example, children’s desire, age).

Parship, on the other hand, is a dating agency that specifically focuses on a long-term partnership. Members who are registered with Parship are looking for a life partner, and do not want to flirt easily or make friends. Unlike Friendscout24, the personality review at Parship is longer. He also queries features that are important for long-term harmonic relationships. On the basis of this, suitable partner suggestions are made.

If you are more interested in online dating than in a targeted brokerage instead of a single purse, have a look at Parship or ElitePartner! Or compare our matchmaking review winners.


Where and when do I submit my notice to Friendscout24?

The subscription at Friendscout can be canceled in writing up to 3 days before the end of the contract, a very fair regulation as we find. Otherwise, your contract will automatically be extended by the contract period – ie by 3 months if you have a 3-month contract, for example, completed.

You have 3 different ways to give notice:

  • Postal (FriendScout24 GmbH, Dingolfinger StraรŸe 1-15, D-81673 Munich, Germany)
  • By fax (+49 (0) 89-44456-192703)
  • or by e-mail ([email protected])

Free services

What is the Friendscout24 Relationship Test?

At Friendscout24, each member can conduct a free relationship review (in the Suggestions category), which is similar to a personality test. After completing the relationship test, premium members will be shown n matching partner suggestions. These are filtered out using the BQ check by comparing the match of your own relationship type with that of other members.

If you like this principle and you are interested in partner brokerage with personality tests, have a look at our matchmaking review winners! These specialize in partner matching, and select from all members n suitable contacts for you.

What is Dateroulette?

Dateroulette is a game that works similar to Tinder. First, one sets his partner wishes and then successively receives profile photos of other singles. You can then click “Yes” or “Next”, depending on whether the other person agrees or not. If the other single’s own profile picture also agrees, both are informed about the mutual interest. TOP: Dateroulette can also be played with a free membership and makes animal fun!

What happens if I click on “Adventure” on my profile?

If you click on “Adventure” in your profile, you will be redirected to the casual dating portal Secret, which belongs to Friendscout24 and also stands for safety, seriousness and quality. In the casual dating club Secret, high-class women and men are in search of an erotic adventure or a discreet fling. We also tested Secret in detail – just have a look at our review if your interest is aroused: Now for the Secret Review


Do you pay the membership fee monthly or in total for the year?

The total amount is due immediately, but you will get a discount compared to a monthly subscription. The annual subscription is thus considered cheaper per month than a monthly subscription.

Did not find your question? Ask us!

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Thank you for your question. We will answer you as soon as possible.

Share your Friendscout24 experience

Here, real singles share their experiences with Friendscout24. If you also want to share your experiences, here is your chance:

I am: A man A womanPlease choose one of the options. I am looking for: A man A womanPlease choose one of the options.Please add your review. Yes I would like to receive free dating sites coupons and dating tipsPlease indicate your age. My date was successfulRating Friendscout24: Please rate Friendscout24How would you recommend Friendscout24? Yes NoPlease indicate if you would recommend Friendscout24.

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